Bean Boozled

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I love flavored jelly beans and I love to study the jelly bean flavor card that comes with the box of jelly beans so I can combine 2 – 3  flavors together and make a desert out of them. From banana split to chocolate covered cherries and pink lemonade these combinations are so yummy and sweet; so when my girls asked me if I had been Bean Boozled I became curious. Here is a VLOG that my girls put together that explains what being Bean Boozled is all about:

My girls and their friends have a fun time with the Bean Boozled pack of jelly beans. Each bite is a mystery and no one knows what flavor is about to pop in their mouth. The face, the look, the reaction and the outcome is always a fun moment and gives everyone a good laugh. Bean Boozled packs of jelly beans can make for a fun game to play at a slumber party or even an adult party. Jelly Belly has an official Bean Boozled Spinner Jelly Bean Game that includes the jelly beans and a spinner that points to the Bean Boozled jelly bean that you have to try. This would be a great gift for boys and girls and would definitely cause a lot of good giggles and great memories.

Have you been Bean Boozled?

Which Bean Boozled flavor would terrify you the most?


Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. I’ve heard of this game and seen some videos where people play on camera, but it sounds like the worst game ever. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, this made me laugh! I’m going to have to track some down for the house!

    • says

      I was trying not to laugh at my 7 year old saying that the stinky socks smelled like her olders sister’s feet!

  3. My kids would love this, how crazy! I think I’d be terrified to try the lawn clippings, barf & skunk spray, yuck! Lol

  4. While they all terrify me and I am not certain I could play this game, barf is certainly the worst on my list. In fact, just the thought makes me want to barf. I can totally see how kids would LOVE this game though! LOL.

  5. I have a small obsession with jelly beans. That being said, I am not sure I would go for this! LOL!

  6. This is such a funny game. We actually just played it the other weekend when we were trapped int he hotel room thanks to rain and cold temps.

  7. Oh how fun my girls would have a great time. Will have to get this!

  8. Rotten Egg — ewwwww. I love Jelly Belly so this looks like it could be a lot of fun!

  9. OMG these are too cute. I love the name, very catchy. Reminds me of this fart piano I saw, these days there are so many odd products out there, but great sense of humor to have! Thanks for sharing these, I have not heard of them before.

  10. This could be a fun game. It would be fun to see people eating a bad jelly bean.

  11. I love jelly beans. I don’t know if I can eat one called barf.

  12. Canned dog food…. omg. What a fun game!

  13. This is to funny, my kids love teasing people with the yucky jelly belly’s

  14. I’m not a big fan of the nasty flavored jelly bellies. My kids on the other hand loves them.

  15. They all sound terrifyingly disgusting!! I don’t know if I could ever play this game, LOL

  16. It seems like I’ve tasted one called Smoke before. That was horrendous!

  17. I would try the lawn cuttings one at least once or even the toothpaste one. hehe
    I love jelly belly.

  18. I love Jelly Belly too. There are so many great flavors.

  19. Ooooohhhh….I love Jelly Belly, but I think this would freak me out! I would hate to get the moldy cheese flavor!

  20. Oh geez, there are some nasty flavors! Too hard to decide the scariest. Canned dog food sounds gross! Then again, I don’t like licorice either, and that’s a normal flavor, lol!

  21. I’d be so scared to get Skunk Spray! I love jelly beans. I just don’t want to fear eating them!

  22. LOL, I have never seen these before, but how much fun. If anyone has ever been sprayed by a skunk they would know why I would want to avoid that one.

  23. That’s awesome! Talk about a game for the brave. I love it!

  24. I think Skunk Spray flavor would scare me the most. Or maybe the canned dog food!

  25. BOOGER! I’ve eaten all of those before. Even the special Harry Potter editions like earwax and butterbeer!

  26. I’ve never been bean boozled, but we love eating jelly Bellies…does that count?

  27. fancygrlnancy (Nancy Partin) says

    I don’t think I can even try it with a fear of getting something gross. If I’m gonna eat some candy I want it to be worth it with a good taste.

  28. Lawn Clippings I think would be a icky flavor – I hate grass in my mouth!

  29. wow these would be fun to try to funny. i have to say the licorice would frighten me as I can’t stand the taste.

  30. Haha! I haven’t ever heard of these how cool! My girls would think these are a riot, pretty sure my boys too! I wouldn’t be brave enough’

  31. I have never been Bean Boozled. It looks like it might be a whole lot of fun getting Bean Boozled though,.

  32. I have not seen these before. I would be worried I would get barf or moldy cheese.

  33. I really need to check out Bean Boozled! By the way, I like the vlog 🙂 Your kids are real pros 🙂 Congrats!

  34. I have been searching for this so I can do a youtube video with my kids. We can’t find it in any of our stores.

  35. Very cute video! I’ve been bean boozled several times and none of those flavors are fun… Barf is the worse. I shudder just thinking about it.

  36. All that I can think is EWWWWW! LOL! Then at the same time I know my kids would love this! These would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas!

  37. No way. I just couldn’t do this myself. I think my son would get a huge kick out of it though!

  38. Well this is just fun. It’d be fun for my 7 year old and his friends, and it’d be fun for my teen and her friends too! Not many things are great fun for both age groups!

  39. What a great gift idea, I think this is so funny! I want to buy some.

  40. This looks like so much fun. I imagine they spend hours together enjoying it with each other.

  41. This looks like such a fun game! Such interesting flavor names!

  42. These remind me of the every flavor beans (Harry Potter). Looks like fun!

  43. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Oh boy, my kids would LOVE this game. I definitely want to grab this for them.

  44. OMGosh, my kids are HUGE fans of Bean Boozled! I’ve had trouble finding them around town so I’ll have to use your Amazon affiliate link the next time I get some. Thanks, Aimee!

  45. Haha! Those are hilarious! I think skunk spray would scare me most, but I don’t like black licorice either, so I wouldn’t eat that color:) Hehe!

  46. Oh my word! I’m not sure that I could handle any of the alternate flavors. 🙂

  47. Oh gosh, I could see how kids would (actually) eat this up! I’d like to play too!

  48. EEEEK! This one’s for the kids! I don’t think I could eat the skunk one. That being said I think my niece and nephew would LOVE these for christmas.

  49. Teresa McCluskey says

    I LOVE this! I am always up for something like this!

  50. I’ve seen these, but no way I’m taking the chance of getting a nasty one. That would ruin my appetite!

  51. I have never heard of these before but I’m pretty sure my girls have. Very cute video, I would hate to eat the nasty ones!

  52. Oh my! I’ve never heard of these. I bet S would love them, but really what does sticky socks taste like 🙂

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