10 Things My Kids Learned From Their Dad

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 I think that my kids have the most amazing dad in the entire world. You might think that I am a little bit biased but as I watch him raise our 6 kids, I have to say that I in fact know that he is truly an amazing and awesome dad. My kids think that he is pretty awesome as well. After having a fun conversation with my kids about their dad I thought I’d share with you 10 Things My Kids Learned From Their Dad throughout their lifetime.

10 Things My Kids Learned From Their Dad

  • How to Catch and Throw a Ball: One of the first things my husband taught our kids was how to catch and throw a ball and my kids were quick to learn because they didn’t want to be told they threw like a girl. Sadly, I sometimes think that my girls throw better than their brothers.
  • How to Shoot: We live in South Texas so hunting is pretty big here. My girls have not been hunting yet but their dad is slowly teaching them how to aim and shoot during target practice. Recently, after some training, my boys went with their dad to hunt and my boys ended the night successfully. Now their dad had to teach them the next step. Since it was dark he used his Energizer Headlight that provided the perfect amount of light and helped him be hands free while he taught his boys how to prepare the meat.
  • The Importance of Family Time: For every vacation and holiday, we try to get all of the kids together because memories are made and there is always a ton of laughter. Life is so short and it goes by so quickly that the importance of family time is one of the biggest things that my kids have learned from their dad.
  • How to Talk to the Ladies: My boys may not admit it, but their dad has taught them and showed them how to talk to the ladies. His goal is to help them find the perfect wife like the perfect wife he has.
  • How to Manage Money: My kids learned the importance of saving money, making and keeping a financial goal, paying off debt and establishing good credit. When they are unsure of something financial, he is the first person that they will call and seek advice from.
  • How to Change a Flat Tire: When my kids learned how to drive, my husband showed each child how to change a flat tire and then he made them show him how to change a flat tire. In addition, he has each child carry an Emergency Kit in their car that includes work gloves, batteries, jumper cables, a knife and an Energizer Headlight. The Energizer Headlight is a much needed emergency necessity because often times, if you are in a night time situation, you will need a hands free light to help you achieve your goal. Being stranded at night is stressful and often times you have to work fast, so the last thing you need to worry about is holding a flashlight.
  • How to Spot a Loser: My kids have learned that when they bring their date home to meet dad that he or she had better make sure they are not bringing home a loser, so they are pretty good at taking his advice on how to spot one. My husband has high standards on who dates our kids.
  •  How to Swim: So far my husband has taught 4 out of 6 of our kids how to swim. 3 kids learned by being tossed into the pool, while the other one was taught in the hot tub.
  • Being on Time: This is something that my husband has instilled in our kids, from the oldest to the youngest. They take being on time very seriously and frown upon those that are constantly late. Their dad taught them that being on time will help you be successful but it will also help you achieve respect.
  • How to Catch a Fish: Thanks to their dad, each of my kids know how to prepare a fishing rod and how to cast a fishing rod. The boys can remove the fish from the hook but my girls are still a bit squeamish. For night time fishing my husband will take one child out at a time and encourage them to use his Energizer Headlight. This is perfect so they can be hands free while they prepare their line or release their fish from their hook. Having to worry about holding a flashlight while you prepare your rod is not fun and can be frustrating.

Energizer Headlight

Energizer Headlight Tire Change

Energizer Headlights Night Time Fishing

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Happy Father's Day

What has your dad taught you or what has your husband taught your children?


  1. Your husband sounds like a wonderful dad! I have a lot of fond memories of my dad, and it’s been fun to watch the relationship between my husband and our son evolve. The Energizer Headlights provide them with lots of fun too – they’ve been using them for nighttime tag in our yard. #client

  2. Your husband sounds like a wonderful person and dad. I hope you all have a great Father’s Day. I have a great dad and my I have to say my husband is a great dad to his girls too.

  3. What a touching post! My dad wasn’t very present in my life, so I’m grateful that my husband is a wonderful dad to our daughters.

  4. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says

    Congrats to Dad on obviously raising such a fine family!! Seeing my husband interact with our boys is the best part of my life at times!

  5. My dad taught me nothing and my kids are super young and hasn’t really taught my children much yet, although I think he’ll teach them all of these by the time they grow up.

  6. Dads are so important in a kid’s life. I say this as my dad just left my house – he was creating memories with my son!

  7. The things kids learn from their dads are so important. I learned how to stand up for myself from my father.

  8. He sounds like an awesome dad! My kids have learned so much from my husband especially sports. Im glad bc they are so into it and its just not my thing lol.

  9. Great post, and my children have learned many of those things from their Dad as well. They have also learned about their faith from him.

  10. Yes!! I nodded my head through this, thinking of both my own dad and my hubby. My dad taught me so much about cars and tires, so valuable!

  11. Some people have no idea how important they are in their childrens lives. Dads are so, so important.

  12. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband to match your beautiful family! I love this list and it would make a great father’s day gift from the kids with photos for each one.

  13. He sounds like a great Dad. I’m a single mom so I have had to teach my children these things alone.

  14. What a beautiful family! Your husband sounds like a keeper and a great dad! I loved reading the 10 things he’s taught your kids. Wonderful!

  15. that’s really sweet. i am glad your kids have a great daddy 🙂

  16. What an amazing list. My kids learned how to be on time and how to ride a bike from their dad

  17. What a great dad! My son has entered the tween years and my husband has recently been giving him all kinds of crazy information on women and girls. It’s good information, but I’m shocked sometimes, lol.

  18. Those are wonderful lessons! I think its great to know how to change a tire. Wish I did hahah!

  19. Your kids have a great father and you are a great wife/mom for celebrating him.

  20. This is beautiful! Made me smile & laugh….love the “how to spot a loser”. Such a beautiful tribute…awesome! 🙂

  21. Sounds like a great father. You’re kids are lucky to have him

  22. Great post! Sounds like a good man & father 🙂

  23. These are all important things to know. It looks like your kids have a wonderful father!

  24. My dad taught me how to fish, how to paint, how to be handy around the house, how to properly wash a car and manage my money – that was most likely the most important lesson!

  25. That’s a lot of great lessons to have learned! I don’t think anyone in our family has properly learned how to fish but it can still be fun.

  26. What a cute post, sounds like you have found quite the good man! A father can teach their children so much, it’s amazing.

  27. Sounds like a wonderful man! You and your kiddos are lucky! Happy Father’s day to him! (can’t believe it’s almost here!) my husband took over as my oldest sons dad when he was 2. Took him as his own, and showed him how to be a stand up guy among so many other things!

  28. These are the best life long lessons ever! What an amazing example

  29. I love this! I need to do a list for my husband for Father’s Day from my kids. I’m so glad you posted this now so I have some time to think about how we can present it to him this Father’s Day. And the Energizer light looks like a handy thing to have around. Stacie xo

  30. Sounds like they have an amazing dad, with a lot to share!

  31. this is such a great post! sounds like a good man 🙂

    Southern Elle Style

  32. Some of the best lessons were taught to me by my dad. Thank you for sharing your post!

  33. My Hubs is a great Dad. Not only to his kids but also to my Daughter and Grandkids who are not his by blood.

  34. Tiffay Steadman-Collins says

    What a great stand up man! I love reading things like this as often I read about moms nothing wrong with it but nice to give some love to great dads:)

  35. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    He sounds like an amazing man! I hope he has a great Father’s Day!

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