What Not to Buy When Expecting a Baby

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With so many advertisements, mommy blogs, commercials and new products it can be hard to know what is a must for babies and what is not necessary at all! I’ve raised a lot of kids and I run a home daycare so I have had a lot of experience with a lot of different products. To help all of the new moms, moms to be and those that may be wanting to buy a gift for a new mom, I decided to compile a list of what not to buy when expecting a baby.

What Not to Buy When Expecting a Baby

Over the years I have bought the latest baby gadgets only to realize I should have kept it simple and saved my money. In addition I have had the opportunity to try all types of baby bottom wipes, diapers and have seen all the latest baby gear and fashions. Obviously everyone will not agree with me when it comes to what not to buy when expecting a baby and that’s fine because all babies are different but in my long experience of raising little munchkins here are some of things you should avoid.

  • Sensitive Baby Wipes: Unless your baby has sensitive skin I would avoid purchasing sensitive wipes and purchase regular wipes. Regular wipes are most often much thicker than sensitive wipes and allow you to use less because they clean better. If you have to buy sensitive wipe or if you prefer to then there are sensitive wipes that are thicker than most. Make sure to pay attention to this so that you can get the best bang for your buck.
  • Diaper Disposal System: If you don’t know what a diaper disposal system is, it’s basically a plastic container that has a contraption on the inside that holds mini plastic bags. When you put your dirty diaper in this contraption it bags the diaper and then the diaper goes to the bottom of the bucket. The concept behind this is great but you will find yourself spending a lot of money on the bags and/or running out of the bags when you least expect it. When my first daughter was born, we were gifted one of these and ended up donating it to a local church soon after using it. The best way to dispose of dirty diapers is to simply purchase a sealed trash can or simply walk the dirty diaper to the dumpster. 
  • Too many frilly clothes: With 3 little girls in my home I love frilly clothes just as much as the next person but I, from experience, think that the frilly clothes should be worn when the baby is able to at least sit up. When you have a newborn baby their day consists of eating, pooping, spitting up, crying and sleeping so I love to stock up on onesies and sleepers. Onsies and sleepers make it so much easier not only to change them but they also provide comfort for your new baby.
  • Short Socks: Babies feet get cold and if you don’t have them in a sleeper that covers their feet then you most likely will want to put socks on them. There are some adorable infant socks but most often these socks won’t stay on their feet because babies have a tendency to be kickers. I recommend buying socks that are too big for them, long socks or socks with cuffs. Babies may still be able to kick these socks off of them but it will take them a lot longer!
  • Expensive Diapers: While your baby is little and not able to move around, the best diapers are the store brand diapers. Save your money and buy these instead of the expensive diapers. The best time to buy the more expensive diapers is when your baby starts to crawl and wiggle.
  • Regular Laundry Soap: Most babies skin is sensitive to regular laundry soap, so it is always safe to buy Dreft Baby Laundry Soap. This laundry soap is a must to help prevent any type of rash caused by harsh laundry soap.
  • Baby Shoes: There are so many adorable baby shoes and boots. As cute as they may be, they are a waste of money. It is very hard to keep shoes on new babies and it is better to simply put socks on their feet.
  • Baby Bath Tub: When we had our first daughter, we were gifted a baby bath tub and we never used it. It is easier and it costs less to give your baby a sponge bath and then at times to just take a bath with him or her.

With so many new baby products popping up every day, it is hard to determine which products are a must and which products are not worth spending your money on. Can you suggest what not to buy when expecting a baby?


  1. Wipe warmer was a waste for us, and so were bottles considering neither of my children took one! And I wish I would have waited to buy a pump since I didn’t use that as often either!

  2. Even though my kidlet is 3 now, I still remember what items I didn’t use at all in this list which were baby shoes (Sofia was usually either socked or barefoot) and I didn’t use a diaper genie (we just used Wal*Mart bags)

    It’s good to know what kind of kind of things you need or don’t need. Especially for a first time mother. Good post!

  3. I love hearing what items moms think were helpful and what items were a complete waste. Such a great list!

  4. Awesome list that made say yes girl yes! We’re expecting and although I’ve done this a number of times, it’s been 4 years since our last. This is a great list, great reminders of not what to buy and s few I didn’t think about like baby shoes! So cute but so not worth it! Great post!
    -Natasha | http://www.lovelyyoublog.com

  5. Bathing with the baby is definitely much easier but I need my baby bath. Infants get so slippery and the baby bath was helpful with that. I wasted too much money on diaper genie & refills. I’d add that even a bassinet could be unessesary. Just use the playard with the bassinet feature. 2 in 1 uses.

  6. Honestly, this list couldn’t come at better time! While I don’t have any babies of my own, I’m invited to 4 baby showers in the next 2 months. I want to make sure I buy gifts that will actually held mom and baby, not just take up space!

  7. Bottle warmer. The bottle warmer I put on my registry is still in a box in pristine condition. It was Ab.sol.lutely. Worthless. My kid would rather of had cold milk, including breast milk, he would eat better if I let it chill.

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