5 Stress Free Valentine Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Stores will be filled with pink hearts and high priced flowers and restaurants will be overbooked and traffic will be ridiculous. After being married for over 19 years, I have realized that while Valentine’s Day is wonderful because it represents love, it doesn’t have to be stressful. So many people allow the stress of Valentine’s Day to overshadow what the true meaning of this day is about. I have provided a list of 5 stress free Valentine date ideas that will guarantee you a stress free, memorable and fun day.

5 Stress Free Valentine Date Ideas

  1.  Get Rid of the Kids and Stay Home: Find a babysitter for at least 4 or more hours. I know this is not always easy on Valentine’s Day but there is possibly a teenager that would like to earn extra cash, a single friend, or a family member that would love to help. While the kids are away you can relax with one another, order a pizza, watch a movie, or cook a meal together without any type of interruption. This will guarantee a stress free and memorable Valentine’s Day.
  2. Have a Valentine’s Day Potluck: Who doesn’t love a house party? Call your friends, invite them over and have each person bring a dish and drinks. Have a stress free evening with friends, create memories and laugh.
  3. Date Night at Home: If you don’t have any kids and your home is a peaceful place, why not cook a fancy meal that you normally don’t prepare and then snuggle on the couch and watch Netflix? This is much nicer than paying a lot of money for a high priced meal and also having to fight the crowds.
  4. Park: Go through a drive through, grab your favorite fast food, find a nice spot and park it. Eat, talk, laugh, people watch and enjoy a stress free Valentine’s Day.
  5. Don’t Celebrate on Valentine’s Day: Who says you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day? Pick a non holiday date and celebrate without the crowds, headache and stress.

I know that some couples do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, for whatever reason they choose, but I feel like it is important to at least have one dedicated day out of the year to stop and focus on the one you love. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day I hope that these 5 stress free Valentine date ideas will be helpful for you. Valentine’s Day should be stress free so that you can focus on the one you love and have fun doing it while creating memories.


  1. I’m going to cook a great meal and we took off the next day so we can sut up all night and watch all the movies we love that make us laugh, next day we will cook breakfast after the house is empty 🙂

  2. These are great ideas. Since we have had a busy week, I think my husband and I are going to opt for a date night at home.

  3. Great idea for keeping it simple and just enjoying time with each other.

  4. I LOVE these ideas! We don’t like to go out for Valentines either, we always do something in-it is just SO crowded. Last year my 10 yr old daughter helped me make a home made theater in my room with cushions and candles to surprise her dad. It was so sweet, she promised her and her brothers wouldn’t bother us so we could watch a movie and have dinner together! We loved it, it also snowed so that made it more romantic!

  5. These are some really great ideas for stress-free Valentine’s Day ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I like the idea of getting rid of the kids and staying home. After paying for a sitter I’d like to save a little money, bit still enjoy time together.

  7. The park is a great idea for stressless togetherness. I also enjoyed your idea about celebrating on a day other than Valentine’s Day. Hope it is a good day for everyone!

  8. A date night at home sounds fun! Sometimes, Valentine’s day can be so stressful when planning it out!

  9. So excited for the coming weekend. I hope I get to do something fun with my boys.

  10. We do a date night at home. There are two days of the year I refuse to eat out, V-day and New year’s!

  11. These are all great ideas. We need to start planning for the weekend!

  12. I love the idea of a potluck! I could invite my friends, our kids could all entertain themselves, and us adults could actually talk about adult things for once.

  13. Catherine S says

    These are all really great ideas. I think this year we are going to go out to dinner and watch a movie at home.

  14. These are all some really great ideas! They will come in handy for the big day!

  15. Debbie Denny says

    Great ideas. We will be staying home.

  16. I would much rather spend the night at home on Valentines day. These are great suggestions.

  17. A potluck would be a fun idea! I would love to try that one with my neighborhood!

  18. I would love to have a Valentine’s celebration with friends. Great ideas!

  19. Melissa Smith says

    I think we might go for the “get rid of the kids & stay home” option. It’s nice to go out to dinner, but it’s always so busy everywhere. I’d rather have some peace & quiet for a change.

  20. Thanks for these! Really good ideas. I love dates at home and with friends. It makes things so much nicer and less stress!

  21. I love the idea of having a get together with good friends. A Potluck sounds like such a fun evening!

  22. I love these ideas! I’ve never had a Valentine’s Pot Luck, but it would be a lot of fun to organize one. I love grazing on a lot of different options and people are always so creative.

  23. Our anniversary is the 20th so we kind of roll them both together. We don’t have kids so it’s much easier for us to celebrate.

  24. I agree with you that it is nice to recognize Valentines Day. Relationships should be celebrated rather than treating it like another day. I’m going to plan something special this year for my husband and I.

  25. I’m not a fan of the Hallmarky aspect of Valentine’s Day or the overload of chocolate. For most of my life I didn’t care to celebrate and was content staying in. These last few years though I am happy to use the weekend as an excuse for a weekend getaway to recharge my batteries and have some relaxation time with no responsibilities!

