The Perfect Mailbox Design

My family and I moved from ‘the big city’ to a city with acreage. When we lived in the big city you could request a package pick up from, put your outgoing packages outside of your front door on the porch, and know that your mail carrier would pick them up when he passed your house. Now that we live in the ‘country’, it is a little different. You can’t put your packages outside your door or at the end of your driveway for fear of a deer stepping on it, a roaming dog coming up to it and sniffing at it and possibly marking its territory or for fear of the ants attacking it.

Since I run a small business in my home, Sassy Bratz Boutique, I mail a lot of packages. In addition, I receive a lot of packages because I have an obsession with a few online stores, so when we moved into our little ‘farm’ home, we my husband had to come up with a solution. After receiving a note from our mail carrier saying that our current mailbox needed to be moved closer to the road or we would not be allowed mail delivery, we knew it was time to do a redesign. My husband, knowing my needs, designed the perfect mailbox and hired someone to build it.

Here is the before picture of our mailbox:
And the after:
I am in love with this mailbox! Not only are my packages safe from varmints, bugs and weather, but they are safe from ‘bad guys’ that like to steal your mail! The huge niche in the back of the mailbox cannot be seen from the road and is big enough to fit several packages or a great big package. 
Yep, I am pretty proud of my husband for being so darn smart! 
Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Cool, looks almost like you could cook a pizza in there! I think our temporary will be sticking in a bucket of rocks. LOL. (no HOA)

  2. Bekah @ re•solve says

    That’s awesome! Looks good AND functional!

  3. What a great idea!

  4. That’s awesome Aimee! I have had so many packages damaged in the rain, I love the extra hidden storage. Perfect and very pretty!

  5. Awesome mailbox! I wish mine had a backside for package. I guess I’m lucky my front porch is close enough for the mailman =)

  6. Ooh I love this idea! I’ve wondered how to keep my packages safe. Although our neighborhood already has the mailboxes built, so we probably can’t tear them down to build something like this.

  7. This is very cool! Pinning!

  8. What an awesome idea!

  9. Great job! Love the before and after!

  10. Great job! That mail box is the biz!

  11. That is a really good idea. He did a great job! I’m sure your mail carrier is glad too!

  12. Your before picture was to funny!

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