Peach Salsa

As I was perusing blogs the other day I stumbled upon a recipe that caught my attention quick! It was a beautiful recipe that was filled with flavor. A recipe that I knew my husband would fall head over heels for. The amazing blog that I stumbled upon was The Cowgirl Gourmet. I just have to say what an awesome name for a blog that is! The recipe that she posted was called A Peachy Revelation; I simply call it Peach Salsa. 

Since it is peach season and there are peaches sold on practically every corner where I live, I knew I had to not only pin this peach salsa but I had to make it. 

This Peach Salsa recipe is simple; cut, chop, mix, sprinkle and squeeze. To find the exact measurements take another peek at The Cowgirl Gourmet’s blog and read how she mixes it up. 

I served the Peach Salsa on top of grilled chicken. When my husband saw it, he said, “Wow, you’ve become quite a little chef” and my witty response was, “Well, I am a blogger now.” 

When my husband tasted the first bite of the chicken that was topped with the Peach Salsa, he looked at me and said, ‘WOW, this is good, this is really good!’ My husband is not a picky eater and likes most food, but he talked about this Peach Salsa for days. I am not exaggerating!  



  1. this sounds like something my husband would enjoy! I might just have to try it out! By the way I just found your blog from “blog browsing” and I’m glad I did! I’m excited to be following along now!

  2. This looks yummy! We make mango salsa a lot but peach sounds really good too!

  3. April Decheine says

    We are looking for a dish today to bring to my mother in laws, I think I may make this. Peaches are great this time of year, just the right tartness.

  4. Sounds really yummy! I’ve had a few tries of salsa that was fruity – this sounds so simple and delish!

  5. Teresa McCluskey says

    This looks and sounds so amazing! I love peaches.

  6. This looks so good! I like fruit salsa.

  7. I have not heard of peach salsa. But it looks so delicious!!

  8. Your salsa looks so good! I need to try this recipe the next time I pick up some peaches!

  9. Wow, I love a good fruit salsa. And peaches definitely sound good!

  10. My mouth is watering at those delicious looking peaches. I love peaches!!!

  11. Janeane Davis says

    Peach salsa sounds so delicious. It is nice to be able to use fruit in a different and fun way.

  12. I think I would be a miracle if I had any peaches to put in the salsa! I bought 12 peaches from Costco 4 days ago… y kids already ate them!!

  13. Wow, peach salsa?!? I’ve never tried anything like that before. I’m so curious how it tastes!

  14. I have seen a lot of different recipes for peach salsa. I love peaches, bu am nervous about trying a salsa with them. This one seems pretty tame, though!

  15. Oh my gosh, I love peach salsa. I haven’t tried to make it myself.

  16. Casa Vilora Interiors says

    I bet that was super tasty! That sounds so flavorful

  17. That looks delicious! I love how there are so many variations of salsa.

  18. I have tried mango salsa but never peach salsa. Looks delicious.

  19. That does sound delicious. If it got ‘husband raves,’ I may have to try it out here.

  20. I can’t get enough peaches this season. Heading to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow and plan to get some more to make THIS recipe!

  21. i used to by a jarred salsa but homemade looks better. great recipe

  22. Daydreaming Realist says

    oh man, that’s got my name all over it! It’s a great time of year for making fresh salsas, too; I much prefer in-season fruits and veggies. I’d put that salsa on a bazillion things–potato, salad, tortilla chips etc.

  23. That peach salsa looks delicious. I bet it would be wonderful on chicken and fish. I can’t wait to try it.

  24. Oh I pinned that recipe. I think I’d love peach salsa.

  25. This sounds incredible!!! It looks so fresh and yummy. I’ve never had anything but regular tomato salsa so I’d love to try this!

  26. Shop with Me Mama says

    Oh yum! I know all of us here would love that salsa. Such a good one for the summertime!

  27. That looks so good. Peaches are so good this time of year and this would be such a great way to use them. I’m going to add this to my recipes to try this summer!

  28. That is a neat recipe. Looks real tasty and I will have to try that.

  29. Chrystal Mahan says

    I have never made peach salsa. I have heard over the years how wonderful it is. I love peaches, so does kiddo, but husband isn’t a fan.

  30. that sounds amazing. With the agave nectar, too. I can’t wait to try it.

  31. I don’t eat peach salsa very often, but I would like to try this with blue corn tortilla chips! YUM!!!!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  32. I have never had fruit in my salsa, but I would love to give it a try! And I love that you use agave!

  33. I never thought about making Peach Salsa. That looks and sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  34. Elayna Fernandez-Bare says

    This really looks amazing. I am definitely trying this salsa. I’ve never had peach salsa before!

  35. OK I just gotta try this. I actually have all the ingredients in the house so would love to give this a shot this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Yum! Peach salsa? It sounds really very delicious!

  37. Teresa Moody says

    I love any kind of fruit salsa. I think I would have to try this peach one that sounds good

  38. Mmmmm! This looks wonderful! I love peach salsa, so I’ll definitely need to try this.

  39. What flavor that would add to a dish. This sounds amazing!

  40. Casa Vilora Interiors says

    Oooo! Sounds delicious! I would like to try that

  41. sounds great! i haven’t had peach salsa before, but i would definitely try it

  42. This looks to DIE for!! Homemade salsa is the best… and this peach one?! Incredible!!

  43. Yum this sounds really good and so fresh for the summer.

  44. Rachael DeBruin says

    Never made homemade salsa with peaches…looks so delicious!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  45. Tough Cookie Mommy says

    This looks really flavorful. I love all the fresh ingredients and the beautiful colors.

  46. Looks really tasty. I like how you added the Agave.

  47. Salsa is so versatile and using peaches is a great idea. Thanks for the recipe.

  48. This looks amazing! I just drove through Georgia and got some of the best peaches I’ve ever tasted, so I think I’ll cut some up for this recipe this week!

  49. Years ago I had peach salsa and fell in love with it! I’m so happy you posted it because I haven’t had it since that one time!

  50. This sounds so good! I like that it’ll make it a sweeter type of salsa.

  51. (Terry) My Journey With Candida says

    Loving that peach salsa recipe. I need to try this out and right now, our grocery store has peaches on sale.

  52. Krystal Butherus says

    I’m impressed, this looks delicious!

  53. Yum! I have some peaches to use up and we all love salsas.

  54. Swathi Iyer says

    Delicious peach salsa. Love it. Pinnig it.

  55. Celebrity VIP Lounge says

    Oh wow, that looks absolutely refreshing! Will try this. Amber N

  56. This sounds awesome! Pinning it to try later!

  57. Tis the season for peaches!! Yum.

  58. Yummy i love peaches but have never thought to do something like this with them.Thank you.

  59. I have been wanting to make peach salsa. We recently tried mango salsa – we were not fans of that. We all really like peaches so that is my next one to try. I will give this one a try and pair it with a nice fish.

  60. Pinned! I love peach/mango/pineapple/fruit salsa. so delicious!

  61. My husband would love this!

  62. This sounds fantastic. I’ll have to try it soon (we have easy access to Georgia and South Carolina peaches!)

  63. Oh wow, that sounds AH-MAZING!! I love salsa in general, but have never had it with peaches. It sounds so good, though 🙂

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