Tips on Surviving Rainy Days With Kids

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This winter, in Texas, has been the worst winter I have experienced in a long time. In Texas, the weather can change at the drop of a dime and the winters are never really as cold as other parts of the country but this winter the weather has been very predictable. It has been filled with what feels like nonstop rain! I like rainy days but I do not like rainy days that seem to last forever because it makes going outside almost impossible and it makes everyone feel lazy. As a mom, I like to keep my kids entertained and active and even though rainy days can put everyone in a tired and lazy mood, I have discovered a few tips on surviving rainy days with kids. 

When it’s a rainy day, my family either wants to lay in bed all day or play on the computer. I, personally, like to lay in bed while playing on the computer, but I know that it is not good to do this and I don’t like my kids to do it either so I do my best to come up with activities during these rainy days. 

  • Get in the Kitchen: Have your kids plan and prepare a fun meal with dessert included. When you have your kids in the kitchen you make memories, you create laughter and they learn a lot about kitchen skills. 
  • Highlights Puzzle Books: I grew up reading the Highlights books. I loved these books because they were filled with puzzles and a million of other fun things, so as a mom I have made sure to stock up on a variety of Highlights Puzzle Books for my kids. These are perfect for rainy days. They keep the kids entertained and busy. Go here —-> Highlights Puzzle Books <—- to see the selections and to purchase. 
  • Home Videos: I love to reminisce and rainy days are the perfect days to do this. I have a lot of home videos that I love resharing with my kids and they are always amazed at how life used to be in the ‘olden’ days. 
  • Movies: Make snacks, grab some comfy blankets and take turns choosing a movie to watch. I like to choose movies that I loved as a child to show my kids. They like to choose movies that are sometimes painful to watch but it’s important that everyone has a turn in choosing a movie. 
  • Family Game Day: My family loves to play games. We try and plan a family game night every few weeks but when the weather is rainy, family game days are the best way to get through the drab day. I love the variety of games that Goliath has to offer families. They have something for all ages. One of my families favorite games that we recently discovered is the Hydro Strike. This game takes Air Hockey to a whole other level. My tween and I love to also play Word Search. This is a fast-paced game that keeps you on your toes. The competition between these games is so much fun. 

As a mom, I like to keep my kids entertained and active and even though rainy days can put everyone in a tired and lazy mood, I have discovered a few tips on surviving rainy days with kids.


  1. Stephanie Grant says

    We play games and make cookies or pies!

  2. We love to play board games…and make forts around the house out of blankets!

  3. aaron reck says

    Play board games or video games and I like to read or watch shows on tv. Sometimes, if it’s warm a brisk walk in a light rain is great.

  4. Danielle Bell says

    We love to do crafts and play games

  5. Paula perry says

    So much fun

  6. Jenny Q. says

    I love family game nights on rainy days or puzzles or just reading a book.

  7. I like to stand on the porch and watch the rain and lightening and listen to the thunder. I love the smell of a good thunderstorm!!

  8. If we get any more rain, we’re making a pillow fort next! Today was a lot of pretend play!

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