McKenna Children’s Museum

McKenna Children’s Museum provided me 2 complimentary tickets for my children’s honest review

It’s summer and it’s time to start marking ‘to do’s’ off of our Family Summer Bucket List. One ‘to do’ was to go to the McKenna Children’s Museum located in New Brunfels, Texas, which is only 30 or so minutes from San Antonio. For this trip, I brought a 10 year old, two 8 year olds, one 5 year old and two 4 years olds. My kids were so excited because they knew that right when you entered the McKenna Chidren’s Museum that their imaginations would run wild.

McKenna Childrens Museum

 When you enter the building you will walk through a mini gift shop and this is where you pay. Every time we visit the museum my oldest always asks me if I will buy her something and I just give her that look; who knows, maybe one day I will say, ‘Yes’. After you pay, you will walk through the doors of the museum and this is where the imagination begins!

Underwater Ocean

 After we entered the museum I let the older kids explore together while I watched over the younger kids. The younger kids immediately went to the Tot Spot and turned into railroad engineers and conductors. Then the ladies went into the kitchen and started preparing snacks. I love this area because it is very controlled and the younger kids are confined to one area.

Tot Spot McKenna Childrens Museum

 After the kids played in the Tot Spot, I told them about all of the other stations that we got to visit and they got so excited! We started at one end and followed the path. I loved how the museum had their stations set up. The kids went on a camping adventure, helped build a house, cooked dinner and played dress up in grandma’s attic.

omas attic

 When I asked the kids what their favorite station was, without any hesitation, it was the Grocery Store. They took turns baking in the bakery, cooking pizza, being the customer and working at the cash register. I think out of all of the stations, they spent the most time in this one.

Grocery Shopping

 After the kids played inside the grocery store they decided to travel to space, but first they had to suit up! They learned how you go to the bathroom while in space and how you sleep. They actually got to sit on a space toilet!


 The McKenna Children’s Museum has an ambulance that allows kids to ‘drive’ sick or injured people to the hospital and the nurses and doctors are ready to operate and take care of them.

DoctorAnother feature of the McKenna Children’s Museum that I love and of course my kids love, is the outside Splash Zone.  There is a huge water table that has interactive stations that will keep the kids busy and thinking for a long time. In addition, there is also a music station, playground, climbing mechanism and building blocks. The outside area can keep the kids very busy for hours!

Outside at the Museum

 The Mckenna Children’s Museum is located in New Braunfels which is which minutes away from San Antonio. It is a one story building that has an amazing floor plan that keeps it simple for the kids and convenient for the parents. The McKenna Children’s Museum is perfect for kids, in my opinion, ages 10 and under and is also a perfect field trip for daycares! I loved seeing my kids and their friend’s imaginations run wild. They certainly made great memories on this day.


  1. This is awesome! I would love to take my kiddo to a museum like this one!

  2. Added to my Texas Pinterest group. We’ve been there and it’s lots of fun!

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