Bed Bugs at Litchfield Penitentiary

Season 3 Episode 2 what do you guys think so far? I’ve heard a few of you say that this season is not as exciting as the others and it is kind of boring. For me, I am still drawn in by each character and cannot wait to find out what will happen to Daya’s baby and who the baby will live with. Episode 2 opens up with bed bugs at Litchfield Penitentiary and I cannot imagine being in these women’s shoes and having to deal with bed bugs but how they react to them is hilarious. Now if you’ve not watched this episode, bookmark or pin my post and come back after you’ve made time to watch, however, even if you’ve not watched this episode, you can go to the bottom of this post and answer my discussion question. This week my discussion question will focus on Daya’s baby, but first I must give you a quick recap of Season 3, Episode 2. In case you missed the recap of Season 3, Episode 1, here it is: Mother’s Day at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Bed Bugs at Litchfield

Recap: Litchfield Penitentiary has been infested by bed bugs, so it’s time for the staff to figure out a way to get rid of them and for some of the inmates to get a little creative with their temporary wardrobes.

Piper feels the need to confess and George’s mom comes to visit Daya’s mom for a conversation regarding their granddaughter.

Nicky comes up with a grand plan on selling her and Big Boo’s stash of drugs  until they discover that there is huge problem.

Bennett visits the home of Daya’s mother and then after a long conversation with Daya’s mom’s boyfriend, he leaves disturbed and the camera pans to Daya’s baby crib on the side of the road. What’s up with that?

My Favorite Moments:

  • The Latino inmate’s reaction to finding out about the bed bugs.
  • Love that Blanca Flores seems to have a bigger role this season.
  • When Caputo tells Daya that there is one maternity uniform and that she’d better get it before one of her plus size inmates claims it for ‘their food baby’.
  • When Pennsatucky sits at the ‘Black’ table, refuses to leave and then proceeds to talk about, Vee.
  • ‘Soggy Box’
  • ‘Sleepy Time Tea’
  • Cindy and her disinfectant logic in the bathroom, along with her song and dance.
  • Luschek’s and Nicky’s conversation regarding how to get the drugs out of prison.
  • Bennett’s visit to Dayana’s mother’s boyfriend’s house.

Discussion Question: For those that have watched every or almost every episode of Orange is the New Black, put your feelings towards the characters to the side and take all emotions out of the question I am about to present to you. You have a prison guard that has impregnated a prisoner, now what? Where should the baby go and who should decide? Should the guard get a slap on the wrist, fired and left to raise the baby or should he get put in jail? I know that each state has their own laws and rules, but without looking at the official laws what do you think should happen?

S3 E1: Mother’s Day at Litchfield Penitentiary


  1. I think Bennet should be able to raise the baby and Daya can join him when she is released. Cesar is not a good person to raise the baby even if his intentions are good.

  2. He should be fired and put away… No guard should do that and the baby should go to the family.

  3. My daughter loves this show so much. I think the guard should be able to raise the baby.

  4. I truly have not seen this yet but it looks totally fun.

  5. bed bugs are sooooo not cool! I could not even imagine the stress if that happened in prison.

  6. Really a tough question indeed. I have not watched this season regularly but I love this show. I think the guard should be responsible for raising the child. Totally it sounds like an interesting story line.

  7. I think the baby should go with the father. Where else should the baby go? I don’t think, considering this was not a case of rape, that the baby should be any place than with the parents.

  8. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love this show. I am just finishing season three now. I think in this situation the baby should go to live with family if possible until the Mothers release. The prison guard should lose his job and if he can he should raise the baby until the mother can.

  9. Ok so I thought this season was a little slow at first, but it is getting a lot better towards the end! So, in regards to that question- I think the only place that baby would end up in a situation like this is in a foster home/adoption. This is a really screwy event and honestly I feel that the best people to take care of the baby would be the family members of either the inmate or the father.

  10. “food baby” ha! we’ve been using this term FOR YEARS!

  11. I am not familiar with this series. Definitely sounds like interesting story lines!

  12. I haven’t seen this show but that is a serious question. It is always tough when a baby is involved.

  13. That is a very hard question to answer without bringing emotion into it. Even though an inmate can’t legally consent, sometimes the relationship could be consensual. If it was rape and the inmate feels violated that would make me feel differently about the guard having the baby.

  14. The guard should be charged with whatever the law is. I have no idea what that is but I am sure it is illegal to have sex with the prisoners. The family should have the option to raise the child…which ever family is willing and is fit to do so.

