Flagstop Cafe in Boerne Texas

Flagstop Cafe Located in Boerne Texas Serves Amazing Breakfast

When we first moved to San Antonio it was like we were on a permanent vacation. There were so many amazing places to eat and we wanted to try them all. Since we lived in San Antonio, which in my opinion is the heart of the best Mexican food around, often times we’d eat at little Mexican food establishments and devour breakfast tacos and beans, eggs, and tortillas. One morning for breakfast, we decided to venture outside of San Antonio into Boerne, Texas. As we drove, we saw an Exxon gas station that had a cafe inside. In my opinion, these are normally the best places that serve breakfast so we decided to stop and check out the Flagstop Cafe in Boerne Texas, which my 9-year-old has renamed The Boerne Cafe.

Flagstop Cafe Serves the Best Breakfast in Boerne Texas

One thing that I love about Flagstop Cafe in Boerne, Texas is that it has a small town feel. When you walk in you see locals sitting in the booths talking, drinking coffee, and reading the paper. Everyone is friendly and ready to strike up a conversation. I also love walking in and ordering at the front versus having a waitress. The menu is simple, the prices are fantastic and everything is delicious.

Flagstop Cafe Ordering

Everytime we go to Flagstop Cafe we always seem to order the same thing. I think we do this because we know that it is delicious. My 9-year-old always insists on a cinnamon roll, a very large cinnamon roll, and my husband and I always get the Country Breakfast. Of course, he orders toast, while I order the biscuit. My oldest once ordered the pancake and when it arrived you couldn’t see the plate! It was huge and amazingly delicious.

Flagstop Cafe Breakfast

After breakfast, it’s fun to go to the Exxon section of the facility and look at all of the fun stuff. They not only have the standard snack and drink items but they have the cutest stuffed animals.

Exxon in Boerne Texas at the Flagstop Cafe

The Flagstop Cafe is located at 28425 Interstate 10 West in Boerne, Texas. It’s the perfect place to stop and eat breakfast if you are looking for a down-home meal in a welcoming atmosphere. Make sure to pin this fabulous post so that locals and travelers can know about this delicious establishment.

Flagstop Cafe Located in Boerne Texas Serves Amazing Breakfast


  1. OH I think we have seen this place before on a soccer road trip. We have lived here in SA for 8 years now and seriously need to branch out and try new places. This one is going on that list for sure 🙂

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