30 Amazing Pizza Recipes

Pizza is a favorite in my home and has been a favorite for me since I was a little girl. When I was younger I would always stick with simple pepperoni pizza or a pizza topped with tons of delicious cheese! Now that I have become an adult, my taste buds have expanded and developed a new love for certain foods that I would never have thought to try as a kid. With that said, I decided to gather 30 Amazing Pizza Recipes that are simple to make and amazingly delcious.

30 Amazing Pizza Recipes

From pepperoni to cheeseburger to spinach to paleo, there are so many variations of pizza that you can have pizza all month long with so many amazing leftovers to eat for breakfast!

Pizza Variety

Amazing Piizza

There are so many pizza variety options and flavors that I cannot wait to try all 30 Amazing Pizza Recipes. Which one do you want to try first?


  1. I would be starting a workout program for our vacation… and looking at all these delicious pies I want to make… Thanks a lot Aimee. Hahaha! I’m going to make this up to you my love. 😛 That cheeseburger pizza? Seriously?!

  2. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    Oh yes, these all look amazing! We are definetley pizza lovers in this house!

  3. Some great collections of Pizza right here! Anything with chicken has always been my choice. I would love to try “Mac N Cheese” & “Spinach and Mushroom” Pizzas as well. Thanks for sharing some wonderful Pizza varieties.

  4. I like pizza with banana peppers or jalepenos. The rest of the family goes all out. I bet the bacon and chicken version would make them happy!

  5. Pizza is a favorite at my house, although oddly I don’t often make my own. I think we’ll be making some pizzas this summer. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Those are amazing pizza ideas. I like the one with the eggs inside. It looks delicious

  7. I’m such a Pizza Bore! I never eat more than cheese, chicken, bacon or pepperoni! Who knew there were so many other amazing options??? Thanks for sharing!

  8. these all look so great! My son would be lost in this post. Lol

  9. They all look delicious, I love eggplant but never have tried it on a pizza. I think that one would be great to try. Thank you for the great list and recipes.

  10. I am so boring when it comes to making my own pizza. I need to check out a few of these recipes and kick up my pizza game a notch!

  11. I don’t ever try making my own pizza. I just usually go out and buy them already done or order in. I just might try making my own one day.

  12. I love pizza. The mac and cheese one sounds super delicious!

  13. Aimee these are all so delicious looking! I love making a salad pizza at home. It’s nice to have a mix between a guilty pleasure and a healthy option.

  14. I’m from New York so it goes without saying that pizza is one of my favorite foods. These are some great ways to make different pizza varieties.

  15. My husband has been making lots of pizzas lately. I’m going to have to show him all these other choices!

  16. I love those veggie pizza ideas. I think Spinach artichoke dip pizza would be awesome.

  17. Yummy. I am getting so hungry. I want to try them all out.

  18. I think you meant 30 ways to say YUM! These all look so good and the way my family loves pizza, you can never have too many varieties!

  19. I am really interested in the pizza with an egg on it, such a great idea to do; I love eggs.

  20. These look so delicious, is it dinner time yet?! I love the eggplant one and can’t wait to try these recipes out! My family loves pizza, especially making our own pizza on Friday nights!

  21. I’d definitely try the cheeseburger pizza first. Pizza is one of my favorites. I’d probably try the chicken, Alfredo , broccoli one too.

  22. my so loves his eggs over easy, I wonder if he would like the one with the egg on it. Great and unique selection of recipes.

  23. Capes se pizza is a big fave of mine. Greatest. Pizza for every day of the month!

  24. Yum. We love making homemade pizza. Usually the same recipe though so I would love to mix it up a bit. These all look amazing!

  25. Sausage & Balsamic looks amazing! You totally had me at “pizza for breakfast”. I love all the varieties! I need to expose my family to this because I can’t go another 5 years with just having pepp & cheese. LOL! 🙂

  26. My hubby and I love pizza! Thank you for all these. I’ve got it pinned.

  27. I love me some pizza! My favorite kinds of pizza is just plain cheese and veggie.

  28. PEEEEEEEEZA. One of my favorite foods, and by far my biggest pregnancy craving with my son. Of course, he’s a pizza hound as a result.

  29. Oh wow, can’t decide which one I like best. I love pizza, anytime, all the time! Thanks for these great recipes!

  30. I like pizza because it is so versatile. The eggplant mini pizza and the spinach mushroom pizza look appetizing. There are so many great options here. 🙂

  31. These all look so good! Pizza is one of my all-time favorite meals.

  32. We make homemade pizza every week so this couldn’t come at a better time….Im getting bored 🙂

  33. With a family of 5 I love how simple it is to make pizzas for dinner! Thanks so much for all of these fabulous pizza topping combinations for us to try!

  34. In my opinion, you can never have too many pizza recipes. We could eat a different type of pizza every night in my house!

  35. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says

    I love Pizza too and really love to put lots of different toppings on it. I love the variety you have shared and there are tons of new options for me to try. LOL I wish I looked at this before dinner as now I am starving and want some fresh Pizza lol

  36. All of these pizza recipes look delicious! First on my list is definitely the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pita Pizza…like I think I need a grocery run tomorrow! I need this pizza now!

  37. I love making pizzas with my kids. Great recipes I have to try some of these

  38. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    BBQ Chicken Pizza is my favorite, but I have never made my own before. I should.

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