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Have you ever looked at your child and tried to figure out all of the little emotions that are going on inside of their head? I have 4 little girls living in my home and their everyday emotions tend to be very unpredictable and all over the place. I didn’t begin to understand the meaning and importance of all of their emotions until I saw the movie Inside Out at the theater. As my girls and I were leaving the theater that night, I can remember looking at them and having a better understanding of their emotions and the meaning behind them. On the way home, I talked to them about their different emotions and reminded them that each emotion that they experience becomes a memory. Since my girls and I have not been able to talk about anything other than this movie since it premiered, and since it is now available on DVD,  I thought that it would not only be fun to surprise them with the Inside Out DVD that is now available at Walmart, but to create a fun game that will bring your emotions back to life.

Bring Your Emotions Back to Life with Inside Out

When I arrived at Walmart, I immediately went to the Electronics aisle and picked up the Inside Out DVD and then to the Toy aisle to choose some amazing and fun Inside Out toys from Tomy. I knew my girls were going to be over the top excited!

Inside Out Emotions at Walmart

When I arrived home, my girls peeked inside of the Walmart bags and the house immediately filled with excitement. Their excitement did not surprise me and it actually made me very joyful!

Inside Out Toys

As I was setting up the ‘Bring Your Emotions Back to Life’ game, I kept my girls very busy and entertained with the Inside Out DVD. All of the memories from the day we saw the movie at the theater came rushing back and made me, once again, very joyful. The smiles on the girl’s faces and the emotions that they were experiencing were awesome.

To prepare for the ‘Bring Your Emotions Back to Life’ game, you will need a few simple supplies: a bowl and a variety red, blue, green, yellow, and purple pieces of candy.

Prep Candy for Inside Out Game

Once you have all of the colors of candy that you need, you will pour the candy into a bowl and mix them up. After this is done, grab the kids, grab your Inside Out toys from Tomy, find a comfortable spot, and begin to bring your emotions back to life.

The rules of the game are simple. Each player takes a turn closing their eyes and choosing one piece of colorful candy. Depending on the color of the candy, will depend on what emotion is brought back to life: Red = Anger, Yellow = Joy, Green = Disgust, Purple = Fear, and Blue = Sadness. This is the perfect game to bring the family together, relive memories, and talk about your emotions.

Bring Your Emotions Back GameHere is a clip of my girl’s playing the ‘Bring Your Emotions Back to Life‘ game:

As I said above, Inside Out is my new all time favorite movie and can be found at Walmart along with some awesome Inside Out toys from Tomy. Have you seen Inside Out? Do you and your kids love it? Who is your favorite character?

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  1. We absolutely loved this movie, it was adorable. And our favorite character was definitely Sadness. The movie sends a great message too.

  2. My ids loved this movie and I am going to get them some of the toys for Christmas. I think they are going to love them,.

  3. I have never watched this movie but it sounds like the toys are very cool. Great gift ideas for the holidays.

  4. We got some of these toys for the kids and they love them! I have yet to see the movie though!

  5. This movie is such a great movie. I can’t wait to give this one to my daughter.

  6. The game sounds pretty fun. I am thinking we will play this soon. We recently saw Inside Out and really enjoyed it. It really reiterated the fact the we have all of our emotions for a reason and should not squelch them simply because some of them are uncomfortable, but should learn how to use them to help make us better. Thanks for sharing the game.

  7. My son always love seeing Inside Out Character, this is cute and fun idea.

  8. I am putting this under the tree this Christmas for my kiddos. They didn’t really seem interested last weekend when we watched it but I know my youngest was really hooked on all the colours.

  9. I haven’t seen Inside Out – but I brought it on early digital release earlier so I need to get it on! x

  10. What a great game and a good way to get kids talking about their own emotions. I loved Inside Out!

  11. That’s such a fun game idea! I can see it really helping kids identify particular motions. Those toys look great too!

  12. Love how you used the candy. We love this movie.

  13. This looks like a great movie and the toys are awesome. I plan on buy it so I can watch it with my nice and nephew.

  14. Look at you with your Christmas tree up already, you lucky girl, you! I love the game and the video of them playing it, so much fun! Inside Out is absolutely our new favorite movie and we can’t get enough of it. #client

  15. I know so many kids who love Inside Out. I love that it can be used to talk about emotions with kids. I love the game you came up with too!

  16. I love Inside Out and so do my nephews! It’s such a sweet film!

  17. Oh, my girls will love these toys. They love watching the movie again and again.

  18. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Those toys are so cute. I am sure my kids would love those.

  19. Your girls are so cute! I haven’t seen Inside Out (or heard of it), but I will definitely keep it in mind for some of my friends who have children.

  20. My son loved this movie! I have to head on over to Walmart and pick it and a few Inside Out toys for him.

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