5 Reasons My Girls Are In Dance

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I always swore that I would never sign my girls up for dance classes. As a child, I was never exposed to dance classes and until recently I never understood the point of them. Unless your child’s goal is to be a professional dancer, for me, the cost and time does not justify signing them up. Fast forward, when my second child turned 8 years old, she begged me to sign her up for dance. Instead of enrolling her into dance for 1 year, I enrolled her into gymnastics. She loved it and did great, but at the end of the season, she asked me to be in dance again.

I never thought I would sign my girls up for dance classes but I am glad I did. Here is why..

Throughout my daughter’s time at gymnastics, I saw her dedication, so when she asked me, again, to join dance, I knew I had to agree to sign her up. To my surprise, my child had already researched everything and already knew which dance company she wanted to attend. Again, to my surprise, she chose the perfect dance studio. It was not only close to home but affordable. After research and a long conversation with the owner of the dance company, I signed both of my girls up for a dance class and never regretted it.

Here are 5 Reasons My Girls Are In Dance:

  1. Keep Them Busy: My girls are not ‘athletic’ so they don’t participate in sports. Instead of having them play on the computer all day, I wanted them to be involved and focused on something that would get them moving.
  2. Direction: It’s important for kids to be able to take direction from someone other than their parent or teachers. Dancing not only takes a lot of skill but it also requires you to take a lot of direction.
  3. Expression: I have 3 little girls and each one expresses themselves differently. My oldest expresses herself by drawing while the other 2 express themselves by dancing. One child will dance while everyone is watching, while the other will dance when no one is watching. By signing them up for dance class, they are given the opportunity to use the skills they are taught to express themselves even more.
  4. Good for the Body: Dance makes my girls get up and move while doing something they love. It is a good cardiovascular and weight bearing activity.
  5. Happiness: Simple dance classes do not cost a lot of money. In my opinion, they cost less than some other sporting activities or classes. WIth that said, I signed my girls up for dance because it makes them happy. They love learning new dance moves and showing off what they learned. They especially love the end of the year recital that lets them dress up and show off their beautiful dance moves.

While some parents or caregivers may not understand the reason behind dance there are actually a lot of positive reasons for your child to be in dance class. Every child is different and every child likes to express themselves in their own unique way, so make sure to listen and watch your child and do what you think is best for them.

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I always said that I would never sign my girls up for dance but I did it! Here is why...

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