Road Trip Must Haves For Kids When Traveling to Disney

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It is important that when traveling to Disney, especially when you are traveling with kids to Disney, that you make sure that everyone is comfortable and prepared to handle that long car drive. I’ve come up with everything that I can think of to help you during your amazing road trip to Disney.

Road trips can be hard for little ones. Make sure you have the right items for a successful road trip.

For the Comfort of the Prince: When traveling to Disney, I always make sure that while we are traveling that my kids are dressed very comfortable. I avoid any clothes with snaps and a zipper so their tummy is comfortable and does not have any tight pressure on it. I also like for them to wear easy on and easy off shoes so that they can remove their shoes in the car but quickly put them on if we need to stop to stretch or go to the restroom. A blanket is a must so that they are warm enough at night while they sleep. 


Marvel Travel Pillow

Marvel Spiderman Travel Blanket

For the Comfort of the Princess

Disney Avengers Slippers

For the Comfort of the Princess:


Tsum Tsum Travel Pillow

Tsum Tsum Travel Blanket

Tsum Tsum Pajamas

Tsum Tsum Slippers 

Travel Bags: It’s important to have certain bags and of course a travel cup when you are road trippin’ to Disney. I like to put all of my kid’s art activities, handheld game systems, toys and anything else that will entertain them in an easy to carry backpack. Since eating is a must on a road trip, I like to give each child their own lunchbox that is filled with snacks that will last the entire trip. I love not having to hand them a snack everytime they are hungry. 

Disney Travel Bags for Kids

 Disney Suitcase

Disney Tsum Tsum Lunchbox 

Disney Emoji Backpack

Travel Cup

Entertainment- There are so many ways to entertain your child while you are traveling to Disney. It is important to have a variety of activities to pack in their activity backpack so they are not bored. I like to surprise my girls with different activities and give them a new activity every 2 hours during the road trip.


LeapFrog Bundle Kit

Disney Portable DVD Player

Disney Coloring Books 

Disney Toy Figurines

When my family drives to Disney, we travel from Texas to Florida. Over the years I have learned the perfect road trip must-haves for when traveling to Disney. I always make sure that my kids are more comfortable than I am so I can rest at ease and enjoy the trip also.

Can you add to my list?

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