Skin Care Tips Every Tween Should Know

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Skin Care Tips Every Tween Should Know

My daughter recently turned 11 years old and I can already see physical changes. Before she became a tween I made sure to have a lot of mom and daughter conversations with her so that she would know what to expect as she got older. Of course, like most kids, she found these conversations boring and pointless, but now that she actually sees these changes slowly happening to her, she has started to listen. The biggest change that I see in my daughter is the change in her skin, so as she grows, it is important for me to help her with her self-esteem, so I stress to her the importance of skin care. I also make sure to share with her my Skin Care Tips Every Tween Should Know.

Skin Care Tips Every Preteen Should Know

Talking to your kids can be hard, but talking to your preteen or teen can be tough. Often times they stare at you with a blank stare, unless you are talking about shopping or their birthday, but even though they are giving you that look, a part of them is actually listening, so it’s important that you keep trying. Periodically I try and remind my daughter simple skin care tips every tween should know.

  • Never share makeup brushes.
  • Clean your makeup brushes and change them out periodically.
  • If you don’t have to wear makeup then don’t. A clean face is a healthier face, so I always try to teach my girls to try and only wear makeup on special occasions.
  • Always wear sunblock and avoid tanning beds. My daughter is too young for tanning beds, but I always instill in her head how dangerous and unhealthy these beds are.
  • As hard as it may be, always avoid picking at any pimples that might pop up on your face.
  • Create a daily skin care routine, usually 1-2 times a day. I always make sure that my tween washes her face in the morning and then I encourage her to wash her face at night, but sometimes she gets too tired to remember or care.
  • Provide your tween with the necessary essentials to be able to follow these daily skin care tips.

Before my daughter’s 11th birthday, I took her on a special trip to Walmart so we could gather the necessary essentials for good skin care. We went straight to the Health and Beauty aisle and grabbed some special wash clothes that would be just for her and I also made sure to pick up the AcneFree Sonic Advanced Cleaning Duo and the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Line which included Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash, Daily Skin Therapy Pads, and Daily Skin Therapy Complexion Perfecting Cream. I wanted to make sure that she had what she needed to have healthier looking skin.

AcneFree at Walmart

I started my tween on the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Line which includes Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash, Daily Skin Therapy Pads, and Daily Skin Therapy Complexion Perfecting Cream. It is a great 3-step line from AcneFree that helps to rebalance acne-prone skin and since my daughter is now struggling with a mixture of skin types, this is something that I will encourage her to use in order to keep a healthy routine for her skin. Just in case she did have an acne breakout, I wanted to make sure that she had a product that would help restore her confidence by clearing her blackheads and acne breakouts.

AcneFree Clear Skin Treatments Kits

My daughter has adapted very well to her new skin care routine and she loves how it is broken down into a 3- step system so it’s simple to use. The Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash which is the first step in this skin line helps prevent new acne from forming, removes dirt and oil deep to the pores and purifies the skin to help prevent breakouts. In addition, it has a dermatologist tested formula and is soap-free and clean rinsing. The Daily Skin Therapy Acne Pads is the second step to this skin care line and it unclogs your pores and tones your skin. After you use it, it leaves your skin with a soothing menthol feeling so you feel refreshed. My daughter loved that feeling. The Daily Skin Therapy Complexion Perfecting Cream is the third step in this skin care line and it gently renews skin’s appearance for a clearer complexion and it’s lightweight cream contains advanced retinol technology that allows controlled release of retinol throughout the day to reveal healthier looking skin.

AcneFree 3 Steps Skin Care

It is important to educate your kids about skin care before they become tweens so they are ready for when their body and skin start to change. Starting any type of new routine can be hard for most people, but it is especially hard for younger kids because they truly do not understand the effects of not caring for their skin. As parents, we need to make sure that we educate our kids, encourage our kids, and gently remind them to continue with these skin care tips.

AcneFree 3 Step Skin Care

Do you have a tween, pre-teen, or teen that has started a skin care regimen? Have you or they tried the AcneFree Sonic Advanced Cleaning Duo or the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Line? What did you think?

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