Simple Tips on Saving Money As a Family

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Here are some simple tips on how you can save money as a family

With the rising cost of almost everything, I am always trying to find creative ways to save money. It’s not always easy to be frivolous, especially when you have a big family with 3 little girls that know how to charm their way into making you say ‘Yes’ to a certain new toy or a new outfit. As a mom, I try my best to teach my girls the value of a dollar and the hard work that it takes to earn a dollar. Over time our family has learned to save money by putting in place and practicing simple life changes. I’d love to share Simple Tips on Saving Money As a Family.


It is important to teach your kids the value of a dollar and best practices on saving money. I like to set money saving goals for my family so that my girls understand that hard work and determination can lead to bigger and better things. Here are some Simple Tips on Saving Money As a Family that we’ve been practicing:

  • Family Chores: My husband has suggested that we hire a cleaning service to clean our home. While that sounds like a fantastic idea, I’d rather save the money and clean it as a family. With a family of 5, cleaning a home does not take too much time and it teaches the little ones hard work, responsibility, and the appreciation of keeping a home clean throughout the week.
  • Change Jar: As we make purchases throughout the week, we try and not use change but bills. For example, if something costs $5,60, instead of digging for the change at the bottom of our pockets and purse, we give the cashier $6.00 and at the end of the day, we collect everyone’s change and place it in a savings change jar. It is amazing how quickly change can add up.
  • Leftovers: Instead of eating out, every Sunday, my husband will grill pulled pork or another type of meat and we will create a variety of meals for the entire week.
  • Plate Share: When we go out to dinner at a restaurant, we save money by plate sharing and ordering water.
  • Hand Me Downs: With 3 girls we have plenty of clothes that we pass down from child to child. For my oldest daughter, I try and save money by shopping at stores that sell gently used clothing and I shop during the off seasons.
  • Movie Night: Since the cost of taking our family to the movie theater could cost over $50, our family avoids going. Instead, we go to the library and choose a few family movies that we can all enjoy together for free.
  • Shop Smart: Before we go on our weekly grocery shopping trip, I take inventory of what we have and make a list of what we absolutely need. Without a list, it is easy to purchase items that are not necessary.
  • Make Smart Choices: It’s not always easy, but as a family, we try and make smart choices so that we won’t have to unexpectedly see a dentist or a doctor. From brushing our teeth at least twice a day to eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, it’s important to make smart choices.
  • Digital Coupons: I love coupons! I especially love digital coupons. Digital coupons make it easy to shop and save money. I love not having to cut out paper coupons and hoping that I don’t lose them or rip them. I like to make my shopping list and plan my purchase choices around what is available on the digital coupon selection.


When I need to stock up on snacks, toiletries and cleaning supplies, I like to save money using Family Dollar Stores® digital coupons. There are so many amazing product selections and it’s easy to use. To use Family Dollar® digital coupons go to the Family Dollar® website and register. Once you are registered, scroll through the huge selection of digital coupons and ‘clip’ the ones you want. After you ‘clip’ the coupons, they will immediately go into your ‘wallet’. During your checkout process, you will then enter your mobile phone number and your coupons will be deducted. It’s that easy!



Since my family works together to keep the house clean, I make sure to buy my cleaning supplies at Family Dollar®. There are so many to choose from. Right now you can ‘clip’ $2.00 on ONE Swiffer Refill or Wet Jet solution (excludes trial/travel), $0.50 on ONE Downy Liquid Fabric Softener/Enhancer 40 load (excludes Downy Libre Enjuague and trial/travel size, $0.50 on ONE Crest Toothpaste 3oz or more or Liquid Gel (excludes Kids and trial/travel size), and $2.00 on ONE Tide Pods or Gain Flings Laundry Detergent (excludes Tide Simply and Gain Flings/Tide Pods 5 count and trial/travel size).



How do you and your family save money? Have you tried Family Dollar® digital coupons? If not, make sure to register so you can save money while you shop.


  1. Great tips! I could not agree more about getting our children involved! We have a change jar too!!

  2. These are great ideas for saving money. The first tip, getting the children involved by teaching responsibility, is a great starting point.

  3. These are fantastic tips, Aimee! I love the change jar. We call ours the “Family Fund.” More often than not, when one of the spark plugs finds change on the ground, he’ll add it to the Family Fund rather than depositing it into his own piggy bank.

  4. Great ideas to save money! We also “rent” our movies from the library. We can reserve them online and pick them up for free. We get to keep them for a whole week too!

    I want to do more of the cook once and eat all week stuff. I have friends who do big batch cooking, which requires hours of prep, but most of my meals take less than half an hour to fix, and I’m happy with that.

  5. I LOVE your saving ideas. We do plate sharing and always order water and we save our change too, it DOES add up so fast. Your grilling meat on sunday idea is a great one too. Love it! I’m going to try that!

  6. We have a change jar, too! Every November we use the change we’ve saved to buy our Christmas tree! I’m going to check out the Family Dollar® Smart Coupons – perfect for people who often forget their coupons at home, like me! #client

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