Tips On Keeping Your PreTeen Smelling Fresh

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 The other day my daughter came home and as she ran up to me so did a peculiar and all too familiar smell; you know that smell. At first I thought my nose was mistaken but then as my nose got closer to her pit I knew it was time for that very important mom and daughter talk. I have to admit that I thought another year would pass before that all too familiar smell entered our home but then again, I did notice a few of her friends had started getting that onion smell as well. Since I have already had experience with talking to my older kids about proper hygiene, I decided to put together a helpful list of tips on keeping your preteen smelling fresh. This can be a very helpful list especially when puberty creeps up on them and us.

Tips On Keeping Your Preteen Smelling Fresh

  1. Showers & Baths- As I explained to my daughter, it is no longer an option to skip daily baths. I understand that kids can be tired and busy from school and outside activities but in order to keep body odor under control, nightly and / or morning baths or showers need to be taken. I let my daughter pick out a couple of fun of body washes that help to make her skin smell fresh.
  2. Clean Laundry- My daughter has been known to wear a shirt two days in a row, especially if it’s the weekend; sometimes we just get lazy. With that said, she now understands that once she wears it she has to put it in the laundry basket.
  3. Body Spray– As a way to help my daughter feel fresh and pretty, I allowed her to pick out some body spray. I talk to her about the right amount to put on and to be cautious of spraying it while other people are around.
  4. Deodorant– Once I discovered that my daughter’s underarms had that peculiar odor, I introduced her to Secret Outlast Completely Clean and Clear Deodorant She immediately fell in love with its smell. I talked to her about the importance of putting it on immediately after her shower or bath and that a little goes a long way. Since Secret Outlast is a clear deodorant, my daughter did not have to worry about being careful with getting white marks on her shirt; which is good because it can take pure talent to avoid those deodorant white marks. This is a great starter deodorant for preteens because it really does have an all day long lasting odor and wetness protection and as an active kid, this is important!

Secret Outlast Completely Clean Clear GelPuberty should be spoken about with your child before it happens, but if it creeps up on you unexpectedly it is important to have a sit down with your child and discuss what to expect and how to handle it. Kids should not be left wondering to themselves why their body is changing and kids should be educated on how to handle what their body is going through. If parent child sit downs do not happen then a child’s self esteem can be tarnished.  What tips do you have on keeping your preteen smelling fresh or can you remember when you stopped having that cute puppy dog smell?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Brushing your teeth is another big one. Don’t want to forget that!

  2. Sometimes I think it is hard to keep kids of any age smelling fresh! I will definitely be trying your tips.

  3. Good reminders. As kids grow their body changes so they need to learn about body care.

  4. I’ve used Secret for years and love their scents. I change them to coordinate with the seasons.

  5. Great tips! This whole preteen thing totally creeps me out… lol. I’m not ready!

  6. My 9y/o is going to need deodorant soon. He takes frequent showers and we’ve talk about staying clean.

  7. I have a 14 year old son, and I am a deodorant fiend. I make sure it’s ALWAYS in the house. There’s nothing worse than a stinky 14 year old.

  8. I’m glad puberty is a ways away for us. I’m not ready for all the hormonal changes. The terrible two’s are enough right now! LOL!

  9. We are getting so close to that age. But I am sure it’s easier to get girls to use deodorant vs boys.

  10. This is one thing my daughter actually will do…wear deodorant.

  11. Oh yes….I remember this talk with my girls well. I know you love that hoodie but we need to wash it every now and then. A good deodorant is money well spent.

  12. This is great! My niece is 12 and defentily needs to learn how to stay smelling fresh lol I will have to share this with her!

  13. Kiddo is almost 10 (January) and this past year or so she has really started to understand parts of the body that stink. As part of her back-to-school purchases, I get a few sticks of Teen Spirit deodorant for her purse and backpack. Then she has one at her moms, here at her dads and at her grammies. She loves how it smells. Now, I just need to work on her stinky gym socks. LOL

  14. BO and teens is so gross! I definitely will keep these tips in mind as they get older

  15. These are really great tips. It can be such an awkward time for girls at this age!

  16. I thought you were headed towards the smells boys seem to have when they hit a certain age. I was completely ready for puberty and I was an athlete, so I hadn’t opted to skip showers for the longest time before. These are some great tips… shower, shower, shower.

  17. I can’t remember when I first had that deodorant talk! I’m so glad that Secret is so strong and keeps everyone sweet smelling.

  18. I hate those white marks too! They seem to be almost impossible to wipe off once they get on there.

  19. I’m flashing back to middle school wrestling and football w/my oldest two boys. That was def. a time to remind my preteens about smelling fresh. 😉

  20. This is great. I should engage my future kids with it hehe next time.

  21. Well, this post couldn’t have come at a better time. My 9 year old is right there and we’re having dinner tonight to talk about growing up. I’m not excited by this at all… Can’t they just stay babies?

