What to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an RV

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When my husband asked me if I wanted a boat or an RV, hands down, I chose an RV. For me, it was simply more logical. You could go RV’ing during almost any type of weather and you didn’t have to know how to swim. I loved the idea of taking my kids to semi local family friendly RV parks on the weekends and just getting out of the house.

Buying an RV is a big decision, so make sure you know what to ask yourself.

Deciding to buy an RV is a huge decision. Not only is it a huge purchase but there are a lot of deciding factors that go into deciding which RV is the right one for you and your family. Unfortunately, my husband and I did not do enough research before making our purchase and now we are ‘upside down’ in what we owe and are stuck with an RV we do not love.

Before you make a huge purchase here is What to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an RV:

  1. How many people do you need to fit in the RV? Even though we have 5 people living at home, we added an additional 2 people just in case some of our adult kids came along or friends of our kids.
  2. What can your automobile pull?
  3. Where will you store your RV when you are not traveling with it? We have enough land so we can park our RV on our property and actually use it as an office when we’re not traveling.
  4. Are you happy with the layout of the RV?
    • How many full-size beds do you want?
    • Can you move around the RV comfortably?
    • Do you want a door for each bedroom or are you happy with a privacy curtain?
    • Does it only have a shower or a shower and tub?
    • Is the master bedroom private?
    • Is there an outside grill?
    • Is there an outside shower?
    • Is there enough cabinet/storage space?
  5. Does the size of the RV fit the A/C unit? This was our mistake. Our RV should have a bigger A/C unit or even 2 units.
  6. Does the inside of the RV look modern?
  7. Do you want a starter RV with hopes to upgrade it later?
  8. Should you buy a new or used RV?
  9. Where will you travel with the RV? Will you be traveling long distances or within a few hours from home?
  10. Is the crank on the RV manual or electric?

Buying an RV is a big decision because the purchase is so big. It is important to know exactly what you want and need in the RV you choose. I have listed only a few things to ask yourself before choosing an RV, but there are a lot more. My biggest advice is to make a list of what you want in an RV, ask your friends that have an RV what they like and dislike about their RV and read tips from the professionals (Not RV dealers, but people that travel in their RV’s a lot).

What can you add to the list of what to ask before choosing an RV? Make sure to read 25 RV Must-Haves When Traveling. It’s a helpful post for once you have your RV.

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Before you make a big RV purchase, know what to ask yourself.


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