  15. This show is one of my favorites but I haven’t caught up with Season 3 yet. It is on my list of things to watch soon though! I can’t wait.

  16. This episode was really good. Sadly, I finished the season within a few days. Now, I have nothing to do but wait for the next season LOL!

  17. The prison gaurd should be fired and possibly even headed to jail. They have a job to do, which does not include having sex with the inmates.
    I’m rooting for Daya and the prison gaurd to have a happy every after on the show. However, in real life I think that there should be some type of punishment for breaking the rules.

  18. What a scenario. I don’t know should happen to the guard.. Definitely fired.. but will putting him in jail serve any purpose? It will just leave the child with nobody to raise them.

  19. Too complicated to figure out but I will say the ‘father’ lacks alot of morals if he’s raping women under his guard. If he didn’t rape her but was consensual a little different story.

  20. That’s a really complicated question! I would have to think about that. I definitely think they should have some responsibility for the baby.

  21. I finished Season 2 but I haven’t started this season yet. As for the question, the guard of course has to go to trial where they can do an investigation and figure out who can take care of the child. I’m sure the guard would get fired too.

  22. I don’t watch this show so I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy so I’m not sure what should happen. Was it rape? Forced? Coerced? etc. There is too much about this show that I don’t know in order to make an educated comment! 🙂

  23. I’ve been hearing so much about OITNB, but I never really had a chance to watch any of the episodes. Sounds like a good show to watch.

  24. Bed Bugs are disgusting. I was recently visiting a place that had them (not a hotel) and the person in charge shrugged it off like it was no big deal, while my open mouth (surprise) was probably hitting the floor.

  25. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says

    I am still one season 2 so I kind of wish I did not read this hehhe. But I am excited to hurry up and get to season 3 now:) As for where the baby should go, that’s a hard one to be honest but family should be number one.

  26. Wow, what a question. Personally I think neither one should be able to keep the baby. First of all if you work at a pen and get someone pregnant HELLO. Fired for you.. Second, if someone is in a pen there’s a reason… I think the family of the person in the pen should be able to decide what happens (if they keep it or if its given up!) obviously if the mom is in prison she can’t keep it, so it should be up to her family.

  27. I think the mother should keep the baby and the guard should go to jail. You are there for a purpose stepping out of boundaries is not okay.

  28. Wow… that is a tough situation. I think the guard should be responsible for raising the child. Putting the guard in prison is not going to solve the fact that the guard has a kid. Not sure that is the right or correct answer though….

  29. I haven’t watched it all, but I’ve heard that Bennett just disappears, which make sense since he’s on one of the other hottest new tv shows – How to Get Away with Murder. However, I don’t want him to go. Why can’t they sneak some plan so that he gets the baby to raise? I just don’t get that part.

    I loved Cindy’s lysol dance, lol!

  30. I have not watched OITNB yet but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. I may have to check it out!

  31. Prison guards and prisoners have such complicated relationships! You really don’t find a dynamic like that anywhere else in society.

  32. I don’t think it’s fair I answer this question considering I binged watched it in two nights. I all ready know what happens. So I I put in what I think it will be very difficult for me not to spill the beans.
    I have to say I do love this show and I’m upset I have to wait another year to watch it.

  33. Wow, that is really tough. Was it by rape or was it consented is my first question. If it was not consented he should definitely be put in prison. If it was, he should be fired for sure and have to be responsible for the child because the mother is still in prison. I’m not sure if he should also be sentenced, though. That’s a tough one. haha

  34. Ahh, I couldn’t read with detail because I haven’t watched these yet but I love this show and am looking forward to repurchasing Netflix soon!

  35. I LOVE OITNB! I’m enjoying this season so far. I like learning the back stories of the inmates!

  36. I am already almost done with this season. I am really loving the new characters like Stella Carlin.I hope by the end of this season Caputo can take back the reigns of his prison.

  37. I just finished watching this episode. It was funny how they tried to protect themselves from getting bed bugs. Once a home is infested with them, they are really difficult to get rid of.

  38. In the case of Bennett and Daya, it is certainly complicated. They really are in love but it puts the prison in a bad spot legally. I wonder what happened to him?

  39. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That’s a complicated question, but I think probably family if possible.

  40. I love this show so much and have finished the season. My favorite part is learning each character’s back story. They’re fascinating!

  41. Wow. This question is so complicated it sounds like a common core math problem! There are so many variables there, I don’t even know where to start!

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