Ashley Wins the First Day of School

Last week I interviewed Angela Irick, author of ‘Ashley Wins the First Day of School’. If you missed this awesome post you can read the interview in my previous post.

I purchased ‘Ashley Wins the First Day of School‘ and donated it to my daughter’s first grade class after my daughter told me that they had Kirsten Passmore, Little Miss Wheelchair of Texas 2013, visit to discuss her life with Cerebral Palsy.
Ashley Wins the First Day of School‘ is about a little girl that starts school and is nervous because she has a disability. She is worried about what her classmates will think of her, but after playing a game she realizes that her classmates have quickly accepted her.
Here is a picture of my daughter’s first grade class listening to their teacher read ‘Ashley Wins the First Day of School‘. (Look how attentive they are!)
Since I attended school, times have changed for the better. When I went to school, kids seemed to have been separated from one another; ‘normal’ kids in one class and ‘disabled’ kids in another class. It seems as if our paths never crossed, therefore not giving the ‘normal’ kids an understanding of how normal the ‘disabled’ kids were and how much we all had in common. When my older kids attended elementary school years ago I was so impressed with how EVERY student was placed together and that certain kids were chosen and paired up with a buddy (aka helper, friend). It is the same with my youngest girls now. Schools include all the kids in one class, granted those kids that need extra help are moved around to certain classes but they all know each other, play with each other and communicate with each other.
Ashley Wins the First Day of School‘ is a book that belongs in every school, every classroom, every daycare, hospital/ doctor waiting rooms and even in every child’s home. This book shows kids and grown ups that just because someone is different in your eyes, you should not be scared to approach them because you will find out that they are just like you.
If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing ‘Ashley Wins the First Day of School’, go to this link and enter FREESHIPPING !
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  1. What a great lesson for children to learn. Especially in the classroom.

  2. Stefani @ says

    This sounds like a great book. This would be something I would want my youngest daughter to read.

  3. see why can’t they read kids this book here in our school. it was be great for the kids. instead they have teachers reading “why my daddy is in jail”. yes, seriously. that is a book and they did read it!

  4. That sounds like a great book.

    My experience in school was like yours. Everyone separated. I’m glad things are improving.

  5. I’m so glad that books like this are being written to demonstrate to children that anyone can be a great friend if given the chance. I remember quite a bit of segregation from my schools, and it’s great that times are changing!

  6. At the risk of sounding philosophical – I truly believe inclusion and acceptance make all of us stronger as a society – teaching children early that everyone can be a great resource and has something to contribute is priceless!

  7. We can’t get enough books around here – they’re so awesome! I love the lessons this book teaches too.

  8. Looks like such an adorable book!! Great post!

  9. Elizabeth says

    Books Books Books. We love books at our house. We are homeschooled so I am sure our first day would probably be a little different. Looks like a great read.

  10. I love books like this. It helps children know that others are like them or their friends! great book!

  11. What a wonderful message to share. And reading is a great way to share it!

  12. I love the pic of your child’s class. What a cute book with a great lesson for everyone.

  13. Toni Patton says

    What a great book for kids. I love that it teaches them to accept everyone!

  14. Books are important. This is an important subject, because it encourages acceptance. – Jen @ The Rebel Chick

  15. What a great topic for a children’s book. I think that would help other children understand that there’s nothig to fear.

  16. So cool that the kids were all so interested in the book! Love that they are so accepting of other children that are different than them.

  17. This seems like a wonderful inspirational book for little ones. I personally think it’s wonderful that they include children with disabilities within these stories. You don’t see this often at all.

  18. Glad to see this book coming out, since there is a serious lack of people with disabilities throughout children’s books.

  19. Keikilani Jackson says

    This looks like a great book. Exposing our kids to these kinds of books is so powerful. Love it.

  20. Maddi'sMommy says

    My brother is disabled but his disabilities are not so obvious. He has a learning disability and we have also seen him separated from main stream classes. It was awful. My parents switched his schools and now he is in more mainstream classes. He is flourishing!

  21. Janeane Davis says

    Books like this one are very important because they help children learn to acept those who are different from them as an early age and makes it a part of every day life.

  22. Chelsea Olivia says

    This sounds like a really great book to have in the classroom! It’s so important for kids to learn to accept eachother.

  23. This sounds like a great book. It’s so important for acceptance to be taught.

  24. Kathy@ says

    Thanks for sharing this book with an inspirational story!

  25. After reading all of the recent news about some school district policies that do not seem to support inclusion and acceptance, this would be a great book to require in every grade school. Some parents and even school administrators could learn from it. Thanks for sharing!
    -Janel C.

  26. Shop with Me Mama says

    Sounds like a really cute book that my kids would really enjoy! Will have to check it out!

  27. This sounds like a wonderful book! I like that it teaches kids to accept kids with disabilities 🙂

  28. Teresa Moody says

    A nice book for children. I like books with a learning lesson.

  29. That is awesome! I love books that show real people and diversity. Our children shouldn’t look at anyone different as weird to them.

  30. I like that such diverse titles are available for kids now.

  31. That is so great and now I have a new book to pick up! It was so nice of you to donate the book to your daughter’s school.

  32. What a wonderful book. My son was recently diagnosed autism spectrum- high functioning and i tell ya, this school year the peers are starting to realize he is socially different or awkward is a good word. I think any books that can share with kids that disabilities of any sort don’t make a kid, that the personality is what maters or similar interests, are great!

  33. I’m so thankful they have a book like this! It’s something every classroom should have!

  34. Thanks for sharing. I’m always looking for new books to read my 1st grader. Jasmine loves to have me read to her and lately she has been wanting to read her stories at night to me. Cute looking book.

  35. That sounds like a wonderful book that every child should read. I want to get a copy for my kids.

  36. Krystal Butherus says

    Looks a fun book for children. It is a nice message – acceptance – that everyone should understand.

  37. I love how this book encourages accepting everyone. I agree that it needs to be in all classrooms.

  38. Alison Hayes says

    Sounds like an awesome book for young children to learn the acceptance of kids with disabilities. Excellent!

  39. What an awesome book, I love anything that helps other people learn about empathy and stepping into another person’s shoes. I think sometimes people find it hard to relate and this is so needed in our school systems and lives. Thank you for this post, I’m tagging it!!

  40. This would be such a great book for those with and without a disability. I think it could help many young children understand that we should accept everyone, no matter how they walk, talk, etc.

  41. BrettBMartin says

    That really does look like a great book. Clearly it is since the kids are all paying attention!!

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