Minion Flower Pot

DIY Minion Flower Pot

Today my daughter, Lexi, will be guest posting on the blog! The other day we were painting flower pots and she asked if she could make her flower pot into a Minion. Of course, I said for her to go for it and to be prepared to have it be featured on my blog. She agreed and went on to create an amazing Minion Flower Pot. This is a simple craft for kids and it’s perfect to keep kids busy during the long summer months.

Minion Flower Pot

The first step to creating your Minion Flower Pot is to paint the upper portion of it bright yellow. This will be the Minion’s face.

Paint Pot Yellow

Once the yellow portion has dried, paint the remaining bottom blue. After the blue paint has dried, choose a thin paintbrush and paint the pocket black and make a circle next to the pocket and paint a ‘G’ inside of it.

Blue Paint

After the flower pot has dried, you will begin on the goggles. Grab your silver paint and paint a large circle in the middle front of the pot.

Circle Flower Pot

In the middle of the circle you’ve created, create another circle but smaller, this is the eye. Paint the circle half black and half white. Then once that has dried, outline it in brown. Give him a little black smile and cute pink cheeks. To finish the goggles you will want to paint a solid black line from one side of the goggles to the next.

Minion Front

Since we were working with Chalkboard Paint, my daughter decided to paint the top of the flowerpot using black chalkboard paint. If you want to use regular black paint, that is fine also.

Minion Chalkboard

Paint Top of FlowerPot

Once the touch ups are made and the paint has dried, you can fill it up with dirt and plant some seeds. Watch your Minion’s hair grow over the next few weeks and have fun.

Guest Host Lexi

With spring coming up, watch for more simple kid crafts from Lexi that will amaze you and will help keep your kids busy.


  1. This is SO cute!! We are Minion obsessed in this house, even though it’s just adults haha!

  2. Nice job Lexi! I love it! So creative. You are quite an artist!

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