Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Will Make Heads Turn

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Perfect sweaters for that Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

I love Christmas. I love the celebrations, the music, the happiness that it brings people and everything that comes with it.  I love Christmas so much that we decorate our home before Thanksgiving (gasp) and keep it up until a few weeks after the new year (bigger gasp). One thing I love about Christmas are the cute Christmas clothes. From Christmas tree leggings to Santa Claus hats to Ugly Christmas Sweaters, I love it all! One thing I have never owned, mainly because I live in Texas where it never seems to be cold, is an Ugly Christmas Sweater. Last year, we went on a ski trip and my boys bought one and I loved it, and everyone that passed them loved it, so I decided that this year I would finally buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater. I know that often times, people will make their own Ugly Christmas Sweaters but I had rather go the easy route and buy one.

Ugly Christmas sweaters that will make heads turn

I love a good ugly Christmas sweater. There are so many creative, funny, and amazing ugly sweaters out there. Here are some Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Will Make Heads Turn.

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Star Wars Men’s Vader Sweater

Star War’s Blue Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Jedi Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater Yoda Silent Night (Sweatshirt)

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater Darth Vader

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Reindeer Snowman Santa Snowflakes Sweater 

Santa and Rudolph Sweater

Ugly Christmas Shining Reindeer

Santasaurus Rex Ugly Sweater

Santa Toilet T-Rex

What Ugly Christmas Sweater is your favorite?


  1. I like all of these adorable Christmas sweaters.

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