Bright Starts “League of Little Laughters” Play Date

 I received free products in order to host the Bright Starts sponsored Play Date. All opinions expressed here are my own. #BabyLOLL #BrightStarts

I run a home daycare, so most of my day consists of kids and toys. I love to find fun, colorful, and educational toys for my daycare kids, so when Mom Select contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in hosting a Bright Starts “League of Little Laughters” Play Date, I said ‘YES!’.

Bright Starts Little League of Laughters Play Date

I was so excited to host the Bright Starts “League of Little Laughters” Play Date, not only because I love to have fun play dates for my kids but because Bright Starts sent some awesome toys that I knew the kids would have fun with. We were sent a Spin & Giggle Puppy, Learn & Giggle Fish, Learn & Giggle Activity Station, a Giggables Bumble Bee, and a Bunch of Balls.

Bright Starts Toys

For the Bright Starts “League of Little Laughters” Play Date, I invited kids that ranged in the ages from 11 months to 4 years old. Before we started our play time, I prepared some fun finger food snacks for the kids. Most of the kids were too excited to eat, which was fine with me, because to be honest, I was pretty excited also.

Party Snacks

 I laid out all of the toys while they were still in the boxes and let the kids play with them as I was opening them one by one. The kids could not wait for me to open them before they started to play with them. They were eager to see what each of them did.

Bright Starts Toy

After all of the packages were open, I laid out each toy and watched what the kids did. Each child had their favorite and each age group played with the toys differently. The kids that were 2, 3, and 4 years old loved the Spin & Giggle Puppy. They piled the extra balls that were sent, onto this toy and watched it spin and watched the balls go all over the room. They giggled and laughed each time that they did it.

spin giggle fun

The younger kids that were under the age of 1, mostly played with the Learn & Giggle Fish and the Bunch of Balls. They loved the fun lights that would flash on the Learn & Giggle Fish along with the fun music. They also loved being able to easily grab onto the Bunch of Balls.

Bunch Balls

As a parent and caregiver, I did not have a favorite because each of the toys amazed me. I loved how each toy has a learning aspect to it, the bold and bright colors of them, and the music. I love toys with music! Another reason why I am impressed with these Bright Starts toys is because they are quality toys. During the party, these toys were dropped, crawled over, and banged on a wooden table and they were not affected.

Here is a video that the kids and I put together so that you can get a closer look at the toys. Make sure that you watch the entire video so you can see how much fun the older kids have with the Spin & Giggle Puppy, I promise they will have you laughing!

I have to say that our Bright Starts “League of Little Laughters” Play Date was a complete success. These toys brought a lot of entertainment and laughter to these kids and I, personally, loved watching the younger ones study how the older kids were playing with each toy.

Have you heard of Bright Starts toys? Which is your favorite?

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