  22. No preteen girls here. But I do have a boy that is beginning to have some odor and he’s only in 1st grade. Crazy how quickly they grow and change.

  23. Kids can be so sensitive about body changes. I like that you gave your daughter options about what she wanted to use. I have used Secret deodorant for years and have never been disappointed.

  24. This can be such a tough talk to have with kids. I remember the first time I had to talk to my stepdaughter about hygiene. I am glad there are things like body spray that help now. I always use Secret myself so I would definitely give it to my child.

  25. Puberty has hit my 12 year old son. He is not quite at the stage where he takes initiative yet, so he needs a gentle nudge with personal hygiene. I will look into this product

  26. When kids hit their preteen years, it is important to teach them the significance of hygiene! I have heard that Secret is a great brand!

  27. Hello!! Puberty lives here and it’s nasty. I don;t recall ever being so smelly as a preteen myself! EEK! horrified to think maybe I was an nobody told me. I struggle with telling them listen you need to use that deodorant EVERY day and shower more often. I donut want to smell feet all over the house.

  28. My daughter has bad bo and she’s only 5. I don’t want to start using products on her just yet though.

  29. I would counsel high school age kids on hygiene as a school nurse. Teachers would send them to me. The main thing they were not doing was using deodorant and at times bathing daily.

  30. Pauline Cabrera says

    I remember how awkward my pre-teens stage was. It’s important to keep yourself fresh and tidy.

  31. Great tips – I had to use deodorant from a young age, I miss the nonstinky days. x

  32. I hate ruining my clothing with the marks that deoderant leaves on them. I even stopped wearing it at one point…. I need to try the Secret Clear.

  33. Making sure that your child bathes every day as a preteen is pretty important. Good scented soaps are a great way to make it fun!

  34. My oldest is going to be 8 next year, so that time is coming up really soon. I agree it’s important to be open and honest with kids. It helps make this an easier transition in life.

  35. Secret is the best. Great advice.

  36. Great tips for pre teen and even teens. Smelling good is a must.

  37. I’m SOOOO not ready for those years yet – ha. My son is only 3, but I can just imagine what it will be like.

  38. I’ve been trying to teach my six year old how important it is to wash underneath his arms. He is starting to get that onion smell too. He is just six years old though so I thought I would would have a couple of years before this was an issue.

  39. Melissa Smith says

    My daughter is almost 9 & has had a few of those stinky days here & there. I’m sure she’ll need to wear deodorant all the time before I know it. But it’s nice to know that Secret Outlast works great!

  40. Jennifer Williams says

    I have all boys and my oldest when he went through the pre-teen stage would over use those body sprays. I am so glad that phase is over.

  41. You’re not kidding about the white marks from deodorant. No matter how hard I try… I like Secret formulas but that’s obviously one I need to try.

  42. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    LOL, YES! My son is 10 and I have to constantly remind him to apply deodorant. He stinks.

  43. Oh wow. I have 2 pre-pre-teens (yes I wrote it like that) LOL! I know all too well that smell that you are referring to. I have bought deodorants, perfumes, different body wash all in support of my little ladies not smelling like little garbage cans. I constantly tell them about the importance of good hygiene.

    • says

      Ha ha… it’s tough.. I still have to remind my daughter NOT to wear clothes two days in a row.. Stink sticks…

  44. My daughter had to start deodorant by third grade. Another key was keeping her bedroom fan or air conditioning running so the air keeps moving

  45. My pre-teen is a boy and would tell me that he’s not using secret lol 🙂 Great tips!

  46. This is a cute post. I am so glad I won’t be having this chat with my LO anytime soon But I did have to have it with my little sister about 5 years ago. She did not get that a little deodorant goes a long way! Love that you got her fun smelling body washes, I know that always makes me want to jump in the shower!

  47. With a 13yo, I totally get it! Her room smells like walking into Bath & Body Works but that’s better than what it could smell like! My daughter tends to overuse all the smell good stuff but again, way better than the alternative! 🙂

  48. Oi. I have enough trouble keeping my preschooler fresh as he HATES the tub and never wants to wash his hair. He loves deodorant though. He’ll wear it every day if I let him, the problem is, he’ll use a whole stick at a time because he has to rub it on his stomach, back, arms, legs, everywhere

  49. I was just commenting to someone that my eleven year old already has body odor. Deodorant is a must these days for him.

  50. My little grandkids (boys) have their own cologne – Superman, etc. I think it’s so cute! What I do hate is that outside smell – you know, the wet dog smell. Yuck!

  51. My son is only 9 but he is so excited to buy and wear all the smell goods…

  52. Puberty hasn’t hit with my daughters yet but this is a great post to let me know what I’m going to be in for.

  53. Remind me of this post in …. oh 12 years or so! With three little boys I have a feeling my house is going to be teenage stinky when they all hit puberty (at the same time!)

  54. All I can say is, thank God for deodorants and I am so glad my children are grown 🙂

  55. Great ideas – good for teens too because boys especially seem the need to be reminded more. LOL

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