SmartPlanet Bacon Waffle Maker Review

I received the Bacon Waffle Maker from SmartPlanet at no cost for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Bacon Waffle Maker from SmartPlanet Review Giveaway

We’ve all heard that ‘Everything is Better with Bacon’ and I have to agree. Some of my families favorite foods to eat with bacon are chicken wrapped in bacon, bacon bits sprinkled on baked potatoes and salad, jalapeno poppers wrapped in thick juicy bacon and of course unlimited bacon with my breakfast, so when SmartPlanet asked me to review their Bacon Waffle Maker I was more than thrilled! I could not wait to feast on some bacon waffles covered with juicy syrup and I can’t wait to share my SmartPlanet Bacon Waffle Maker Review.

Bacon Waffle Maker from SmartPlanet Review

Β The Bacon Waffle Maker from SmartPlanet is one simple gadget and includes simple to read instructions. To make Bacon Waffles you need bacon and waffle mix. I used premade pancake mix but you can make your own from scratch.

Bacon and Waffles

The steps to use the Bacon Waffle Maker are simple. First, you preheat the waffle maker. Next, you place bacon into each of the stick holders and then cook for around 5 minutes. After this time, you will then pour the waffle mix over the bacon. You want to try your best to avoid overfilling each stick holder but this is virtually impossible. The waffles take around 4 1/2 – 5 minutes to cook. After the waffles are golden brown, remove them with a fork. I loved how they did not stick to the Waffle Maker.

Bacon Waffle Maker Steps

Here is a tutorial on how to use the Bacon Waffle Maker from SmartPlanet:

My very picky 11-year-old loved the bacon waffles that I made with the Bacon Waffle Maker from SmartPlanet. She ate 6 waffle sticks in one sitting and has asked me to make her bacon waffle sticks 3 days in a row. SmartPlanet is so awesome that they have allowed me to host a giveaway for my readers to give away one Bacon Waffle Maker. This would be an amazing prize to win or gift to a bacon lover! Before you enter, please make sure that you reside in the USA.

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Bacon Waffles from SmartPlanet

What do you love to make with bacon?


  1. Waffle is also my favorite food to make with bacon
    Thank You for the chance

  2. Such a fun invention, I love it!! And thank you for the gummy maker we received from another giveaway you hosted, we love that too!

  3. Seriously, how cool is this? My husband would freak if we got one. We love waffles and bacon and this can do everything in ONE! Ahhh, I need this in my life!!

  4. This is a really difficult question, what isn’t good with bacon? I don’t have a waffle maker so right now I have been settling for pancakes or just scrambled eggs. There is no failing with a good ole BLT either. Bacon makes everything, well almost, better!!

  5. I don’t eat bacon, but I would have to make regular waffles in it. I also like your video where you showed how to use this waffle maker. Great job!

  6. We got a waffle maker not too long ago and we love it! Now I wish we had gotten a bacon waffle maker lol!

  7. I love having bacon with waffles and pancakes so this is perfect. I love the sweet syrup with salty bacon. Yum!

  8. Now this is what my kids and especially hubby would love. He thinks everything just tastes so much better with bacon and he may be right. πŸ™‚

  9. I can just see my husband’s face lighting up over bacon waffles. I think I need this device in my life!

  10. Oh man. This looks amazing. my kids would ALL go nuts for bacon waffles. How delicious! I wouldn’t ever think to add bacon!

  11. Now this is an awesome device. I know my boyfriend would be pretty happy with some waffles like those.

  12. Oh my goodness my other half would love this especially with the bacon in it. x

  13. Bacon makes everything better. πŸ™‚

  14. This is a neat waffle maker. Nothing goes together like bacon and waffles.

  15. That is absolutely the most amazing breakfast making device I’ve ever seen! Bacon inside waffles sounds fabulous.

  16. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Bacon waffle you say? My family would eat those every single day!

  17. I think the question should be what don’t we make with bacon πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the opp!

  18. this is brilliant!! such a fun little invention πŸ™‚
    Southern Elle Style

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