How to Make Reindeer Food

With Christmas approaching, it’s time to finish some of the final touches on this awesome holiday. My 8 year old came to me the other day and asked if we had made Reindeer food yet for Santa’s 9 reindeer. Of course, we had not checked this off of our list yet, so we knew what we had to do. As we gathered the ingredients to make reindeer food, my daughter asked if she could make a tutorial on how to make reindeer food. Of course, I said, “Yes!”.

How to Make Reindeer Food

Making Reindeer food is simple, takes very few ingredients, and is able to be altered as you wish. For our Reindeer food we used oatmeal, cinnamon, sprinkles, and carrots. There are no true measurements, but you will want to make sure that you have more oatmeal than anything else.

Here is my daughter’s simple tutorial on how to make Reindeer food.

After you have prepared the Reindeer food, you will want to sprinkle it around the yard on Christmas Eve for Santa’s reindeer. It’s important to take care of Santa’s reindeer because they work very hard and need the extra nutrition.

Reindeer Food

Have you ever made Reindeer food?

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