12 Things I Hate About Disney

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If you have been following my blog, then you know that my family loves Disney. We have been lucky enough to visit Disney around 5 times and always yearn to return as quickly as possible. As I have said in previous posts, there is something about walking through the gates of the Magic Kingdom and feeling a sense of magic and happiness, but even with all of the magic that my family feels in our hearts, there are things we do not like. I am sure that I am going to get a lot of heat for this post, but as much as I love Disney, nothing is perfect and in my opinion, there are at least 12 things I hate about Disney.

Read This Before You Spend Money at Disney

You may think that I am crazy for hating on Disney for this and that's okay

Even though there are some things that I hate about Disney, we will still continue to save money and plan a future vacation because there is more that we love than hate. Here is my list of 12 things I hate about Disney:

  1. Going to the Magic Kingdom on the weekend is never an option. What can Disney do about this, I don’t know but for goodness sakes, Disney has worked miracles in the past, I wish they’d somehow expand the park so you are not walking shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Mouseketeers.
  2. When the parks close and the monorail happens to be broken down, there is chaos and no one knows where to go and lines get out of control. Dear Disney, when this happens, send a few Cast Members outside to help control the lines and communicate with your guests which form of transportation is the fastest way to get them to where they are going.
  3. The cost of the Disney merchandise inside the park is inflated compared to what you can buy it for on the Disney website.
  4. Are Disney’s Extra Magic Hours really ‘magic’ when they are available 1 hour before or after the park opens?
  5. I am sure that this one will get me into some hot water but I have to mention it. I hate that Disney has so many guests that use Electric Conveyance Vehicles. The number of people that use these vehicles has risen dramatically over the years at Disney in America but not in any other Disney parks around the world. This is obviously not Disney’s fault and I have to ask myself, ‘Does everyone that rents one, really need one’ or are a few of these guests taking advantage? After talking to a few, very open and honest, cast members the answer to that question is ‘NO!’. Obviously, there are a lot of people that do require these but there are also a lot who take advantage, which is probably why Disney incorporated a new policy which you can read here. So no need to comment and justify why you or your grammy might use one, I already know that there are many that do require these but also quite a few that don’t.
  6.  I know that Disney, along with other parks, has to update parts of the park and rides, but I will never understand why they get rid of pure awesomeness such as the Osborne Lights and the Sorcerer’s Hat? That hat was a great picture opportunity and the lights were amazing, especially when you were at Disney on Christmas Eve and snow fell from the sky.
  7. It’s 2017, why can I not get a beer at the Magic Kingdom? It will help make the park more magical and tolerable for adults.
  8. Dear Disney, Why do you continue to increase the cost of tickets every single year? How high will you go?
  9. I know that companies have to make certain hiring decisions in order to save money, but when I read that Disney workers were forced to train their replacements which were people flown in from other countries on H1-B visas and were getting paid a lower wage, it didn’t make me happy. It actually pissed me off. On top of it, these new employees are getting paid less, but Disney ticket prices continue to skyrocket.
  10. The low-end Disney resorts are ridiculously expensive.
  11. I was floored when I compared a Disney cruise to a non-Disney cruise line. I had to do a double-take when the computer read that the Disney cruise would cost over double of what a regular cruise line cost.
  12. You have to pack your own snacks and meals because everything is so expensive. The counter service meals and the snacks are out of this world expensive.

I love Disney and as I stated before, eventually, my family will be going back and we will have the time of our lives. We will still feel the magic right when we walk through the gates of the Magic Kingdom, we will still take at least 1,000 pictures, and the smiles that come across my girl’s faces when they see their favorite characters will still be priceless but with everything that I love about Disney, I cannot keep quiet about the 12 things I hate about Disney.

I love Disney, but there are at least 12 things that I hate about Disney. I am sure this will make some Disney lovers really upset but it's this Mouseketeer's opinion.

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I am sure that I am going to get a lot of heat for this post, but as much as I love Disney, nothing is perfect and in my opinion, there are at least 12 things I hate about Disney.

I have a lot of love for Disney but over the years, Disney has opened my eyes to a lot. Here are 12 things I hate about Walt Disney World.


  1. I agree with your well written and realistic post! We always say “what would Walt think about this choice his company has made?” Because many of them seem purely driven from greed. Where are any of the prior benefits to going to Disney especially with universal raising their game as much as they have. Love Disney but hate that the Magic has such a high price tag now!!!

  2. Disney didn’t own the Osborne light when it was time to renew the family that owns the lights wanted more than what Disney wanted to pay for it that’s why they are gone

  3. I agree with it all except the cruise. Other cruises don’t offer free room service, free theater movies, free shows, and seriously amazing service. They completely cater to families. The dining experience was truly amazing. I will pay to leave the kids at home it is so awesome. And you don’t feel crowded at all.

  4. The electric vehicles? Totally with you! Saw a FAMILY of 5, all on scooters, youngest was @ 15. People have no level of shame. BUT, my friend, get over hiring practice, not your company. Also, All Star resorts as low as $89. If you go when its busier, its pricier….not exclusive to Disney. Finally….Beer? Yup, just what a park for kids needs..drunk adults. Get over your desire for booze for a day. Go drink at Epcot…leave the Magic Kingdom alone.

  5. I am so with you on the vehicles especially when leaving any of the parks after a fireworks show and someone is beeping their horn for you to let them go by. Really?!?! Everyone who’s walking is at the same pace then those with motorized vehicles should go at the same pace and be just as patient!!
    Expense and price increase is ridiculous!!!
    Why can’t buses that are sitting in the lot see that their are tons of folks waiting for their resort bus and pick us up!! When you see 3-4 buses pick up for the more costly resorts!! Especially at night!!

  6. I do not think any alcohol is needed in the Magic Kingdom. I agree with you on all of the other topics, though.

  7. Also the Annual Passholder discounts vary by which Disney restaurant you go to, and there’s no list for reference. My husband and I recently ate at a restaurant in Epcot Paris, and we were told they don’t take Passholder discounts on weekends, but the restaurant in Tokyo does. What gives?

  8. Yes!!! I especially agree with 7,8 and 12. And how expensive everything is in the park. Charge a premium to get in (which they already do) but make it a little more affordable once we are in there!!! For crying out loud! There is no good reason a bottle of water should be $4.25

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      And the extra Christmas and Halloween events kill me also. Who can afford to pay extra for these events? Maybe season pass holders? Dang, I wish Disney would let all of the ticket holders experience this extra fun.

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