  26. That bottle of wine is making is calling out to be opened!

    Jo of http://saycheesycake.blogspot.nl

  27. Not celebrating on Valentine’s Day is such a good tip! Pick the weekend before or after and do something really special!!!!

  28. Great options. We really do not do anything special for Valentines Day, our anniversary is a few weeks after so we just celebrate that.

  29. I think if I had that view I’d stay home for date night too… wow!!

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Yes! That is the main reason we bought our home here! While our toilet might flood through the ceiling once or twice.. at least we have a good view. Hee Hee

  30. We don’t normally celebrate it as a couple, but do little things with our kids. I do love the idea of a potluck though!

  31. i hardly ever celebrate valentine’s day, but this year, we have so much to be thankful for that i really think we should treat each other to at least a date night at home. ill take number 1 please! now i just have to find a sitter lol.

  32. Great ideas. After 30+ years of being married, we are very happy to spend Valentine’s Day watching a movie on the couch!

  33. These are great ideas for celebrating Valentines day. I love the potluck idea.

  34. We don’t celebrate on Valentine’s Day. It’s my nephew’s birthday and our anniversary is March 9 so we usually celebrate it all together then. I find that when you celebrate on Valentine’s Day the prices for anything and everything seem to be twice as high.

  35. I so agree with – ‘”at least have one dedicated day out of the year to stop and focus on the one you love” My hubby and I spend a lot of time together and I love it – yet this is one of the special days of the year 🙂

  36. A date night at home is always nice for Valentine’s. You don’t have to worry about the crowds!

  37. I love Cupcake wine! And I love the idea of a potluck party incorporating friends, kids and families!

  38. Such great ideas! We will be doing date night at home! Which is one of my fave things to do because I don’t have to dress all fancy and it’s quiet:)

  39. I miss drive in movies. They took them all down with the exception of one that still around on the Cape.

  40. We don’t usually go out for Valentine’s, but these are great ideas!

  41. I really like the idea of a Valentine’s Day potluck. My boyfriend and I love hosting. 🙂

  42. I especially like the stay at home idea. It’s fun to have a quiet night at home together. We enjoy grilling out and playing games or ordering take-out and watching old movies. As long as we are spending time together and having fun, that’s what it’s all about. Valentine’s Day or any other day!
    – Kristy #txwb

  43. We usually just do a movie night. Something that the kids won’t want to see (or we wont let them)!

  44. I am a huge fan of date nights at homes. They are budget friendly and so relaxing

  45. I love the idea of parking eating and talking
    We do skip the restaurants on Valentine’s day every year

  46. WE do #3 on Valentine’s Day and then #5 after hehe thanks for the post and share!

  47. We always do a date night at home for Valentine’s Day! Much easier than fighting the crowds!

  48. I love date night at home. We use it as an excuse to order food and drink wine all night!

  49. Love your ideas! So simple yet fun – like the good ‘ol days!

  50. We always celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. I usually take the kids out for a mommy Vday lunch and come home to my boo for a night celebration.

  51. We love having friends and family over, so the Valentine’s Day potluck sounds great to me! Is there really anything that a pot luck can’t make more fun?

  52. These are some great tips, and honestly, it would be fun to be in the house without the kids. It just never happens unless they are in preschool/school.

  53. Great tips! My favorite is #5. I’ve been with my husband for about 12 years, and we got together in February. Celebration our “anniversary” can be more fun, especially because it’s after V-day and all of the chocolate is on clearance! 😉

  54. These are great ideas. My husband and I don’t do a lot when it comes to Valentine’s Day. W celebrate our anniversary a lot though.

  55. These are all great ideas! I am one for not just celebrating on Vday, we like to do special things all through out the year! Thanks for sharing!

  56. So fun! These are great ideas! This will help me get planning!

  57. Aw, WOW.. Now this is sooo right on time!! Like it’s really stressful (LOL). Hubby and I really don’t make a big deal out of this particular day, but simple little small things like this makes a huge difference in our marriage.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  58. Great tips! Last year I celebrated Valentine’s day on 2/15 with a Groupon at Mellow Mushroom during lunch! We didn’t have to wait and enjoyed the rest of the day together!

  59. Stephanie Keeping says

    We usually do the date night at home. It’s easy and budget friendly.

  60. Great ideas! I hate going out on V-day and do not do it any more. One Valentine’s Day we went cross country skiing….that was super fun!

  61. We are definitely planning on staying in this year. I don’t like to fight the crowds. I’d rather curl up on the couch with popcorn and a movie. 🙂

  62. We never go out on Valentine’s Day! In the past, we have planned weekend getaways for the weekend before or after to celebrate. Usually I cook a romantic diner and we stay home. It’s fun. It’s comfy. It’s romantic! These are all great ideas.

  63. Celebrating with the one you love doesn’t always have to be and over the top event – I totally agree. Crowded restaurants, expensive sitters, and sold out movies don’t make for the best date nights. Simple is often times the most enjoyable.

  64. I’m a HUGE fan of date night at home. At this point in our marriage, my husband and I have seen each other at our absolute worst, so staying at home for a romantic evening can totally be a movie, some wine, and our jammies. Yay!

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