Cruise Etiquette to Remember

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In life, it’s important to be kind and thoughtful to one another. It is something that should come naturally but doesn’t always with everyone that you encounter. When you are on a cruise you are around a lot of the same people for an extended period of time, so it’s important that you remember to use certain cruise etiquette.

It is important to be polite, courteous and respectful when on a cruise. Here are some great reminder tips.

As adults, we should automatically be kind, courteous, and thoughtful to one another, but unfortunately, with too much alcohol, cruise chaos and a lot of fun, we sometimes forget what we were taught as children.

Cruise Etiquette to Remember

  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer more than normal. Never leave the bathroom whether you used it or not without your hands.
  • If you do not have to use the elevator and you are only needing to go up or down a few decks then you should use the stairs. The elevators can get crowded and can run slow so it’s common courtesy to give those that actually need to use the elevator, such as the elderly, disabled, and moms with young kids the first opportunity to use the elevator.
  • No matter how old or young your kids are, make sure that they follow the rules of the ship and are respectful to the crew and guests. As their parent, it is your job to know where your kids are and how they are representing themselves. Here is a helpful post ——> Talk to Your Teens About Cruise Etiquette.
  • Say excuse me when appropriate. The ship can get crowded so people tend to get in each other’s way so please take the time to acknowledge them.
  • When you are in the buffet line, always have clean hands, never touch food with your hands, sneeze, and cough in your arm and monitor your kids.

What You Need to Know Before Boarding the Liberty of the Seas

  • Don’t save the pool chairs with the intent of not coming back for hours. I can understand if you save a few pool chairs while you grab a plate of breakfast or lunch and then come back to eat poolside but it is rude and annoying to see so many chairs with no one in them and then look around and see a pool that hardly has anyone in it.
  • Don’t run and scream in the cabin hallways. Unfortunately, even adults need to be reminded of this.
  • Avoid clustering and move to the side so that people can easily pass you.
  • Be courteous and polite to everyone. This includes other cruisers, crew members and everyone on land.
  • The worse part of the cruise is the last day. The halls are filled with families struggling with their suitcases and crowds of people trying to keep up with their families. Be that person that is patient and that helps those that are struggling. A smile and a lending hand can ease a lot of stress.
  • Clean up your mess. It’s not hard to throw your trash away, return your empty glass to the bar, straighten your cabin room and more. Doing this will not only make the ship look better but it will lessen the burden on others.

What you Need to Know Before Boarding the Liberty of the Seas

These cruise etiquette tips should come naturally but sadly too often they are forgotten about by both adults and children. So the next time you are on a cruise remember to be considerate of others, be kind and be courteous.

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When you are on a cruise you are around a lot of the same people for an extended period of time, so it’s important that you remember to use certain cruise etiquette.

It's important, especially with all of the distractions, that you remember to be kind and courteous when on a cruise. Here are some tips and reminders on cruise etiquette.

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