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With 3 little girls under my roof, you can only imagine how obsessed I am with taking pictures and creating videos of their cuteness. I have scrapbooks overflowing with pictures, cassette tapes from the birth of my girls that I have transferred over to DVD and 2 YouTube accounts filled with the cutest videos of my kids; so when I heard about the OneDay app for iPhone I knew I had to check it out.

OneDay App for iPhone

The OneDay app for iPhone is simple to download, simple to use and really fun to play around with.  This app makes your child the star and it allows them to use their creativity and imagination while answering questions that pertain to a certain topic. Some topics that are featured include ‘Advice for your Parents’, ‘About your Grandmother’, ‘Vacation Memories’, ‘Tongue Twisters’ and so many more. After I downloaded the OneDay app I immediately grabbed my 9 year old and found a spot that was away from almost everyone in the house and let her be the first star. I gave her some topics to choose from and she chose ‘Back to School; here is her video:

Each topic has 10 prepared questions and before each question the app allows you to stop the video so you can prepare for the next question. I made sure to read the question before I hit record so that my daughter had a chance to prepare her answer. She had a lot of fun with these and the two of us had a few giggles. Of course my other two girls wanted to join in on the fun so I gave my 7 year old the topic of ‘When You Grow Up‘ and my 3 year old the topic of ‘Silly or Funny‘. I love to hear the creativeness and humor that comes out of their little mouths.

Right now until Oct 8th, if you are 18 years old or older you can be entered into an awesome drawing to win a $500 Target gift card by simply downloading the OneDay app, create a video using the OneDay app and sharing your video to your Facebook page and tagging @OneDay in your post and then to make sure that OneDay sees your awesome video, send them a message simply saying ‘I posted my video!’. This is such a simple, fun and amazing contest.

OneDay App As I stated above the OneDay app for iPhone is simple to download and fun to play with. I love this app because it not only preserves memories but it allows you to email these videos to loved ones. How happy would Grandma be if she received a video that was her grand baby talking about her? I am sure she would be over the top super happy. Download the OneDay app today and see what memories you can create with it.

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. What a cool app! Downloading it now! I can’t wait to see what answers my kids come up with. LOL

  2. What I great app. Wish I had a smart phone.

  3. What a fun app. I don’t own an Iphone, but my sister does, so I am going to share this with her!

  4. What a cute app. I am such a sentimental person, I would totally do this if I had kids. Actually, I may do it with the children in my class. I won’t upload it anywhere, I’d rather keep it to remind me of the fun we had in class.

  5. This sounds like such a cool app, I love it. I bet we would have fun with it. My daughter has the iphone now, mine broke. Will have to look into this with her iphone!

  6. This sounds like a fun app. I’m always looking for new apps to for photo and video sharing.

  7. ha! i love this! although i fear my kids would never let me see my phone again. especially my younger 2. one loves selfies and videos and the other would narrate things if i let him!

  8. That is a fantastic app!!! I am off to download it right now! My kids will love this!

  9. This would be so much fun to preserve those memories. My kids are older but we really enjoy watching videos from when they were little.

  10. I’ve got to get this to use with my niece. She comes out with the most hilarious stuff. ESPECIALLY when she’s watching Lifetime movies with her gramma.

  11. This is so cool. I have a teenage son, and I’m really excited to try this with him. Even though it’s obviously geared towards little children, I think I’d get some great answers from my son.

  12. I’m wondering if they have it for Android? I haven’t gotten on the apple train yet.

  13. I love this! I wish it wasn’t just for the iPhone though!

  14. This looks so cute!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing Aimee!

  15. What an awesome app! I have an iPhone so I’ll have to check it out! I think my kids would have a lot of fun with this.

  16. haha, this is actually cute – and seems so much fun to play around too!

  17. What a cool app to have on your phone. I am going to have to experiment with them.

  18. Those come out really professional looking, I was impressed.

  19. What a great app. I am going to have to download it and test it out. I am obsessed with iPhone photo aps.

  20. Now that is an awesome app what a great way to record memories! x

  21. I would be happy with a video of my granddaughter talking about me. Over the moon, do cartwheels if I wasn’t a granny, happy. 😉

  22. Fabulous Perks says

    Sounds like an interesting app. I’m going to share this with my cousin.

  23. What a cute idea! I am a Samsung Galaxy girl myself so I would love to see them add this for non iphone users!

  24. Those videos are adorable! All 3 of your girls did really well! 🙂 I think my gram would love to get a video like this of her grandkids!

  25. What a cool app! I’m definitely going to have to check it out!

  26. Amanda McMahon says

    I don’t have an iphone, but love when there are new apps like this for my droid

  27. That is such a fun app. I love that it is so easy to use and share your images.

  28. This looks like a cool app, I’ll have to check it out!

  29. I love apps like this one that allow me to keep those precious memories through technology. I’m going to have to check it out.

  30. this sounds like a really cool app. I enjoy great apps. I will take a look

  31. I haven’t tried this app, and I have tons of apps on my phone. I’ll check this out. My son loves playing on my phone.

  32. This actually sounds like a great app. I don’t have much family close by, so I could only imagine how thrilled they would be if I sent them a video of my children using this app.

  33. Ann Bacciaglia says

    What a fantastic app!!! I’ll have to download it myself to play around with it. I know a few people who would love it 🙂

  34. I really love this app! I had so much fun with it, and I know as my son gets older we will use it more!

  35. My son would love this will have to see if he is game for it.

  36. I know my Grandson would have a lot of fun with this. I am going to show this post to his mom.

    • says

      While you are at it.. enter to win $500 from Target!!! Your grandson could have an awesome Christmas .. hee hee

  37. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That sounds super cool. My kids, especially my oldest, would love this.

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