Real Life Struggles of Head Lice

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Real Life Struggles of Head Lice and How to Get Rid of Head Lice

With a house that is full of girls, there are two words that I never want to hear and those two words are head lice. As a mom that keeps her house clean and her girl’s hair sparkling clean you never think that those little critters will ever creep into your home. Sadly, from experience, I have learned that lice, especially super lice, cannot be 100% prevented even if you have the cleanest house on the block or if your child washes their hair every day! Even though my girls have been taught not to share hairbrushes, hats, and hairbows with their friends, 2 years ago lice crept into our home. Needless to say, I was in shock but most of all I was embarrassed. Very soon after this discovery, I realized the real life struggles of head lice, which I would love to share with you.

Real Life Struggles of Head Lice

Once I discovered these little critters in my girl’s hair I immediately went to our local pharmacy and purchased everything that I needed to get rid of them. I knew that this process was not going to be easy and was going to take time, but I didn’t expect certain real life struggles that I’d be facing over the next few weeks.

  • Laundry: When your child comes home with lice, expect to do constant laundry. From washing bedsheets everyday, to every single towel or blanket that their head might lay down on, with lice comes an abundance of laundry.
  • Paranoia: When your kids itch, you itch. Even if you don’t have lice, you feel like you have lice. In addition, when you see your child scratch their head, you immediately drop everything, grab a flashlight, and check their heads.
  • Hairbrushes: With so many girls in our house, we have a lot of hairbrushes. When my girls got lice, I threw most of them away and had to replace them after my girl’s hair was completely treated. While I was treating the lice, I boiled the hairbrush that we used between treatments and once the treatment was complete, that hairbrush went into the trash as well.
  • Embarrassment: When you realize that your child has head lice it can be embarrassing. You remind your kids not to tell anyone about their misfortune only to have them yell, “I have lice!” while at the grocery store.
  • Easily Spread: If you are not careful, lice can spread quickly from one child to the next. As a precautionary method, I make sure to treat everyone that lives in the house.
  • Eggs or Dandruff: When you go through your child’s hair and have a hard time distinguishing if the white flakes are eggs or dandruff. This can drive someone crazy.
  • Google Overload: When my girls got lice I immediately turned to Google and tried to find the best way to rid my kid’s hair of these creatures. There was too much information, too many tips, and too many videos. With all of this overload, I was starting to have nightmares.

After purchasing several lice treatment products and trying several other ways to rid my girls of lice I discovered one product that actually worked. Nix® Ultra is an effective over-the-counter remedy that kills both traditional and super lice, as well as their eggs. After trying several other products and other methods, I used Nix® Ultra and was relieved and impressed because it actually worked! I spent over $100 on different products that did not work, so I was ecstatic to discover Nix® Ultra.

Nix Ultra

Nix® Ultra System is safe and non-toxic. In addition, it is specifically designed to kill traditional and super lice along with their eggs. This kit contains a professional metal comb that is designed to remove lice and eggs and it comes in a 3.4oz bottle which will provide up to 5 treatments for short hair and 2 treatments for long hair. 

Nix Ultra Solution

Another awesome thing that I discovered and love about Nix® Ultra is that they have a lice tracker. The Nix® Lice Tracker uses IRI data that is gathered from lice product sales along with crowdsourced data from school nurses, parents, and Google Trends data to track lice outbreaks. This is a wonderful tool because it will give you an idea on the possibility of lice creeping into your home or a school friend of your child’s.

Lice Tracker from Nix

Have you had experience with lice or super lice? What were your real life struggles with lice? Right now you can receive up to $3 off on any Nix® Ultra product by going to their website.

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