Why We Believe in Santa Claus

As I peruse Facebook and random blog posts, I see articles and read comments about non Santa Claus believers and I see (mainly) moms write that they will not ‘lie’ to their kids about Santa and that they are Christians and believe that children should know the true meaning of Christmas and not get distracted about such things as Santa. While I respect the opinions of others I just can’t understand when and why this new fad of not believing in the spirit of Santa Claus started. I know most of you that are not allowing the spirit of Santa to enter into the heart’s of your children had Santa Claus come to your house and down the chimney when you were younger; I can almost guarantee it. So what has happened from the time that we were younger until now? I have asked myself and 2 others from different generations this question and none of us can figure it out, so while I am trying to find answers, I thought it only acceptable to tell you why we believe in Santa Claus.

Why We Believe in Santa Claus

  1. When I was little, I was primarily raised by my mom who was single and did not have much money. There were some Christmases that she was only able to provide us with 1 or 2 gifts since she was working at a low paying job, had 3 girls and received minimum child support. Even though she was not able to put many presents under the tree we still loved her and still got excited every Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. When we woke up on Christmas morning our pantyhose (yes, pantyhose) stockings were always filled with a box of Life Savers, walnuts, oranges and  an apple or banana. In addition, to the few presents my mom had wrapped under the tree, there were a few unwrapped presents from Santa Claus as well, yes, unwrapped (Santa never wrapped our presents). To my sisters and I, Christmas was so magical. We knew our mom struggled and we knew that we did not have as much as the other kids but we also knew that the spirit of Santa Claus was alive in our hearts and home.
  2. When I was younger I cannot remember going to the mall, so because of that, we never saw Santa at the mall but we were lucky enough to see him at our school! I remember being in Kindergarten and waiting in line to see him and then getting to sit on his lap and just staring at him; I was that shy kid. Even though I did not say a word to him, he still came to my house, ate the cookies and drank the milk we left, filled my stocking with nuts, fruits, and lifesavers and left a few unwrapped presents. The happiness that this brought my sisters and I can’t be explained.
  3. Since the day I could understand life, I believed in God. I vaguely remember my older sister reading a Bible story to me when I was very young and going to church with my friends throughout my school year. When I was elementary school age I learned the true story of Christmas in a Bible study class and still get teary eyed when I see reenactments if it. I teach my girls and re tell the story of Baby Jesus every year so that they continue to learn, understand and have a true love for the meaning of Christmas. Even though I am a Christian, I still believe in Santa Claus. This might sound weird to some, but I truly believe that Santa works with Jesus; like Santa is his employee. Jesus died for our sins and lifts us up when we are down and then Santa brings the spirit of magic and happiness, especially when we see our baby’s eyes glow up and a huge smile cover their little faces when they sit on Santa’s lap or see Santa wave directly to them from across the way. Oh how that makes our hearts sing.
  4. Why  not? Why not allow the spirit, happiness and magic of Santa Claus to fill your hearts and your kid’s hearts? Who is this hurting? I know that some parents, mainly moms, say they don’t want to ‘lie’ to their kids because their kids will be disappointed. Is allowing them to believe in the spirit of Santa Claus lying or is it allowing them to believe on their own and then deciding later in life if they want to keep the magic alive in their hearts? I believe in allowing kids to trust what they feel in their hearts and if Santa Claus gives them a happy heart, then let them believe.

Did you know that Santa Claus has been around since the 1800’s? Yes, you read right; the 1800’s! So with that said, why now? Why are so many people anti Santa towards our current generation of kids because as I said earlier, I can almost guarantee you that your mama and daddy allowed the spirit and joy of Santa into your home. I know that everyone is free to choose and have their own opinion when it comes to Santa Claus, but with reasons that I have heard as to why, I just can’t wrap my head around it. The spirit of Santa Claus has lifted up kids and families from all over the world and has made the hearts of children thump with joy; this is why we believe in Santa Claus.

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Santa is part of the magic of Christmas. Love it!

