Aquatica at SeaWorld in San Antonio

I was provided complimentary tickets to Aquatica SeaWorld in San Antonio to share my family’s experience.

I have, for the most part, avoided water parks because my girls can’t swim well and I have always thought that water parks were too big for my girls. When SeaWorld provided me with complimentary tickets to their Aquatica water park I was skeptical but I was willing to give it a try and when I told my girls that we were invited to Aquatica at SeaWorld in San Antonio they were excited.

Aquatica Seaworlds Watepark

The first thing I noticed when my family walked into Aquatica were the bright and fun colors. The ambiance of colors made it so much fun. The next thing I noticed was the wide variety of water fun! There were big fast slides and slides that were nice and easy. My personal favorite were the nice and easy ones.

Aquatica Slides

 As my family and I were deciding which area that we wanted to go to first, we saw a wide selection of life vests that came in all different sizes. Since our girls are not expert swimmers we made sure to grab them one. They were so comfortable and they helped my girls feel safe in the water.

Life Vests at Aquatica

 Since we had our 3 little girls with us, our first stop was Walkabout Waters. This is the perfect spot to let the little ones run around in. It’s an interactive outdoor fun house that is a guaranteed spot for cooling off and having fun but beware of the big bucket of water that will leave you soaking wet!

Walkabout Waters

Another fun spot for the grown ups was the pool where you could swim up to the bar and grab a refreshing adult drink! We spent quite a bit of time here and relaxed as the sun beamed on our faces. After we were finished in this area our kids dragged us to the wave pool and if I would have allowed it, we would have stayed hours there! This was not their first time in a wave pool but since they had their life vests they felt more comfortable being in the water and they loved it.

wave pool

 After we finished with the water slides and the pool, we headed to KeRe Reef. The Stingray Exhibit was amazing! Being able to see them up close and actually pet them was such an incredible experience.


If you are in the San Antonio area or if you plan on visiting, you should take the time to go to the Aquatica at SeaWorld in San Antonio. It is perfect for all ages and the best place to make some amazing family memories.

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Family Fun at Sea World in San Antonio Texas


  1. Kim Croisant says

    We do plan to take a short vacation to SA next summer to see two dear friends, and I suspect that we will be going to this. Thanks for all your great tips and photos. I think my son will love it.

  2. My whole family would love Aquatica. I need to put Sea World San Antonio on our family travel bucket list! How fun 😉

  3. Sea World is great! I love seeing all the sea life. The rays are my favorite.

  4. I love Sea World. We’ve been there several times, and it’s always a wonderful experience.

  5. We’ve never visited that Sea World, only the one in San Diego. And they don’t have a cool water park like that!

  6. I see a visit with Sweet E in my future!.

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