Items You Should Register for When Having a Baby

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When you find out that you are having a baby there is a lot of planning and organizing that has to happen. Not only do you have to prepare the baby’s new room but you also have to choose a daycare if you decide to work outside of the home. In addition, before the baby arrives, most parents like to create a baby registry for anyone that might be interested in gifting them a baby to be present. In my opinion, this is the most fun part of being pregnant. Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? After having 3 little girls and registering for each one, I have learned a lot about what items you should register for when having a baby.  

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Here is a list of items you should register for when having a baby

When you go to the store or search online for baby items, it can be hard to have control. It is natural to register for items that are not practical and everything that you think you need but don’t. After raising 3 little girls and taking care of little ones during the day while their moms work, I have become a very practical person and have learned what is needed for the baby and what is not. I thought it might be helpful to create a detailed list of items you should register for when having a baby.  Before I share my very helpful list with you, did you know that you can register for baby to be gifts with Amazon? Doing this makes it easy for out of towners to purchase and mail gifts. 

When you register for baby gifts, you should try and categorize the items you will be registering for. Doing this will keep your registry more organized and it will also keep you organized and hopefully help you choose what your baby will need, especially during the first year. In addition, you should register for items that your baby will need the first year of their life.

Diaper Bag:

  1. Diaper Bag– The best diaper bag is a bag that does not look like a diaper bag but that can also hold what you need it to hold. Choose something fabulous that has style such as this. I, personally, love Vera Bradley because it is fashionable and does not cost a fortune.
  2. Wipe Holder- These are perfect because they are refillable and small enough to fit in your diaper bag or large purse. 
  3. Snack CatcherThese are perfect when your little ones are able to start grabbing snacks on their own.
  4. Training Cup– I have fallen in love with this training cup and I think it’s a cup that belongs in every household and diaper bag.
  5. Formula Dispenser– If you plan on using formula, this is the perfect gadget that will let you take formula on the go.
  6. Small Toys– In order to keep your baby busy, it’s always a good idea to keep at least 2 small, colorful toys in your bag.
  7. Small Medicine Bag– It is important to have a small bag that fits perfectly inside of your diaper bag. This bag should be able to hold emergency medications such as baby Tylenol, teething tablets and whatever else you might need while you are away from home. Here is the perfect little bag that is cute and can also hold different medications for baby.
  8. Baby Magic No Wash Rinse– When you need to wash your little one’s hands and you are on the go. Simply apply and wipe clean. This product is perfect for sensitive skin.
  9. Boudreaux’s Butt Brush and Butt Paste– Let’s face it, little one’s get diaper rashes and it’s always unpredictable so you want to make sure that you have what need when it happens.


  1. Baby Shampoo/ Lotion Kit
  2. Fun Bath Towel
  3. Baby Grooming Kit
  4. Hairbrush for Baby
  5. Baby Bath Toys
  6. Baby Tub– I love this little bath chair! I love it because it allows your little one to sit up while being bathed and you can take it outside on sunny days and let your little one enjoy some water sprinkler fun while sitting in their baby tub chair. 


  1. Swaddle Blankets: It is important that you choose the correct swaddle blanket. Just because the tag says ‘Swaddle’ does not mean it is the perfect swaddle blanket. You will want to make sure that the swaddle blanket is large and stretchy, like this blanket
  2. Video Baby MonitorIf you do not own a baby monitor, or own a regular baby monitor, I suggest that you register for a video baby monitor. I cannot express the importance of being able to see your little one while they are in their crib because noises do not always tell you what might be going on while they are away from you. In addition, a video baby monitor is perfect when they become toddlers and start becoming more curious about the world and things. 
  3. Projection and Melody Soother: Every baby needs this in their baby room. Any type of toy or music box that has a variety of soft music or white noise is perfect and much needed to help your little one fall asleep. 
  4. Vibrating Mattress Pad: I cannot speak for or against this product but I think it’s genius. The vibrations are supposed to help your baby fall asleep, which totally makes sense! Let me know if you have tried it.
  5. Crib Wedge: Much needed when your little one has a stuffy nose or suffers from acid reflux and needs to lay at an incline.

Baby Equipment:

  1. Power Adapt Portable Swing: If you register for a swing, take my advice, and choose a swing that has a power cord. This will save you a lot of money on batteries.
  2. Floor Mat: Choose a floor mat that will keep your little one busy and one that will grow with them such as this Kick and Play Piano Mat or the Musical Glow Gym.
  3. Jumperoo
  4. Portable Rocker: When you register for a portable rocker, look at the weight limit. You will want to register for something that will last through your little one’s first year such as this one.
  5. Travel Crib: When you register for a travel crib, consider choosing a lightweight travel crib such as this one. You will want to make sure that the travel crib that you choose is easy to travel with and carry.

Feeding Items: I like to gift self-feeding items because I like for parents to have the necessary tools for their little ones when it’s time for them to start eating solid food so make sure to register for items that relate to feeding your little one.

  1. Cereal Bowl with Spoon: The Miniware First Bites Set includes a spoon and a cereal bowl that has a detachable suction foot to prevent baby from tossing it off of their high chair. The spoon is a teething spoon which is perfect because the spoon is not hard but perfect for little gums.
  2.  Plate with Dividers: The Miniware Healthy Meal Set also has a suction cup and has a detachable divider so that you can separate foods when necessary.
  3. Cutlery Set: It is always good to have extra.


  1. Onesies: You will need a lot of these during the first year of your little one’s life. Some great onesie/bodysuits to register for are the Dry Baby products, which you can find here —> Dry Baby. These products provide water stain and odor repellent. They were developed by a former NASA scientist and are simply amazing, especially for teething babies. Take a look at the teething bib —-> here.
  2. Toys: The best toys to register for are toys with lights that play music. Baby Einstein has a huge variety of toys that are perfect for growing little ones. In addition, make sure to choose toys that are easy for little hands to pick up such as this one.
  3. StickerKid USA Labels: These labels are important to keep track of your kid’s items while they are away from home. You can label everything from your little one’s bottle, bags of breastmilk, sippy cups, clothes, blankets and more. These are must-have personalized labels. Go here to read more —-> StickerKid USA
  4. Diapers: You can never have enough diapers. Make sure to register for a variety of different stages.
  5. Baby Wipes
  6. Diaper Rash Cream

Preparing for your new baby is a lot of work, but make sure that you have fun with it. This is a special and amazing time in your life so make sure to enjoy every part of your planning.

Can you add to my list? What items should new parents register for when having a baby?

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