Tips on Choosing the Perfect Halloween Costume

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My girls love Halloween and they don’t only love it for the candy but for the chance to choose or create a costume. Each of my 3 girls are creative in their thinking when it comes to costume choosing and each year they choose a different costume. With that said, I have bought  a lot of costumes in my lifetime and have learned what to buy and what not to buy. I’ve compiled a list of tips on choosing the perfect Halloween costume that I’ve gathered over the years.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Halloween Costume


  • Know the Weather: You want to make sure that you check the upcoming weather reports so that you don’t buy a costume that won’t be warm enough or that will be too warm.
  • Comfort: There are so many cute costumes, especially for babies. One of my biggest tips is to make sure that your child can move comfortable in their costume. Make sure their dress is not too long or they will be tripping and make sure that they can run in their costume. Even though we don’t want our kids to run while trick or treating, we know that they will have moments of uncontrollable excitement.
  • Buy the Right Shoes: Often times a costume will come with shoes, but experience has told me that no matter how expensive the costume is, the shoes will be ‘cheap’. My advice is to buy shoes that are comfortable and can be worn again after Halloween.
  • Avoid ‘Extra’s’: I know that Dorothy carries a basket with her dog and a pirate needs his sword but when your child is trick or treating, a basket, sword or anything other than their candy bag will get in the way. More than likely, mom or dad will be carrying Dorothy’s basket and dog or the pirate sword. Save your money and don’t buy the ‘extra’s’.
  • Make Sure it Fits: For safety and comfort purposes make sure that your child’s costume fits properly. You don’t want Cinderella tripping over her dress.
  • Quality: I like to buy costumes that are able to be passed down to younger kids or used for dress up play after Halloween. My rule is to not buy cheap but buy quality products.
  • Every year and I mean every year, I buy my girl’s costumes from BuyCostumes.comI love buying from them because they have an amazing costume selection for kids of all ages and adults. In addition, most products have Hassle Free Returns, so if the costume does not fit or look right, then return it.. hassle free! Always take a look at their site because often times, they have special discounts.

In order to have a costume stress free Halloween, make sure that you shop smart! What tips do you have to add?


  1. I still remember my daughters first Halloween costume. My father dressed her up like Charlie Chan. It was awesome!

  2. Halloween is absolutely fun & choosing the perfect costume is always going to be a challenge. And these are some great tips to give a try. I stand by you when it comes to buying quality products rather than the cheaper ones.

  3. It’s only back to school time but Bella is all ready talking about what she wants to dress up as for Halloween.

  4. I wish they would make warmer costumes for girls. It actually SNOWED here on Halloween last year and we only made it an hour before calling it quits.

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says

    These are great Halloween costume tips. We have cold Octobers here so we have to make sure warm clothes will fit under the costume.

  6. These are awesome tips. I think most people don’t think about the weather when looking for a Halloween costume. Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. We do not do halloween but my kids love to play dress up. It is fun to watch them dress up into different characters.

  8. Halloween is a great time for kids and adults alike. I would suggest that parents should pick costumes that the child would not trip on, and one that they would be comfortable wearing.

  9. my kids love to dress up too. my daughter loves dressing up like a princess.

  10. Choosing a Halloween costume is a big deal around our home. I can’t wait to see what costumes my boys pick this year.

  11. My kids love to dress up all year round. We already have a Cinderella costume for Halloween.

  12. Great ideas. I am going to check out that website.

  13. My kids always seemed to wait until the last minute to decide. Having reasonable shoes picked out beforehand is a must!

  14. My kids always take forever deciding what they want to be.. except one of mine. He is ALWAYS a pumpkin. ALWAYS.

  15. I honestly cannot believe Halloween is rolling around again so soon! x

  16. I always try and buy warm costumes. It’s usually cold here come Halloween.

  17. Great suggestions! Hubby and I are looking for coordinating costumes for this year LOL

  18. Catherine S says

    These are great tips. We always went with what my son was into that year. They were always superhero related.

  19. My kids always, always, ALWAYS get their fave character. Every year its different and it takes multiple trips to get everyone what they want! These are some great tips!

  20. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My kids go with what is popular. And once their mind is made up, that’s IT 🙂

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