  2. I too want to share Santa with my children one day and I think it is sad that some kids will not get to experience the “magic” of Santa

  3. I hate how sad things have become. People just need to lighten up and enjoy things more and start believing in Inge again!

  4. We do Santa – I wrote about it not too long ago how, living in a foreign country where few people DO Santa, I worry about my daughter’s friends ruining the magic… We gotta keep the magic!

  5. This is the lovely time of the year. Santa clause are the one of the important part of celebration. He is so special for kids. They would really love his magic and eagerly expect his gifts as well.

  6. We decided not to push Santa in our home, but to let our kids decide whether or not they would believe. Our kids definitely believe and although I’ve also taught them the story of Jesus’ birth, I also don’t want to take away the magic and innocence. I don’t think kids should be plagued with adult issues and should be allowed to believe in pretend! So we have definitely started doing both in our home.

  7. I agree. I know that when I have kids I will absolutely encourage them to find magic everywhere they go (Santa being one of them). As long as they are still young and innocent to get excited and to believe, and to develop their imagination, why should I take that wonderful feeling of hope and possibility away from them?

  8. Aimee, I agree with you. I love your reasons, which are meaningful and heartfelt! Christmas and birthdays are magical when you are younger. You can install good values in your children by not only teaching them about Jesus, but allowing them to believe in Santa and all the good he brings.

  9. I got such great joy from believing in Santa when I was little, and know my son did as well. While I believe the birth of Christ is the reason for the season, I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying Santa Claus.

  10. Stephanie Keeping says

    That’s exactly what we do. They know that him as a person isn’t real, but the spirit and meaning is true.

  11. My son is starting to question Santa. This might be his last year to believe. 😉

  12. It’s so sad how many kids don’t believe in Santa nowadays, it’s such a shame; it was always so fun when I was young!

  13. I had the wildest imagination as a kid. Oddly, I never believed in the stories about Santa. I knew that other kids, including those in my family, really thought that he magically popped down their chimneys on Christmas Eve. I never teased or judged them for it, but I knew from a very early age that God blessed my parents to buy all of my amazing presents.

    My husband and I discussed how we would handle traditions before we were married, and agreed that if our children ever asked a question that we would give them our honest opinion. When our son was 3, he asked about Santa. We explained the stories of St Nicholas, and that many people believe other stories about Christmas. We asked him what he believed, and he said that he believed that Daddy was Santa. He is now old enough to read about St Nicholas, and other historical works about Christmas, as well as understand cultural traditions. So far, I do not find that my kid is lacking in imagination in any shape or form, nor is he any less ecstatic during the Christmas season than any kid who believes in Santa. Whenever he asks if something, or someone, is real, we always start the conversation with “well, what do you believe?” We allow him the room to form his own opinions. That’s what works for us.

  14. AMEN SISTER! I already have my answer ready when they proclaim they are “too old”. ” If you don’t want the spirit of Christmas – then don’t believe…we wont put up a tree…we wont hang lights….we wont do gifts…and I will cook something with copious amounts of greenery and leave out that seasons Ham, Chicken, Turkey…nadda. “

  15. It makes me so sad. Especially all this day and age when kids lack such imagination and fun. Breaks my heart.

  16. My kids believed in the magic of Santa for a long time when they were little. They are teenagers now and still get gifts from Santa.

  17. We’re Jewish and we still love the idea of Santa! Nothing wrong with adding a little magic to the holiday season!

  18. I have seen that recent trend on Facebook lately of people “shaming” others for their embracing the tradition of Santa Claus in their house. We passed down that tradition to our kids and hopefully they will pass it on too. Each family needs to do what they feel is best but I personally see no harm in it and only positives. I loved your recollections from your childhood. I can tell that you were not short of love in your house.

  19. I remember someone at school telling me in kindergarten that Santa wasn’t real! I was crushed but then I loved peeking for the presents in the closets! 😉

  20. There is something about the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus. I love sharing this tradition with my children.

  21. My kids are grown now and still expect “Santa” to visit overnight. It’s just a special part of the holiday!

  22. I think that Santa is a personal choice. I respect it as I do others and their religions. I choose to believe!

  23. While I don’t think it’s necessary to make your kids believe in Santa Claus, it’s a fun way to give extra gifts! My kids figured it out pretty early on, but all of our Christmases after were still great!

