Get Back to School Ready with Tiny Prints

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Back to school has already started for some kids and other kids will be going back before they know it. There is so much to get ready before school starts like school supplies and new clothes. Some things that parents may not think about getting are personalized labels and medical information cards along with other paper products. Tiny Prints has some cute selections along with amazing prices and right now you can save 40% off address label, gift tag and name label orders using the code 0808DEAL at checkout. Here is a great list that will help you get back to school ready with Tiny Prints.
get back to school ready with tiny prints

Some of these back to school items from Tiny Prints are fun but others are smart. I think they are all fabulous!

  • Lunch Box Notes: I love to leave lunch box notes in my girl’s lunches. It reminds them that mom and dad are thinking of them and that they are loved.
  • Name Labels: Name labels are perfect for kids and teachers! I like to use name labels for my kid’s lunch boxes, pencil box and their lunch food containers. For teachers they are great for labeling classroom items that could potentially get mixed up with other classes. Who doesn’t love a label with their name on it?
  • Allergy Cards: For kids with allergies, this is GENIUS! I like this type of allergy card because it is bright and fun and will be less likely to get lost in a file folder. It shouts, ‘Hey, Look at Me!’.
  • Notebooks: Notebooks are perfect for older kids going back to school. They give students the opportunity to keep up with assignments, doodle or write down their thoughts.
  • Notepads: Notepads can be a great basket filler for teachers. They are cute with a variety of designs and they allow teachers to write a quick note to parents.
  • Notecards: These are perfect for teachers! They are perfect for when teachers want to write their students a ‘Good Job’ note or when they want to write someone a quick thank you note.
Back to School with Tiny Prints

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