Potty Training Essentials

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When your child is ready to be potty trained they will show you signs that they are ready. From telling you that they have a messy diaper to trying to take off their messy diaper, they will show you different signs, so you will want to be ready. Throughout the years, I have discovered a lot of different potty training essentials that make potty training a lot easier and I have realized that not every child is the same. So with that said, here is a list of potty training essentials that have really helped during my potty training experience with the kids that I have taken care of throughout the years.

When you start potty training, it's important that you have the right supplies to help make it successful.

There are a lot of potty training essentials that can make the potty training process so much easier for the child, daycare provider, and parents. Here are a few potty training items that have helped me over the years:


Fisher Price Custom Comfort Training Potty  – the great thing about this potty is that it has handles for kids to grab onto while they are trying to go potty. Out of all of the potties that I have used for my little ones, this is the best one.  

Step by Step Potty – I love this potty because it feels like a big potty. The toilet paper roll makes it more realistic. 

On the Go Potty– Perfect potty for anyone that goes camping or travels, for outside play time or needs a potty seat when they leave the house.

Trainer Seat– When it’s time to train your little one to go potty in the big potty, these trainer seats are perfect. Often times, little ones are scared that they will fall in the toilet and this trainer seat ensures them that they won’t and it also has a cool “pee guard”. “Pee guards” are a must to prevent pee from spilling onto your floor.


When you are potty training your little one, it is very important that you dress them in the right clothing and stock up on lots of undies because you will go through a lot in one day! You will want to dress them in clothes that are easy to take off so that they do not struggle with their clothes as they are trying to make it to the potty in time.

Elastic Pants

Non-Fluffy Dress

Undies (My advice is to buy inexpensive, simple undies because, during the potty training process, most will get ruined)

Busy Items: Often times when your little one is on the potty, they will get restless and bored so it is important to make sure that they have enough busy items to keep them on the potty seat and hopefully not get upset. 

Board Books

Sticker Books

Coloring Books

In addition to the above potty training essentials, you will also need flushable wet wipes and any type of potty treats that you deem necessary. I, personally, do not give my kids potty treats when they have a successful potty in the toilet but I make sure that I make a huge deal about it. It’s important to remember to not only be prepared when you begin potty training your little one but also be patient because no two kids potty train the same.

What potty training essentials can you add to my list?

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Here is a list of must have items that will help you make potty training your little one a lot easier.

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