  24. My husband and I had this talk a few weeks ago. Should we let our daughter believe in Santa? I said wholeheartedly – Yes! I did not get presents from Santa growing up, but the magic of the season, the shows on TV, and the joy and happiness still filled a very important hole in my heart.

  25. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with believing in Santa. When we were growing up, I “found out” he wasn’t real at an early age, but my mom explained that I still had to keep the secret LOL

  26. Well said. I agree with Rena’s comments. I think believing in Santa is about believing in something that you can’t see. I hope my girls always believe in the spirit of Santa Claus!

  27. I never felt lied to as a child about Santa and I come from a Christian home. We celebrate Jesus’ birth and the excitement of Santa during the Christmas season. I refuse to not share the magic of the holiday season with my children because a few naysayers have an issue with it.

  28. I hate the new fad of people making their kids not believe in Santa and you wonder why these children are growing up too fast. My girls are 9 and 7 and still believe in Santa.

  29. We don’t do Santa Claus in our house. I didn’t grow up with it. I explained my reasons here: http://citymomsblog.com/alamocity/2014/12/01/perspectives-in-parenting-we-have-never-pretended-that-santa-claus-is-real/

    We respect other families’ customs. My kids know not to spill the beans for their friends who still believe in Santa Claus.

  30. I couldn’t imagine my childhood without Santa Claus. His story has brought so much happiness to children. A story that brings hope, faith and happiness sounds like a win win to me!

  31. We aren’t anti-Santa in our home, but we don’t place a huge emphasis on him. My son recognizes that this is a magical time of year and we did visit Santa a couple weeks ago. (My son was not a fan, but he admired from afar.)

  32. I don’t understand this new fad either. I don’t feel it is lying to your children for them to believe in Santa Claus. I think it’s about the magical spirit and believing in things that you can’t always see. I love the fact that my kids loved Santa and waited on him every year and now I get to watch my grandchildren experience that same excitement.

  33. Great post, Aimee! Yes, our children know that Christmas is all about baby Jesus’ birthday but I don’t understand why parents would take the magic and joy from Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you!
    ~ Ashley

  34. I still believe in Old St. Nick! He’s part of the magic of Christmas! I’m a Christian and was reared in a Christian home. We always knew the real meaning of Christmas, but we always celebrated Santa, too. Even now, I take my grand kids to have their pic made with “the real” Santa every year. I refuse to have a pic made with an unrealistic looking Santa. He has to look real. 🙂

  35. What a great story! I love how you celebrate and rationalize Santa. Great that some still believe!

  36. I think people can be way to serious about things. I love that you posted this! Why can’t you be Christian, and promote ol’ Santa? Great post!

  37. We teach our kids the real meaning of why Christmas exist, which is the birth of Jesus. Other wise it’s just about presents and that is not the history behind Christmas. We do however teach the kids the magic of Santa the stories of both the bible and about the stories of Santa. There is something that I never understood why the two couldn’t be given to children to understand and that allows them to know the history and also the magic of Santa both are important traditions of Christmas. We take our 7 year old to see Santa every year this year were a little behind on the Santa photos and such but we will do Santa photo’s this week. I love the joy our 7 year old get’s out of the understanding and joy that comes from having both. The older kids know different but that’s ok they join in on the fun of helping the 7 year old experience the magic of Santa.

  38. I definitely have Santa Claus as part of our celebration. I don’t focus on that as much as the religious reason for Christmas but I see no harm at all in letting kids believe in the magic of Santa.

  39. This is the most wonderful time of the year. I am so happy I get to relive the excitement.

  40. I know a lot of moms who have the debate that you are going to ruin your children when you have to tell the kids the truth but what we have told our kids is that “Yes the magic of Santa is real” I still believe in the magic of Santa to this very day.

  41. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I don’t know one person who doesn’t believe in Santa and pass that joy on to their kids. I feel sorry for kids who don’t get to experience that.

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