It’s Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies

Like most moms, I like to post the really cute pictures of my girls. The pictures with them smiling ear to ear or pictures of them sleeping quietly having fallen asleep after a long day. I also like to post really cute videos of my girls saying silly things or doing something really talented; like this for example:

or this:
or this:


It’s funny because I see other moms post the cutest pictures of their kids and post adorable videos as well. Often times seeing perfect pictures and videos might make one think that mommy hood is full of rainbows and butterflies and their life and family is picture perfect. Well, let me show you the flip side of my household and how it’s not always rainbows and butterflies! SN– These videos are when my oldest two were under 3. The one of Bella was, not kidding, last week!  

Little Miss Lexi was crying because she had a case of the jealousy.

Miss Gia was crying because that is what she does to try and get her way. 

Little Miss Bella likes to do a ‘fake’ cry and add the ‘Whaa’ with her cry. Not kidding she will say ‘Whaa’. In this video, my Bella wanted off of the potty and wouldn’t you know.. she stopped crying when I let her off. 
I love my girls, they make me giggle but at times they are the best actresses around and I wish that a TV producer could see them turn it on and then turn it off on queue so we could get paid some big bucks! 
So is your household always ‘Rainbow and Butterflies’ or can you relate to my crazy House of Fauci’s?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. I love when kids fake cry, it’s so cute. It’s so adorable that they think that actually going “Wahhh” and hiding their face to fake it actually works lol.

  2. You are so right. We love to talk about all of the great things but we all know that there’s plenty of “real life” leftover!

  3. Keepin’ it real! My 2 year old is a total drama king. If you say something remotely off he will wail and flail or go in his room and pout. Those fake cries happen ALLLLLL the time at my house.

  4. My house is a hot mess most days and I’m crazy by the time my husband gets home. We have a Drama King here.

  5. Krystal Butherus says

    I need to take more vides of my son. He has such cute moments too!

  6. My house is just like that. We have ups and downs and sometimes they’re entertaining and sometimes they drive me to drink. LOL

  7. Oh yes the fake cry! Those are too funny!

  8. Teresa McCluskey says

    Lol, love this post! I am a momma of a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old so I deal with this 24/7

  9. I have so many of those videos on my phone! I always tell my daughter that I am going to save them to show her first boyfriend LOL. My daughter has a different cry for everything. Whether it’s wanting a snack or not wanting to take a bath.

  10. Virginia Higgins says

    My oldest daughter, now five, has mastered the art of the fake cry. I wish I had caught some of her earlier attempts on video!

  11. Mine are still crying when they don’t get their way. But luckily, they do have their good moments when they surprise me by how grown up they act sometimes.

  12. Casa Vilora Interiors says

    Yes I remember the days of tantrums and moodiness. You are right it is not always fun and games

  13. BrettBMartin says

    my son until about 5 years (he’s 6.5 now) would jog in place when he was really getting wound up and mad. Every. single time. we need to do a montage video. one time, little sis did it with him and we couldnt stop laughing.

  14. Oh nooo! Haha, I don’t have kids yet, but I am so not looking forward to the crying.

  15. I have seen many, many, tantrums! The pouty faces are the best! – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  16. I was pretty fortunate, my oldest rarely had tantrums. My youngest has actually never had one, it’s not in his nature.

  17. My house is so not rainbow and butterflies and I only have one. My daughter is 2 and a half and has crying fits and full on tantrums. Lots of fun!

  18. LOL! This is hilarious. I can watch the “crying” videos over and over – just like those crazy cat videos. Meltdowns are no fun at the time, but they’re easy to laugh at afterwards. I only have a little boy but I have lots of nieces and let me tell you…….DRAMA!!! I love it!

  19. I have 3 and 4 year old… clearly my house is always “Rainbow and Butterflies'”…. NOT! Haha, I love the crying videos!

  20. I love the crying videos…. they fake it til they make it!

  21. Love that you keep it real! That’s how it should be!

  22. My house is SOOO not always rainbows and butterflies! In fact, I think I used that exact quote in a recent post. I’m trying to remember exactly what I was talking about. I think it was the decision to stay positive. In any case – I have MANY a photo/video that showcase my son’s tantrums. MANY. And I can’t wait to let his wife see someday. :o)

  23. Ohh, those faces say it all! It wouldn’t be real without the tears 🙂

  24. Either way, they are still cute kids!

  25. Keeping it real! lol I have thought many times as a new Mom, that parents tend to go one way or the other……life as a Mom is either constantly joyous (rainbows and butterflies) or constantly harrowing. I’m still trying to figure out a balance, because the truth is it can be both. I want to keep it real but not sound discouraging, because honestly I love it!

  26. Awww so precious! My daughters don’t like me to record them during their bad moments so I don’t have any videos of those. I wish I did so when they get older I could play it for them and show them how they use to act sometimes.

  27. Keikilani Jackson says

    I do the same thing. Remember the good and the bad! Sometimes I would much rather keep the good ones out! LOL

  28. I take videos of my 12 yr old when she starts acting all snotty and having an attitude. It shuts her up quick, lol.
    I do have a few of my son when he was little crying or being upset – I almost ALMOST miss it…he’s almost 6 now. lol.

    • I videoed my then 6 yr old 2 times w her worst ever tantrum and then played it back to her! The look on her face but … it didn’t cure her of her tantrums.

  29. I took a photo of my son about two weeks ago and posted it on IG. He was crying because I wouldn’t read any more books to him (we’d already read 10 books. It was well past bedtime.)

  30. My six year old has been known to have some EPIC meltdowns. Somehow I thought they would end by now, but apparently not lol.

  31. LOL…I think every household has its share of temper tantrum moments. If not, then I want to know their secret! Such cute videos – thanks for sharing!
    -Janel C.

  32. Ha, it’s good to have memories like these too! I have been known to record my son in the middle of his tantrums too.

  33. Awwww! What a fun collection of memories right here 😉 It’s been a while since a tantrum.. now that my boy is in junior high.. now it’s a collection of other ahem.. interesting behaviors.

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