Lalaloopsy Dolls

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Lalaloopy Dolls entered our home at the end of 2010 and they have not stopped coming! My girls love these big headed dolls with the cute names that vary from Pillow Featherbed to Peanut Big Top to Crumbs Sugar Cookie. Each doll is brightly colored and has its own personality that my kids cannot get enough of.


The makers of Lalaloopsy have done an amazing job with creating new and different dolls. The dolls began as colorful and fun dolls that came with a little pet. Then they have the Silly Hair Lalaloopsy Dolls that will let you twist their hair and create a new and fun hairstyle. Here are a few of my girl’s favorite Lalaloopsy Dolls that could make the perfect Christmas or Birthday present for your kids.

  • Lalaloopsy Little Dolls– These are the cutest dolls that are smaller than the normal Lalaloopsy Dolls and come dressed in a cute outfit.
  • Lalaloopsy Dolls– These are the regular size Lalaloopsy Dolls that are themed and come with a little pet.
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Fun House Dolls– These are tiny Lalaloopsy Dolls that are fun to role play with and their heads, arms and legs are movable.
  • Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair– These are regular size Lalaloopsy Dolls that are made with yarn hair that can be combed and have clips added to it.

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair

Keep an eye out for new up and coming Lalaloopy Dolls. Keep an eye on their website  and watch for Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise, Lalaloopsy Color Me and so many more. These make for the perfect Christmas presents or/and Birthday Presents.

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. I think Lalaloopsy dolls came into our house about the same time. I love them. They are so much better than the perfect looking Barbies. 🙂

  2. My daughter is a huge Lalaloopsy fan and can’t get enough of them. My oldest son says they remind him of the movie Coraline. 🙂

  3. With two girls, we have several of these dolls!

  4. Fathima Syedali says

    These dolls are very cute & colorful! The hair of the toys looks so funny. Definitely this would be one of those perfect Christmas gift for kids.

  5. I think these dolls will make fabulous Christmas gifts! I plan on getting them for my nieces!

  6. These are so cute! I loved when my girls played with dolls!

  7. The girls in my class are crazy about Lalaloopsy. Seriously, whenever we have journal writing they share something about one of these dolls that they own. One little girl even brought her doll to school one day…hoping I wouldn’t see it. I did!

  8. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    I am so out of the loop on trending toys, but these look like something ever little girl (or boy) would want to have.

  9. Amanda McMahon says

    Lalaloopsies are so cute – my daughter has a few and I wish she’d play with them more.

  10. Those look like such fun! I love their hair! My daughter watches the show, but she’s never been interested in the dolls. However, she’s so into baby dolls right now, she just might love it!

  11. Those are super cute dolls. Your girls look so excited!

  12. One of my nieces will be celebrating her birthday soon so this will be a great present for her.

  13. My niece just loves lalaloopsy 🙂 They are adorable!

  14. These are so adorable! I am literally getting my first granddaughter for Christmas my daughter is pregnant with twins (boy and girl) and due on Christmas Eve so I am sure many dolls will be in my near future! I may have to buy this one to put up for her already. The urge is just getting to strong. This will be my 3rd grandson and I will love him to the moon and back but just something about that little girl!

  15. I have heard of these dolls before, but I never really looked into them. They are really cute! I’m sure my girls would love them. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I think my niece is going to be into Lalaloopsy. When she was here last time, at 7 months, I gave her some DVDs. One was a Lalaloopsy DVD and she grabbed it and held onto it!

  17. Wow, just check out their hair! Love it!

  18. These dolls are adorable – my niece would love it too!

  19. Those dolls are so cute! There remind me of big Polly Pockets or something 😛

  20. I have a daughter that thinks these are cute, so it’s great to read more about them.

  21. I only have one daughter and these dolls are a constant in our house. Can’t wait to see what Santa brings this Xmas!

  22. I need to learn girl toys thank you!

  23. My daughter loves this show. She doesn’t have a doll yet!

  24. These dolls are too cute. Sadly my girls have outgrown dolls.

  25. My daughter likes Lalaloopsy dolls and so does her friends. Not too long ago we went to a Lalaloopsy themed birthday party. It was cute and you’re right, they do make good gifts.

