Simple Tips on Surviving Your Menstrual Cycle

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Period, Aunt Flow, your visitor, your monthly, Shark Week (my favorite) and time of the month are just a few creative and fun names for your menstrual cycle. Most women don’t look forward to their menstrual cycle but there is not much that a woman can do to prevent it. I come from a family of all girls and was also a very early bloomer, so with that said, I have a lot of experience on this topic and I am here to tell you that your menstrual cycle does not have to take over your world when it arrives. I think that it’s important to not allow your menstrual cycle to take control of you but for you to take control of your menstrual cycle and bring out your everyday confidence and beauty during this time of the month. As a way to help all of my ladies, I’ve compiled a list of simple tips on surviving your menstrual cycle along with ways to bring out your confidence and beauty.

Simple Tips on Surviving your Menstrual Cycle

Before my ‘friend’ arrives, I like to take a trip to CVS and not only pick up a basket full of CVS branded survival items but a variety of different products from the Kotex U line. Have you seen the new packaging for the U by Kotex? It is so eye catching and so much fun!

UKotex by CVS

You may not believe it but there are a lot of different ways that you can avoid the menstrual cycle blues and instead feel confident and beautiful about yourself. Here are some simple tips on surviving your menstrual cycle:

  •  Sweet & Crunchy- There is something about a sweet and crunchy snack that brings a happiness to my endorphins. One of my favorites are the Gold Emblem Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets. 
  • Candy- I know candy is not healthy and has loads of sugar but during my period I want to be happy and that’s exactly what candy does. It brings lots of happiness. I love to stop by CVS and bring home the Gold Emblem Cherry Sours and Fruit Slices. I have to admit that when I get home I hide them in my special candy hiding spot for that special time of the month. I need these for period happiness so you can’t blame me. 
  • Salty Snacks– Sometimes during the day my menstrual cycle makes me feel a little bit sluggish, so in order to give myself a pick me up so I can feel confident about myself I like to carry Gold Emblem pistachios and party peanuts in my purse. They are perfect for on the go for when I need that pick me up or boost.
  • Body Wash– Whether you choose to take a shower or bath, body wash is a must. My favorite CVS body wash is the Sea Minerals. How it feels on my skin makes me feel beautiful and the fresh smell makes me feel confident.
  • Soft Blanket Every lady should have a soft blanket in their life. Sometimes in order to survive your menstrual cycle, you must revive and that can be done by simply relaxing with a cozy blanket. I picked up the softest plush throw while at CVS and have claimed it as mine.
  • U by Kotex® Products One of the best ways to survive your menstrual cycle is by selecting from the wide range of U by Kotex® products. The U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® is my choice of protection because it quickly draws in and locks away wetness. In order to survive your menstrual cycle while also feeling beautiful and confident a reliable protection is a must.



Body Wash

U by Kotex

Everyone’s menstrual cycle is different and everyone handles it differently. Some women just go with the flow when their period arrives but other women sometimes have to struggle through it. I am hoping with these simple tips on surviving your menstrual cycle that it will help women of all ages find their confidence and beauty during these times of their lives. Right now you can receive a $2.00 coupon at CVS for any U by Kotex product!

Do  you have any tips on bringing out your beauty and confidence during your period? Have you tried any of the new products from Kotex by U line?


  1. During that time of the month, I generally allow myself to indulge in a little extra chocolate without worrying about the calories. It’s nice to do what feels good when your body feels a little off. #client

  2. This is a great lost especially the candy and snacks idea. I have to have snacks when I am in my cycle. Makes me feel more sane.

  3. I have special basket I like to keep my goodies in.

  4. I still love my OB tampons, but they are too expensive here. Growing up in Germany we don’t have Tampons with applicators they still confuse me to this day hahaha TMI but I am on it right now and i love sweets I always get those cravings!

  5. Great tips! I have never really thought of stocking up on these items BEFORE the menstrual cycle comes. That would probably make things much easier. Another tip of mine is to have a hot water bottle. They are awesome for easing cramps.

  6. Such great tips. I am with ya on the sweet & crunchy during that time. Just something about it. Kotex are the best.

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