What Not To Do At Disney

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Before you travel to Disney, whether it’s your first time or 100th time to visit, it’s important that you are prepared. Over the years, I’ve written some posts such as Bibbidi Bobbidi Tips You Will Want to Know and Walt Disney World Rides Not Worth Repeating to try and help my readers be prepared when going to Disney. Today I wanted to share 5 Things Not To Do At Disney. 

Disney is a magical place. Here are some tip on what NOT to do while at Walt Disney World.

  1. Push Too Hard: Except for the time we spent two weeks at Disney, the House of Fauci’s always push themselves too hard while we are at the parks. The only time that we rest is during lunch & dinner, at a show or while we are in line. This isn’t good enough. It’s very important to try and remove yourself from the park and mentally relax. Some regulars will suggest that you go back to the resort to take a brief nap or swim. However you choose to relax is up to you, but it’s important to get away from the noise, the crowds, and the heat for awhile.
  2. Wing It: Disney costs too much money to wing it. It’s important that when you go to Disney that you have a plan. My biggest piece of advice is to use the My Disney Experience app and make sure to schedule your FastPass and dining reservations as early as they will let you. Create a detailed schedule and stick to it.
  3. Hide Behind the Camera: You are at Disney so put your mouse ears on, smile big, act silly and get in front of that camera. Make sure to read 15 Reasons the Memory Maker is Worth the Cost so you don’t miss out. 
  4. Be Scared To Try New Things: Every time we go to Disney, there is something new we’ve never tried or experienced. Disney is not only filled with magic but amazing snacks, food, adventures, rides, shows and more. Let loose and experience all the magic offers.
  5. Forget You’re a Kid: No matter how old you are when you walk through the gates of Disney, you automatically become a kid again. Don’t be scared to get excited when you see your favorite Disney character, dress from head to toe in Disney attire and take 1 million Disney selfies.

When you visit Disney, it’s important that you are prepared. Make sure that you have planned every detail of your trip, research, talk to everyone in your group about the plans and plan to have fun!

What do you suggest that guests not do at Disney?

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Disney is magical and expensive so be prepared. Here is What Not to do at Disney.

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