5 Benefits of Your Dog Having a Best Friend

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5 Benefits of Your Dog Having a Best Friend with Purina ProPlan

A few years ago we added a new member to our family, a Kerry Blue Terrier, and named her Baylee. She has been the most amazing dog that anyone could ever ask for. After having Baylee for almost a year we noticed that she started to lay around a lot and sleep, so we thought that it might be a good idea to find her a best friend. Whether you have 2 legs or 4 legs, everyone needs a best friend and after introducing Baylee to her new best friend George, another Kerry Blue Terrier, we quickly noticed an amazing change in her. I’d love to share with you 5 Benefits of Your Dog Having a Best Friend.

5 Benefits of Your Dog Having a Best Friend

When Baylee and George first met it was a fun experience for our entire family. After Baylee checked George out and approved of him, we knew that they were going to be the best of friends. Here is a list of 5 benefits that I’ve seen from our dog, Baylee, having a best friend.

  • Role Model– Since Baylee is older than George, she immediately became his role model. A week after George arrived, Baylee all of a sudden started to listen to commands and responding immediately. She became a much better dog because she knew that she had to be an example for George.
  • Teacher– There are certain things that humans cannot teach dogs and one thing is how to chase other animals. We live in the country and have a lot of wildlife, so one of Baylee’s favorite things to teach George is how to chase other animals so they leave our property. I have to admit that after a year of being taught by Baylee, George still doesn’t understand. He thinks it’s just a game.
  • Exercise– Before George came to our home, Baylee would exercise only when we would play fetch or when she saw a random deer in our yard, but now that George is here, she exercises throughout the entire day! Not only does she play chase with George but they wrestle and do what friends do.
  • Snuggle Time– After a long day of play, Baylee now has a friend to snuggle with. Having someone to snuggle with while you sleep makes for the best naps.
  • Comfort– Friends make you feel comfortable in situations that make you nervous. Before George came to live with us, every time Baylee would have to go to the groomer, she would bark and cry the entire time. Now that George is here, Baylee no longer cries because she knows that George is there to keep her safe.

You may think that these benefits of Baylee having George as a best friend are exaggerated, but I promise you, they are not. I am still amazed at the positive changes that I have seen in Baylee once George joined our family.

George and Baylee Friends Forever

Pretty much the only time that George and Baylee are apart is mealtime. Even though they are the best of friends they eat separately because George has not learned how to eat from his own bowl yet and wants to gobble up his and her entire bowl of Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend dog food.

Baylee Loves Purina Pro PlanEach month I go to PetSmart and purchase the biggest bag of Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend dog food in the lamb & rice flavor. Since PetSmart always welcomes pets, I hope that one day I’ll hopefully get to take George and Baylee with me but right now they are still learning how to behave when away from home.

Purina ProPlan at PetSmart

Since Purina® Pro Plan® is made with real meat, George and Baylee love the taste of it but they also love the crunchy bite-sized kibbles. I love that it has high-quality ingredients, has optimal levels of protein and fat that helps to maintain an ideal body condition, and is rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, as well as vital vitamins and minerals, such as calcium for strong bones. The nutrition in Purina® Pro Plan® is backed by a team of over 400 scientists including pet nutritionists, veterinarians, and behaviorists. Right now if you spend $15 on any Purina® Pro Plan® product from 5/31–7/5 you can save $15 on your next purchase of 10.5-lbs. or larger Purina® Pro Plan® Dry Cat or Dog Food or Litter by 7/31.

Purina ProPlan Savor Dog Food

Mealtime is a moment worth savoring and Purina® Pro Plan® Savor helps pets do just that, so best friends can savor the moments of Summer. Does your pet have a best friend? Do they share best friend moments?


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    We have a cat and a dog. They play together from time to time, in a cat and mouse sort of manor, but they don’t socialize much outside if that. Sadly, I live in a condo and can’t have more than 2 pets at this time. #client

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