Long Haired Girl Problems

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In my home you will find 6 girls, 6 or more hairbrushes, a ton of hair bows, 100 hair products and the man of the household that just sits back and shakes his head. He isn’t necessarily shaking his head because of the over populated amount of girls but he sits back and shakes his head because of all the hair that is every where but on our head! In my home, since I can remember, we definitely have some serious long haired girl problems. I’ve put together a list of some of the problems that long haired girls are the cause of around the house.

Long Haired Girl Problems

  • Why will my shower not drain? While you are taking a shower it can be so frustrating to have the bath tub start to create a pool. No worries, though, simply pull the large amount of hair out of the drain and you will immediately have a working drain.
  • Why are my baby’s toes turning blue? Take a closer look and you’ll see a strand of hair wrapped around those cute little baby toes and cutting off the circulation. This is also called a hair tourniquet.
  • Is that a tumbleweed flying across my living room floor? No, that is a clump of hair that is catching all of the dirt and dust, also known as a really big and hairy dust bunny.
  • Did my dog eat and digest my hair? Don’t ask me how I know this!
  • Every meal is guaranteed to have someone’s hair in it! There is no way around it. You can pony tail it, bun it or cap it and there will still be a long strand of hair hidden in your family’s spaghetti.
  • Doesn’t everyone have a special pair of scissors to clean out the hair caught in their vacuum’s brushroll? I have to be honest, I feel very sorry for our current vacuum. We have so many loose hairs, clumps of hair, and tumble weed hair bushes that our vacuum cannot keep up with and its poor brushroll always gets clogged up with hair so we have to do surgery on it. Yes, we have to lay it on its back, get out the scalpel, also known as our special scissors, and cut the clumps of hair out. It is not pretty!

Thankfully my poor husband had enough one day and decided to pick up the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® at Walmart. After doing extensive research online he discovered that the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® has a self cleaning brushroll, suctionseal® technology and a lot of other amazing features. I think that the self cleaning brushroll sold him because the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® removes tangles from the brushroll with the touch of a button and not with a pair of scissors like we currently have to use with our vacuum cleaner! How easy is that? No stress, no scissors, no side eyed looks from the husband as he is cleaning out the brushroll because all you need to do is hold down a button and it’s like magic.. hair is gone! With my old vacuum (see the picture below), we’d have to spend at least 30- 45 minutes on the floor, bent over the vacuum with a kitchen knife, screw driver, pair of scissors and a paper towel doing our best to untangle the hair from the brushroll. It was dirty and no fun. That is why I love the self cleaning brushroll feature on the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® vacuum. So much time saved and absolutely no stress!

Eureka Vacuum Features

After using the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® I immediately knew how dirty my floor was! Not only did it pick up the disgusting amount of hair that is balled up around my house but it picked up the dirt that is constantly tracked in everyday from the kids and dog. I have to admit that I was pretty mesmerized and shocked as I looked at the amount of dirt that was stored in the dust cup.


I was also super excited to see that my oldest daughter tried it out. This type of thing almost never happens! She said that she loved the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® because it was lightweight and the cord retracted. I hope to see her use it more around the house (crossing fingers).

Adult Daughter Vacuuming

Now you have an opportunity to enter the Eureka® sweepstakes and you’ll have a chance to win a vacuum or a home makeover. How exciting is that?


Eureka #CleaningUntangled Sweeps!

Do you suffer from long haired girl problems? Do you think the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® could help solve some of your long haired girl problems?


  1. I am yet to meet a vacuum that does the job well and last a long time. There is a lot of hair in my world. Lol

  2. 4 of those I have dealt with! That is a super cute pic. 🙂

  3. We have to deal with hair and fur issues. That looks like a good vacuum.

  4. Catherine S says

    This looks like a great vacuum. I have long hair so we could use this. What a great sweepstakes.

  5. I totally hear you sista. I have long and CURLY hair so imagine the shedding and all the disaster in the vaccum and house

  6. Wowzer! I thought I had long hair problems! Beautiful girls.

  7. Oh goodness. That one is such a smart vacuum. Totally helps for those who have long haired girls.

  8. We are a long curly haired bunch & we completely need this vacuum in our lives. OMG…I would probably faint if I saw my roller brush sparkly clean like the pic you showed. This is awesome! Off to enter the giveaway…crossing my fingers & toes! 🙂

  9. We all have long hair in my house too! Even my husband’s! I need a vacuum like this one!

  10. Jennifer Williams says

    We have four dogs, two cats and one mom with long hair – we need this vacuum. My current one just and the hose break and the manufacturer does not make a replacement which is so frustrating so I will definitely be buying another brand this go round.

  11. Ann Bacciaglia says

    We have three people with long hair and two dogs with long hair in our house. I hate trying to get the hair out of the vacuum. I will have to check this vacuum out.

  12. OMG. Hair everywhere… I love this post.

  13. I have been thinking about cutting my hair a little shorter lately sine it is such a hassle haha Great idea Aimee!

  14. I could definitely use this for my house. We have three with long hair here.

  15. oh yes! long hair finds its way to many places! I love the idea, thanks for the giveaway

  16. This looks like a pretty great vacuum. I have a few girls and we all have long hair.

  17. Yep. This whole thing. YES. My hair is super long, thick, and falls out constantly. It’s awful. Every time I break out the vacuum here I’m dealing with getting hair jam!

  18. Boy this post is so true! My daughter and I both have long hair and I am always having to cut the hair out of the rollers, it’s gross!

  19. I need this vacuum. Between my long hair and the cat fur, the self-cleaning brush roll would be awesome.

  20. I have long hair. I also have a cat. There is a LOT of hair on our floors at times!

  21. That vacuum should definitely make your life easier. That vacuum technology looks sweet!

  22. Self-cleaning brushes? We so need that here with 2 girls and 1 woman in the house!

  23. This made me laugh, because I am always shedding my hair. I heard Eureka is a great vacuum and product. I will have to check this out and enter the giveaway!

  24. Oh we have a lot of long hair in my house and our vacuum is always getting clogged with hair. This vacuum looks like a great solution!

  25. Up until about six months ago, I had really long hair (and I miss it so much!)–I can relate to all of these! My husband’s biggest shock when we got married was dealing with the clogged drains all of the time!

  26. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I shed like you would not believe…but I have curly hair an we shed more naturally.

  27. I love and hate my long hair! sometimes it’s so stuck in my carpet that the vacuum doesn’t suck it up but when you rub on the carpet with your hands you get a “fur” ball ha ha

  28. I have two long-haired girls, and their hair is everywhere. I cannot wait to try this vacuum!

  29. Omg. this is such a horrible problem! Sometimes I rub my hand along the carpet to try to get as much up before I vacuum! Would love a new vacuum though;)

    Southern Elle Style

  30. Oh my that is a lot of hair to content with – LOL. Beautiful girls! Great vacuum.

  31. I have long hair & yes, it is everywhere! This vacuum is genius. With the vacuum I have now, I do not clean my hair out of it, if it gets stuck, I leave it for the hubby to do.

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