  26. If only I had a girl. I have been hearing a lot about these dolls lately.

  27. So fun! My girls love LLL dolls! I need to get them some more for Christmas too!

  28. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    My youngest daughter loves Lalaloopsy and has quite a bit of them already. Cant wait to see all their new ones.

  29. My daughter has a couple of these and loves them and all dolls.

  30. Those dolls are adorable, and your daughters will make very good mommies for them!

  31. The dolls look really cute! I bet little girls, or even tweens, love them. They look like a lot of fun 🙂

  32. My daughter has that blue doll and she loves it.

  33. I’ve never heard of these dolls before, they look cute and perfect for my daughter.

  34. These LaLaLoopsy dolls are so cute. My daughter would have loved them when she was little.

  35. these dolls are everywhere. they are just too cute for words.

  36. These Lalaloopy dolls (and all the other stuff you can get) are so popular! I have heard about them at least 10 times this week!

  37. Lala/ Barbie surprise???? Ohhh definitely on the look out for this one.
    We are big fans here. Princess loves hers and always wants one more 🙂

  38. I don’t have a little girl but know of some that would love this doll. This would be a great birthday or Christmas gift for my niece. Thanks

  39. Those are fantastic! What a great gift idea. Really fun and festive, just like childhood should be.

  40. Those are so cute. Abby and Alyssa can’t get enough of the Lalaloopsy dolls. They are adorable.

  41. Kiddo loves La La Loopsy. I am sure they will be on her Christmas gift list again this year.

  42. Those little cute dolls are adorable 🙂

  43. LaLaLoopsy are so cute. Kind of glad these are replacing Bratz dolls.

  44. LaLaLoopsy is a big hit in our house with my 6 year old. These are really cute!

  45. These are too cute! Once my daughter is old enough I plan on getting her one or two.

  46. Super cute! These would make great Christmas gifts. Thanks for showcasing them.

  47. LaLaLoopsy is a big hit with a few of my nieces. They love all the little ones and the big stuffed ones. They are kinda cute!

  48. My youngest has a couple she has held on to since she was younger. They don’t get much play anymore, but they’re too precious to her to get rid of.

  49. My niece loves these! They are so fun!

  50. These dolls super creep me out- but my daughter loves them! A good idea for Christmas!

  51. I have a couple of these around here and their hair is so silly and fun. They’re truly just the cutest dolls!

  52. I remember when my girls were obsessed with Lalaloopsy dolls but now they have moved onto Littlest Pet Shop. Lalaloopsy is always coming out with something new every year.

  53. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I have a niece with a birthday coming up next month and she would LOVE a Lalaloopsy doll!!

  54. We have a nice collection of them too roaming around the house 🙂

  55. One of my nieces is OBSESSED with Lalaloopsy dolls…I think they look strange!! I’m more of an American doll fan, and I know y’all have those too 🙂

    • says

      I used to be scared of their big heads and when my kids were little little sometimes that big head would boink them in the face ;-0

  56. Oh man my preschoolers LOVED Lalaloopy last year! If only I had known about the hair dolls – I could have gotten one for my then-one-year-old when the teacher suggested we buy her a doll to pull hair instead of pulling her friend’s hair!

  57. My 5 year old granddaughter LOVES Lalaloopsy! She has a few of them, one of which has hair which spins! She just rocks, doesn’t she?! With 6 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, we do love dolls!

  58. With 3 girls at my house, we just LOVE Lalaloopsies! They’ve shown up at every bday & holiday and my girls can’t get enough!!!!

  59. OK, I’ve recently read about these and the seem to be all the rage! My daughters are 3 and 19 months, but any doll is cool to them at this point! Thanks for the great review.

  60. My kiddo’s cousin just got one of these on her birthday, and within an hour Lala seemed to have wandered off for good. Crisis! She was found safe about half an hour later, thank goodness.

    Diaper surprise sounds a bit scary, though…?

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