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 My entire life I have been a fair skinned, freckled faced girl. This look can be cute and adorable but when you combine fair skin, freckles and thick dark hair all over your body the cuteness tends to be overshadowed with all of that hair. I know that with all of the ‘No Body Shaming’ campaigns that are promoted each day, I should be comfortable and confident with how I look, but quite honestly I’m not and haven’t been since I was in 3rd grade and a little boy named Jonathon yelled out in front of the class, ‘Ewww, Aimee has monkey legs!’. I can laugh at that childhood incident now, but that comment has obviously left me with a permanent and not so happy memory. I have recently, however, found a simple solution for hairy girls, which should get all of my hairy sisters really excited, but before I share this with you I wanted to share the struggles of being a hairy girl.

Simple Solution for Hairy Girls with Flash&Go

Being a hairy girl can be a struggle for many reasons. Here are a few struggles that I have experienced being a hairy girl, let me know if you can add to them:

  • Your daughter randomly tells you that your mustache shows up in the sunlight.
  • You shave your armpits in the morning and by lunch time they have started to stubble.
  • After you shave your legs, there is a thick ring of hair around the tub.
  • You have mustache burn because you left the harsh hair removal chemical on for a little bit too long.
  • You shave your toes.
  • You don’t dare wear a white swimsuit!
  • Certain bracelets pull at your arm hair and it really hurts.
  • Instead of plucking your unibrow, it’s easier to shave it.
  • You avoid swimming because that’s when your hairy arms are at their worst.
  • You started shaving before all of your friends.
  • Your leg hair sticks through your tights.
  • You feel like people are staring at your mustache.
  • When you put foundation over your girly mustache you are not sure if you should stroke down or up.
  • When it’s really cold, your leg and arm hairs stand up.

If you are a hairy girl, then I am sure you can understand some of these struggles. Thankfully a few weeks ago while I was shopping at Kohl’s, I discovered an awesome device called Flash&Go. After I looked at some of the online reviews, read that treatments take only minutes, that it’s safe even on the most sensitive skin, leads to permanent hair removal, uses light technology and is easy to use, I knew that I had to buy it so I could solve my hairy girl problems.

Flash&Go at Kohls

When I arrived home, I opened the Flash&Go and began to read the instructional manual. It was very simple to understand and the process included only a few steps.  It is very important that you take the time to read the entire instructional manual so that you know not only how to use the product but any possible side effects to watch for.

Flash&Go Buttons

Before I used the Flash&Go I made sure that my legs were freshly shaven and free of any chemicals. The Flash&Go has 4 simple buttons: On/Off, Low Pulse, High Pulse and the Pulse Button. Once I was settled in a comfortable spot, I did the ‘Skin Test’ to make sure that I did not experience any type of negative reaction. My skin handled the ‘Skin Test’ without any problems, so I continued to treat the rest of my legs. The procedure was easy and painless.

Use Flash&Go

I am so happy that I discovered the Flash&Go at Kohl’s. It has changed my life, saved me from having to spend money on razors, and has helped to give me the self confidence that I have lacked over the years. If you have a loved one, a friend, or even if you yourself has expressed frustration with hairy problems, then this could be the perfect gift this holiday season. The Flash&Go can also be found at Bed Bath and Beyond and if you purchase the Flash&Go you can go to, receive a $25 gift card, and you can be entered to win a trip to Aruba! You can redeem this gift card up to 3 times which could give you $75 to spend at Kohl’s or Bed Bath and Beyond. It is definitely a win win!

front of Flash&Go

Do you know anyone that needs a simple solution for hairy girls? Have you experienced any of my hairy girl struggles? Can you add to the list?


  1. My son is a hairy child, lol. He’s 22 now but he’s def. used some techniques to keep things at bay. Now that he’s grown, he doesn’t seem to care anymore. 🙂

  2. I understand, being a hairy girl is not easy honestly, but I love that there are solutions to every problem. Flash&Go looks like a wonderful & handy product & I love that the procedure is easy & painless as well.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I remember when lazer was the only option for permanent hair loss, and it was so expensive and painful. The fact that they can now achieve the same results at home, and painlessly is amazing! I know a few people who would appreciate this as a Christmas gift!

  4. I am not a very hairy person, so I don’t even shave much. My daughter on the other hand would find this useful.

  5. This is so neat. I love that you can do this right at home instead of going out to have it done.

  6. Wow, I never knew such a thing existed! Very cool!

  7. This sounds like a great solution to not having to wax or shaving. Does it hurt?

  8. Wow that is so easy! It would be awesome to try it in place of razors. Those struggles are funny but there is a lot of truth to them.

  9. Ohh what a fantastic sounding product – I hate shaving so this would be perfect! x

  10. Wow, this sounds like a great product. Going to tell some of my friends about it!

  11. This sounds like a great a great product. I could use this for my legs.

  12. I have never heard of the Flash and Go before! It sounds like a great way to deal with unwanted body hair.

  13. I’ve got to get this for myself. I wouldn’t exactly classify myself as hairy, but if I can put the smack on hair without using a razor, I’m all about it.

  14. I know a little girl who is struggling with all the hair. I will see if she’s interested.

  15. This sounds really cool. My daughter spends a lot of money on razors. I will get this for her.

  16. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I am Italian, so hairy is in my blood. I need one of these.

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