Pack the Perfect On the Go Lunch

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Stay out of drive thrus and Pack the Perfect On the Go Lunch

Over 10 years ago my husband left his office job and began a career that required driving most of the day.  When he started his new job I would always suggest to him that he should pack his lunch along with some snacks instead of going through fast food drive-thrus and spending unnecessary money. Having been married to my husband for over 18 years, I should have known that he would not take my advice and pack his own lunch, so a few years later, I began to pack his lunch for him. If you or your spouse is constantly on the go for work, I’d love to share with you how to Pack the Perfect On the Go Lunch.

Tips on Preparing the Pefect On the Go Lunch

It has been said that you should eat 6 times a day, so in the perfect lunch, you should include at least 2-3 snacks, your main course and enough liquid to keep you hydrated throughout the entire day. I like to pack my husband enough food and drink to keep his appetite satisfied, his thirst quenched and to keep him out of drive-thrus. Here are some items that I pack for my husband to create the perfect lunch.

  • Veggies- I like to pack a variety of crunchy vegetables such as broccoli, baby carrots, cucumbers, and sliced raw peppers. Of course, when you pack vegetables you have to include a dipping sauce to make the vegetables fun.
  • Fruit- When it comes to fruit, my husband is not picky. I’ll pack him a fruit salad or single fruits such bananas, clementines, grapes or strawberries.
  • Dairy- Cheesesticks and yogurt are the perfect snacks to pack. They are delicious, easy to eat on the go and they are a perfect source of calcium.
  • Trail Mix- I like to pack my husband trail mix for an afternoon or mid-day snack because it comes in so many varieties that he will not easily get tired of it.
  • Main Course- Since my husband is on the road, I sometimes struggle with what to pack as his main dish. It has to be a meal that will fill him up and one that does not need to be reheated. Oftentimes, I will pack him a sandwich, a wrap, cold pizza, or even cold pasta that he can sit out and at least let get to room temperature.
  • Beverages- It’s important to drink throughout the day, but too often we are so busy that we forget. I like to pack my husband at least 2-3 bottles of vitaminwater so that he can quench his thirst throughout his workday.

Every few weeks I go to Sam’s Club to pick up items for my husband’s lunches. In addition to lunch meat, bread, fruit, and vegetables, I make sure to pick up a few packs of the 20oz vitaminwater variety 20 pack.

VitaminWater Variety at Sam's Club

My husband appreciates the variety of flavors that is included in the variety pack that is found at Sam’s Club. He doesn’t get bored with vitaminwater like he does with other drinks that I have packed in the past.

VitaminWater Variety Pack at Sams Club

I have to admit that I don’t only buy vitaminwater for my husband’s on the go lunch, but I also keep some to the side for myself. I like the flavor options of vitaminwater in addition to the Vitamins. Electrolytes. Zero blah.

Quick and Easy On the Go Lunches with VitaminWater

Perfect on the go Lunch

How do you pack the perfect on the go lunch? Have you tried vitaminwater? If not, here is a list of Sam’s Clubs so you can stock up for those on the go lunches or while at the house.


  1. My husband just recently started a job where he doesn’t even have the options of drive thrus for lunch (which, like you mentioned is not a bad thing!). Great ideas for a lunch that’s full of zero blah! He’s a huge vitaminwater fan as well!

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