Black Bean Enchiladas

My husband and I love Tex Mex and since we live outside of San Antonio we have so many places to choose from to eat at, but on this day I decided to save money and create my own Tex Mex dish. We are striving to eat healthier each day so I decided to put a healthy spin on a Tex Mex dish and make Black Bean Enchiladas. Not only are they delicious and simple to make, but the are pretty healthy. 

If I had corn I would have added it for a touch of sweetness. In addition, I would have like to have added sauteed onions. 

The Black Bean Enchiladas are very simple to make. As you are browning the meat, add the peppers, cilantro and garlic. After the meat has cooked, add the beans and tomatoes, but if you are using canned beans and tomatoes make sure to rinse them before adding them. This gets the ‘gunk’ off of them and makes them a bit healthier. Mix everything up and simmer. 

Bake the Black Bean Enchiladas at 350 degrees for around 13 to 18 minutes; only you know your oven so keep your eyes on them. I served this dish with my Mango Salsa and my husband’s world famous Hotter Than Hot’ hot sauce. I hope you enjoy. 

Written by: Aimee Fauci – Mom of House of Fauci’s


  1. I love enchiladas. This sounds really yummy!

  2. Valerie Johnson says

    These look delish and easy to make! I’ll have to give them a try!

  3. These look and sound amazing. I can’t wait to make them 🙂

  4. I love the fresh ingredients. Definitely one of my fave meals!

  5. Looks so tasty. I will have to try black bean/

  6. I love enchiladas! Thank you for the new recipe! I might be making these this week!

  7. These look great! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Mommy 2 J.A.M. says

    THose look so good, I am going to try these enchiladas. YUMMY black bean ones as well.

  9. Can’t wait to try this out! Pinning!

  10. Can you please come over and bring this yumminess?! Those enchiladas look so delicious!

  11. Love Mexican Food. These enchiladas would be gobbled up in minutes at my home.

  12. Chrystal Mahan says

    This looks yummy. I have been looking for more black bean recipes.

  13. I’ve got a house full of Mexican food fans. I love black beans, I could eat those alone and be happy. 🙂

  14. My kids love enchiladas. Your recipe looks delicious!

  15. These look great! Pretty easy, too!

  16. That looks like a great recipe. I may have to add that to my meal rotation.

  17. These look delicious. I love black beans.

  18. Well, I’m not a huge fan of black beans, but they’re not overtaking this recipe, so I might actually try it! Looks pretty good! 😉

  19. Tex Mex is a favorite at our house. I love simple, healthy Tex Mex recipes!

  20. Oh that looks so good! I love easy recipes and my kiddos could help with this too!

  21. I’m not the biggest fan of black beans. However, those enchiladas look delish!

  22. Those look delicious. I might make these this week coming up. We like to have themed dinner nights. I could try these for our Mexican/Spanish dinner night. Yum!

  23. Those look sooo good! I’ve actually never tried to make enchiladas but one of my daughters just recently told me that I should try it. I’ll have to give this recipe a shot. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I’ve never made enchiladas myself, but those look great. I’ll have to give them a try!

  25. Growing Up Madison says

    This looks really good and I would really like to give your husbands hot sauce a try. I absolutely love spicy stuff and yet have to meet a hot sauce that’s truly been hot. I admit I haven’t tried ghost peppers 🙂

  26. Kayla at Many Sparrows says

    Yum. I’m so hungry now. These look good and seem really easy to make!

  27. Amber Nelson says

    Wow, those look really awesome. I would love to try these. Amber N

  28. DeDa Studios says

    These look tasty! Mexican night is always a hit at our house!

  29. I would eat 6 of those if I made them at home for myself and the family! They look so good!

  30. Oh my gosh those look SO yummy! Made me hungry just looking at the pictures! I can’t wait to make these for the fam!

  31. Those look really good! I love having enchiladas as an alternative to our usual “Taco Night.”

  32. Those enchiladas look delicious. I can’t wait to make these.

  33. I love black beans and these sound great. I usually make chicken enchiladas but I will definitely try these soon.

  34. Nicole Ramage says

    I love enchiladas. I usually make mine with chicken, so this would be something different, and tasty.

  35. That looks sooooo good! Unfortunately, it’s everything I can’t have right now! Maybe on a future cheat day….

  36. Krystal Butherus says

    Mexican food is my favorite. The more cilantro, the better!

  37. We usually do steak or chicken, but I think we will do black beans next time. Those look delicious!

  38. I love mexican food! Thanks for the recipe!

  39. Yum these look so good,I have to try them asap.Thank you for sharing.

  40. We also eat a lot of Tex Mex in Southern California. These look delicious, and we will definitely try them!

  41. These look really good and kid-friendly. Definitely going to save this for later. We’ll be making up our meal plan for the next week tomorrow!

  42. These look so good. I will have to try this recipe, we are stuck in food rut so something new would be great.

  43. I will be book marking this so I can make it later. My boys are going to love this.

  44. I pinned this to my FOODS-Beef board on pinterest just so I coul try it out later. It looks so good and it is almost time for lunch but supper will have to do. THanks for sharing this!

  45. Yummy!! Looks amazing! Too bad my husband doesn’t like beans at all 🙁

  46. Yum! I love black beans and think they make a huge positive difference in taste.

  47. That looks really good! This may seem silly but I bet dipping the tortillas in the sauce reallllly makes a big difference. When I roll them they crack :/

  48. Yum! These look sooo goooood. Now to find someone to make them for me! haha

  49. Tough Cookie Mommy says

    I love Black Bean Burritos so I know that I would enjoy these enchiladas too. It’s a really versatile recipe and I like being able to change up some of the ingredients due to dietary restrictions.

  50. I LOVE enchiladas. These are the easiest things to make and the most filling. You can even make these meatless with veggies and they’re still good. Great recipe too.

  51. We love us some Mexican in our house. Those would definitley go over big!

  52. LifeAsAConvert says

    These look so good. I am going to try these soon.

  53. yummy we love mexican food made at home. This looks so good.

  54. Paris Anderson says

    These look so yummy! I can never have too many enchilada recipes, I’ve pinned.

  55. This looks so good! I’m going to have to pin it and make it for my husband sometime soon!

  56. Tex Mex is one of my favorites! I could eat it every day until I pop! LOL!

  57. Those look great. I’ve only ever done mine with chicken, so beef would be something new!

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