Top 5 Burger Places in San Antonio

5 Top Burger Places in San Antonio

When my family first moved to San Antonio, Texas, I immediately felt like we were on a vacation. There was so much to do in San Antonio that our weekends were filled with constant activities. One of the best things that we discovered to do in San Antonio was to eat! I could not believe how much food there was in San Antonio. I swear we were eating at a new restaurant every day of the weekend and this probably explained our sudden weight gain! Our favorite places to eat in San Antonio were burger places and Mexican food. There were so many amazing eateries to choose from that I felt like we had to try them all! Now that we’ve lived in and around San Antonio for over three years, I thought I would share my Top 5 Burger Places in San Antonio.

Top Burger Places in San Antonio

On the way home from one of my top 5 burger places in San Antonio, my husband and I had a very serious conversation about burger restaurants that we’ve eaten at and our favorite ones. Here is our list of our top 5 burger places in San Antonio:

  • Chester’s Hamburger: Located throughout San Antonio, Chester’s offers big, fresh, and juicy hamburgers. One thing I love about Chester’s Hamburgers are the amazing onion rings. I love a burger place with not only delicious burgers but perfect onion rings.
  • Willie’s Grill & Icehouse: Located throughout San Antonio, Willie’s Grill & Icehouse offers more than just burgers, but each time we visit, we make sure to order a big juicy burger. Willie’s has never disappointed us, so we keep going back. Another thing that I love about Willie’s is that they have a patio with a sandbox that allows kids to play while the food is being cooked.
  • The Longhorn Cafe: Located in and around San Antonio, the Longhorn Cafe has more than just burgers, but when we visit we always order a burger. One thing I love about The Longhorn Cafe is that you can order a variety of sides with your burger. Their onion rings and fries are great, but you can also get fried okra! Being a Southern girl, that got me so excited and their fried okra is perfect!
  • Richter’s Antler Cafe: The Antler Cafe is located right outside of San Antonio, in a little city called Bulverde. Their burgers are big, like really big, and mouth watering. The Richter burger is big enough for two but it’s not fun to share something that is so good!
  • Chris Madrid’s: I saved the best for last! Located in San Antonio, Texas on Blanco Rd, Chris Madrid’s is hands down the best burger place around. Every single burger, from the Cheddar Cheezy to the Tostada Burger is absolutely mouth watering amazing! In addition, the hand cut french fries are perfect. I promise you will leave Chris Madrid’s with a full belly and wanting to come back for more.

If you live in or around San Antonio, or if you plan on visiting San Antonio, make sure that you eat at one of these burger places. If you have a hard time choosing which one, I highly recommend first eating at Chris Madrid’s, it’s truly legendary.

Have you tried any of these burger places in San Antonio? Can you add to my list?


  1. Randolph Macias says


  2. Randolph Macias says

    The list is not bad, just not as diversified. Charlie Wants a Burger on Riverwalk is good, Chris Madrid, Longhorn Cafe has always been good since the, early 90’s and yes, Chesters!

  3. Glutton4Gluten says

    Your list is bad and you should feel bad. Go visit the rest of San Antonio, it doesn’t end south of 410N, then try again.

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