The Reel Seafood House

My family and I moved from the Dallas area to San Antonio three years ago. When we moved to San Antonio it was like we were on vacation. We had so many restaurants to choose from which mostly consisted of Mexican Food. I was in Heaven!

Four months ago we moved out of San Antonio and relocated just outside of the big city. It is a much smaller town that does not have many restaurants, so when we are out and about we constantly have our eyes open for new places to eat.

Friday night we were almost kid free (still had our 2 year old), so we decided it was our night to go out to eat and think of ourselves for once. We drove down Highway 46 and watched out our windows for food establishments. After we drove past a bar, a small Mexican food restaurant and a Mcdonalds we suddenly came upon a seafood restaurant. This was where we landed and I am so glad!

The Reel Seafood House– House of Fauci’s Review
This restaurant is in a cute building with a lovely cross on the side of it. The cross is the first thing I noticed when we pulled in and I absolutely loved it! The inside of the building is very clean, quaint and perfectly decorated. The front staff, back staff and manager were friendly, professional and helpful.  
My husband and I love a restaurant that brings food before they take your order. The Reel Seafood brought us three pieces of bread that were each amazingly crunchy and fresh. SN- Before I could snap a picture, two pieces disappeared before my eyes. One more side note, beer is a must to enjoy the seafood experience. 
My husband ordered Oysters as his appetizer. When they came out they looked beautiful! I have never had an oyster and one day want to try an oyster, but today was not that day; I just can’t do it. My husband, however, is a pro at eating oysters. He ate all six and loved them. He said they were amazing and fresh.
My husband’s main dish was Cajun Enchiladas which consisted of cheese enchiladas topped with shrimp, crawfish, tomatoes, and avocado in a cajun cream sauce and a side of rice and beans. My husband cleaned his plate and I had a couple of bites of it also. It had a tiny bit of spice, but nothing too overwhelming. The leftover enchilada sauce made the perfect dip for french fries. 
I am always clueless as to what to order so I normally stick with what is simple and what I know. I rarely venture and try something new for fear of not liking it and wasting my money. On this day I ordered the Fried Catfish Platter along with one Stuffed Crab. This dish was good, however the catfish needed a bit more seasoning, so the lemon was a must. The french fries were amazing, but the stuffed crab was the best. The stuffed crab was tasty and fresh, it made my taste buds happy. 
For people that visit from out of town and for those that are local, I highly recommend eating at The Reel Seafood House. Often times vacationers over look small town eateries especially if they are staying in a big city such as San Antonio or if they are tubing in New Braunfels. We will definitely be returning, but before I do I am going to study the online menu and pick something out of my norm. 
Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. I know where I am going next week!!

  2. I love seafood, I love enchiladas…I’d probably love The Reel Seafood House, if I was in your area 🙂 I’ve also never had oysters!

  3. Looks yummy! I love seafood and if the restaurant is on the water it makes the food taste even bettter

  4. Oooo I did not know this existed! I loveee seafood 🙂 Are you in Boerne? I love a little place there called Dog and Pony Grill! That have the most amazing sandwiches. I recommend it 🙂 Thank you for sharing! I visit San Antonio as often as possible and love checking out new restaurants 🙂

    • We are actually close to Boerne.. We are in Bulverde which is super close to Boerne. Our first option to move was actually going to be Boerne but we opted for more country living. In Boerne they have a breakfast cafe which is inside a gas station which is really good.. Later I am going to blog about a BBQ place called Spechts that is close also!

  5. Bailey K. | Let Birds Fly says

    I love San Antonio – and it’s restaurants! I love me some Mexican food – and this looks like a kind of cajun – mexican fusion. Mmmm.

    • You are right.. it does have some cajun to it.. aka spicey! When we first moved to SA.. I gained so much weight.. well not a lot of weight but enough to make me ‘step back’ and stay home for a while.. Those Mexican places are like WOW

  6. I love me some seafood! If I could eat everyday I would. It’s crazy but my ‘Louisiana’ husband is allergic so we don’t have it that often but when he’s not around– I over indulge!

  7. I love seafood! My hubby loves oysters too! Sounds like a place we’d like! 🙂

  8. I am not a fan of seafood. At all. Like I can’t do it but I’m so happy you enjoyed The Reel Seafood House.

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