Give More Books This Holiday Season

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Every holiday season my girls make a list of everything that they want for Christmas. When they give me their list I look it over, scratch my head and normally let out a good giggle. Their Christmas list is normally pretty obnoxious and includes anything from high dollar gift cards to a pet rabbit. As a mom, I like to gift my girls some items on their list, a gift card to their favorite store, a few clothes, and books. Since I am constantly encouraging my girls to read, I make sure that I choose a few books that are age-appropriate and fun so that it may spark an interest for them to read. I not only gift my girl’s books during the holidays but friends and family as well because everyone can benefit from reading.

Books are perfect for all ages and are the perfect gifts for everyone.

As parents, family members, friends, and neighbors we should do our best to give more books this holiday season. There are many benefits for people of all ages to read and there are so many great selections. I have compiled a few books that I think are perfect depending on the age and interests of who you are gifting to.

Give More Books This Holiday Season

Baby Books: It is important to give little ones the opportunity to have books available to them. Even though they cannot read, they can feel them, touch them and become visually stimulated by the pictures and the colors. I always buy durable books such as board books so that they will last longer but I recently discovered Indestructibles. You can read more about them —–> here. They are the perfect books for little hands and for kids that still don’t understand how to be gentle with their books. Click on the books below to read more about each book and to purchase.

Learning Activity Books: Oftentimes I have discovered that my girls become more interested in books when the book provides a hands-on experience. See below for some of my favorite books that let kids use their minds and hands. In addition, I have discovered that some of the best books are books that teach kids something that will expand their mind and help them learn when they don’t even realize that the book is educational.

Bigfoot Fun Book! Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Fun Facts: You can find this at Walmart, Target and other locations.

Mythology Books: If your child loves superheroes, then they will have a love for mythology. There is so much to learn and so much excitement in these books. Here are a few of my favorites:

Writing/ Art/ Express Yourself: I have a teenager that lives and breathes art and expresses herself through writing and drawing. It’s important to expose your kids to books that encourage and teach art along with books that teach and encourage writing. Here are a few books that can do this:

Learn a Lesson Books: I love books that teach life lessons throughout the book. I love reading books to my kids and then talking to them about what they learned and how it can relate to their life. Kids are smart and if you read them a good book that can grab their attention they will leave learning something important.

Non- Fiction: When I was growing up, my favorite books to read were non-fiction books, in addition to biographies. I loved how the authors of these books made them interesting and fun, exciting and easy to read for kids, which in turn made me absorb everything that I was reading. There are also some great non-fiction books that are filled with quotes that are not only funny but spiritual and relate to everyday life. Some of these books are perfect to read with families.

Books always make great gifts. We need to encourage our kids to read more and play on electronics less. The ability to lose yourself in a book and also create hands-on experiences with what you are reading is amazing.

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Books are important for all ages. Here are some amazing book ideas for kids to get them off of the computer and get a book in their hands.

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