Beach Themed Cupcakes

Thank you Oriental Trading Company for providing me with some awesome items that I could incorporate into my daughter’s birthday cupcakes! This post contains affiliate links to make your shopping easier. 

Themed Beach Cupcakes

For my daughter’s 10th birthday, we decided to throw her a Luau themed party. Since the party was a Luau theme I knew that I wanted the cupcakes to be bright, fun and super cute so I decided to make Beach Themed Cupcakes. This is a super simple recipe to make that you can have your kids help you with.

Beach Themed Cupcakes

For the Beach Themed Cupcakes you will only need a few ingredients. You will need cupcake mix, I purchased a box of cupcake mix that came with blue food coloring or you can purchase white cake mix and use your own blue food coloring. In addition, you will need graham crackers, blue cupcake liners, rainbow sour candy, teddy bear crackers, white icing and blue icing or you can purchase white icing and divide half of it and dye half of it blue. Lastly, you will need fun cocktail parasols and cool shark suckers that can be found at Oriental Trading Company.

Shark Cupcake Supplies

Like I said, Beach Themed Cupcakes are simple to make but they do take time. I recruited my daughter to help me and she did a great job and made the cupcake task much quicker.

How to Make Beach Themed Cupcakes

Amazing Beach Themed Cupcakes Perfect for Shark Week

Beach Themed Cupcakes


  • Cake Mix- I used a cake mix that had blue food coloring included. You can use a regular white cake mix and add blue food coloring yourself
  • Blue and White Frosting- You can purchase only white frosting and add blue food coloring to half of it for the water
  • 2 Graham Crackers
  • Rainbow Sour Candy
  • Teddy Bear Crackers
  • Parasols
  • Shark Cupcakes
  • Blue Cupcake Liners


  1. Prepare cake mix as directed- let cool
  2. Frost half of the cupcake with white frosting and the other half with blue frosting
  3. Crush your graham crackers in a plastic bag
  4. Sprinkle graham crackers over the white frosting
  5. Cut Rainbow Sour Candy into a little over 1-inch pieces- you can measure using the Teddy Bear Cracker. It should be bigger than the Teddy Bear Cracker
  6. Spread a dab of white frosting on one side of the Rainbow Candy
  7. Place Rainbow Sour Candy on the white frosting
  8. Spread a dab of white frosting on the back side of the Teddy Bear Cracker
  9. Place the Teddy Bear Cracker on the Rainbow Sour Candy
  10. Place the Parasol over the Teddy Bear's head
  11. Cut the stick of the Sharksucker short enough so that it can poke nicely into the cupcake
  12. Enjoy!
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The Beach Themed Cupcakes were a hit at my daughter’s party. Not only were they cute and adorable but they were bright and eye-catching! These are the perfect cupcakes for a Luau themed party or any type of Beach themed party.

Shark Cupcakes with Shark Suckers

If you love to celebrate Shark Week then you will want to make these Beach Themed Cupcakes. They are very easy and super awesome.


  1. Those Beach themed cupcakes turned out great. I wish I could throw a beach themed birthday for my girls (they are winter babies). May be will do it for their next birthday.

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    That shark looks adorable! Great job on making these!

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    This is such a cute cupcake. I love the shark. I will have to try making these.

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  21. Love these. Very creative! I need to step my cupcake decorating skills up. My daughter has requested My Little Pony cupcakes for her birthday this year.

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  43. How fun! Those cupcakes came out really good, I’m sure they were a hit with the kids!! Good job mommy 🙂

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