Simple Tips for Moving in Texas

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Moving. It’s definitely on the list of “most stressful life events,” right along with getting married, getting divorced, having a baby, and losing someone in your family. Trust me – it’s not for the faint of heart if you don’t have a plan. But, with some simple tips for moving to Texas, you can make the process much easier, a ton less stressful, and maybe even a little fun! Here are some simple tips for moving to Texas:

Make a list of your needs and wants

When you are house hunting, your first step will be making a list of your needs and wants. What do you need in a new home? What do you want? Think about your needs now, but also think about your future needs. Once you have your list, you can move on to the next step.


Hire professionals that can help

Next step? Hire professionals that can help you during this process. You’ll want a really great real estate agent and a killer moving team, as well. If you are in Texas, Youngstars Moving & Delivery are labor movers in Dallas that can help make the process much easier. They specialize in local and long-distance moves and can help with residential, commercial, and even industrial moves, too. Don’t want the stress? Consider hiring them!


Make a list and a plan

Much of the stress from moving can be alleviated with a realistic, well-thought-out plan, and this can be more simple than you think! Sit down with a calendar and your family, significant other, dog – anyone involved in the move. Work together to make sure everyone is on the same page; set specific goals for each person and mark these on your calendar. And the more specific the better: pack bathroom sink area, unplug and defrost fridge, schedule pet sitter. Be sure to include any prep into your plan – whether you’re ordering reusable packing bins, buying boxes at your local hardware store, or picking up used boxes in your neighborhood, plan out when you’ll have them all collected. If you operate with an online or shared calendar, set up reminders ahead of your goal.


Start packing early + declutter as you go

If you want an easy move-in Texas, you better start early. There is always a TON to get done. To avoid stress, start early. You’ll also want to declutter as you go. This will make your life so much easier – trust me! Moving is a unique opportunity to review all of the possessions of your life. Use this time to declutter before you move to start fresh in your new home and take with you only what you really want to live with. Not only will you be traveling lighter, but you’ll also save time, money, and reduce stress with less stuff. The best way to effectively declutter your home is to go through and touch everything you own. This is often a difficult process, but when you’re moving, you’re naturally doing this already. So, with this move, sort through and pack your items with intention. Think about what something means to you, where it’ll go in your new home, and if you’ll still have a use for it. And as you plan your move, make sure to schedule enough time to go through everything you own.


Unpack with care and intention

You’re almost there, and you’re at the fun part! But before we get to that, make sure to ask your movers to put boxes in the correct rooms. It’s no trouble for them and makes it so much easier when you do start to unpack. Ok, now you get to set up your home and start fresh! Start your unpacking in shared spaces: kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms. These are the hardest areas to keep organized, so make sure they start out at their best by unpacking them before family members start sifting through and dumping out boxes. While unpacking, ask yourself, does this need to live in my new home? Will we use this? If you unpack with the intention you may find yourself letting go of a few more things that really do not need to live in your home.

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