5 Must Have Scented Products For Your Home

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5 must have scented products for your home for all seasons

My biggest joy is having someone walk into my home and telling me that my house smells “Good” or when they ask me what that amazing smell is. I love a home that smells inviting. There are so many products that are great for filling a home with beautiful scents but I’ve got my favorites. I’d love to share my 5 Must Have Scented Products for Your Home.

Perfect must have scents for your home

There are so many amazing scents. I am not sure which scent is my favorite. Of course there are scents that I prefer during certain holidays, but to be honest, I could burn a pumpkin scented candle in July and still enjoy it as much as I would in November. There are certain must-have products that every home should have to create beautiful scents. I’ve narrowed my list down to my favorite 5:

  • Aspen Bay Capri Blue Jar Candle– I have been crushing on this candle! I have a daycare mom that was kind enough to gift this candle to me as a thank you and the minute I opened the lid I knew it was going to be a must have for my home. The fragrance fills my home with such an amazing smell and the great thing about this candle is that it is not too strong and does not overpower my home. I cannot wait to try the other fragrances such as the Volcano. After looking up the candle online, I noticed that they also carry Diffusers. I cannot wait to try those. 
  • Incense Sticks– I love incense. Incense is great for helping to get rid of undesirable smells quickly, but you have to be careful because it can be overpowering. When I burn incense, I make sure to not put it close to anyone or near the entry way. I like to burn it upstairs and let it float downstairs or in a room where no one is at.
  • Plug-Ins– I am not sure the best brand of plug-ins, but they are a must for small areas such as powder rooms.
  • Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melts– Hands down, this is a great brand. I have tried several brands and so far Better Homes & Gardens is the brand that will fill my entire home with an amazing scent. My daughter will have her warmer on in her room upstairs and the scent floats all the way downstairs into our entryway.
  • Essential Oils Diffuser– While I do not own one of these yet, I have walked into a home that had one and the house smelled amazing. I understand that there are a lot of different oils that create beautiful scents and I cannot begin to tell you which one is the best but I have to say that the home I walked in smelled amazing.

A house that smells good is more inviting and allows you to feel good about your home. How do you keep your house smelling beautiful and inviting?


  1. Love having an awesome smelling home. And YES to the BH&G melts! So good!

  2. We use a diffuser and oh my! We have the most amazing smelling house. We can change the scents daily and we do. Right now we are using peppermint, lemon, lime, grapefruit and a little wild orange – YES at once and it is delicious and helps prevent the headaches some of us struggle with.

    When I went back to wax melts or paraffin candles we immediately noticed the difference and went right back to the diffuser.

    When we want the delicious scents of fall, we put cinnamon clove and ginger in the diffuser. It smells like someone is baking something delicious!

  3. I’ve tried all five of these suggestions. I love candles the most, especially this time of year.

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