Celebrate Family Game Night with M&M’s® Inspired Brownie Dominoes

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For those that know me, you know that I have a really big family, 6 kids and a granddaughter to be exact. 3 of my kids are adults and the other 3 are much younger. Recently our daughter and her daughter moved in, so our house is now bustling with kids and often times everyone is going in different directions, so in an effort to bring everyone together, we like to choose one day out of the week to celebrate family game night with M&M’s® Inspired Brownie Dominoes as our night time treat.

Game Night with M&M's® Brownie Dominoes

 Family game night is a great way for our family to sit down with one another, laugh and create memories. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes there are tears, especially when the 3 year old picks the ‘Go to Jail’ card and sometimes a board is flipped when things don’t go someone’s way. Whatever the incident, game night memories are the best! To prepare for our weekly game night, we first had to go to Walmart and pick up a huge bag of M&M’s® in the candy aisle so that my daughter and I could make M&M’s® Inspired Brownie Dominoes. After I grabbed the M&M’s® I went directly to the toy aisle and bought Hasbro® Jenga and Classic Monopoly. I was excited because my younger girls had never played the Classic Monopoly game and I knew that they would love it and that a lot of new memories would be created.

M&M's® and Hasbro® Games

Once we got home my daughter and I started preparing for game night by making the brownies. This is a simple recipe that does not have many steps and is a fun recipe that your kids can help you with. I used boxed brownie mix but if you have a fabulous homemade brownie recipe that is fine also. After I prepared the brownie mix I stirred in 1 cup of M&M’s® and then poured the mix into a greased cake pan and baked.

Prepare Brownies

Once the brownies have finished cooking you will want to let them cool completely. After they have cooled, you will cut them into rectangles. My biggest tips are to use a pizza cutter and to cut outside the crispy part of the brownie edge. You will only want the soft brownie as your dominoes not the crunchy edges.


Once the brownies have been cut, carefully move them onto a prep plate. Since my brownies were more of a ‘cake like’ brownie, I had to use a sharp knife and scrape the top of the brownie off. I then reshaped the brownie to make the sides much more smoother and shaped.

Reshape the Domino Brownie

After the brownies are shaped, I placed some white store bought icing into a plastic bag and cut the tip of the bag off. Don’t make the same mistake I did and cut too big of a hole. I then made a thin line across the middle of the brownie to create two sides.

Making M&M's® Domino Brownies

After the center line has been created you can then decorate the brownies with M&M’s® and make them into dominoes. To help the M&M’s® stick onto the brownies you can dab a small amount of icing onto the back of them. It is that simple!

Domino Brownies with M&M's®

Our family game night was so much fun. After my 3 year old calmed down from having been sent to jail, my 10 year old landed on Park Place and had to hand all of her money to me. Sadly, I did not come in first place, but I came in second place. My adult daughter, the banker, came in first place.

Monopoly and Brownies

Game Night

Family game nights bring families closer together, teaches listening skills, creates conversation, and most importantly creates memories. Life moves quicker than we would like, so take some time and play a game and grab a big bag of M&M’s® that you can munch on while playing a game with your family. You can get an amazing M&M’s® coupon here.

What is your favorite game to play with the family or your best family game night memory?


  1. What a cute idea! I love how you made the brownies into dominoes! Can I come over next family game night? 😉

  2. How fn are these?!
    You’re making me and my popcorn game nights look bad 😉

  3. Forget Monopoly, I can fill myself up on M&Ms and brownies. I’ll be the moderator or referee!

  4. Brownie Dominoes??? Love this idea! Definitely a great way to make family game night even better!

  5. These are so clever and cute!! I love themed treats. What a great addition to a game night!

  6. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Brownie Dominoes is such a great idea. They look delicious. I will have to make them for our next game night.

  7. Those dominoes look so delicious! Good thing they’re not game pieces.. or I’d lost by eating all of mine!

  8. Game night is always so much fun at my house! I have a huge family, too, and they all love brownies! I haven’t played Monopoly in a while. It’s time to bring it!

  9. This is a creative idea. I love how Monopoly inspired you to make this treat

  10. What a fun idea! We like to play Candyland…it’s pretty simple for our young kids and doesn’t take forever to finish. 🙂

  11. This reminds me that we need to do game night. We do snacks that go with the theme as well.

  12. Brilliant! Such a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to try these for our next game night. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I want to see you stack them on end and push them over! Would be the tastiest domino path ever!

  14. the brownies are really cute, cute idea

  15. We love family game night. We play lots of board games regularly. My kids would love those brownie dominoes, though they’d probably eat them before they could play with them.

  16. What a yummy and cute idea! My memories are playing pinochle, chess tournaments and monopoly! It was so much fun, especially for the winners! Thanks for sharing the brownie idea, it is adorable! You do have a full house, but it looks like fun too!

  17. Winner eats all! I would love to play this but fear we would only last one round. Those look too good not to eat them all while playing!

  18. What a cute idea. I LOVE brownies and these fit so well with the games. Oh and Monopoly is the BEST

  19. Those look cute and I love game night. Always fun!

  20. Now there’s a way to get everyone to the table to play a game, woot! 🙂 My TEEN would love this one. 😉 🙂

  21. Very cute idea! I love it, so much fun! Mr. 6 would love this.

  22. What a cute idea! Although I’d probably eat my domino pieces, haha!

  23. Nothing says family game night like some amazing chocolate deserts; this sounds amazing and I would love to try these brownies

  24. I don’t think that these brownies would last long enough for us to play a game with them. We love treats like these.

  25. This is SO cute! I love brownies and I love monopoly, so this sounds like the perfect night in!

  26. Oh how fun! I would have never thought to do that so cute. I love anything with M&M’s in it 😉

  27. I love this post! M&M’s & Brownies are a winner in my book & will always bring folks together in my house. I just finished writing a post for tomorrow on starting a Scrabble Game-Time tradition in our house. I would love to share a link to your post in my blog with your permission. Thanks so much & great post! 🙂

  28. This is such an awesome idea! We’ve thought to play Monopoly with the kids (3, 6, & 8 yo) but haven’t yet and those brownies are too cute! I know the kids would love those and love making them too!

  29. Now, that is a seriously brilliant idea. Nobody loses when you’re playing with M&M brownie dominoes!

  30. Catherine S says

    This is such a cute idea and I bet they are yummy. I will have to make this for the kids on Sunday game night.

  31. I love how you show me where to get the goods for the brownies. LOL Trust me, I know where the chocolate is at! It’s the produce aisle I might need some photos of .. ha ha This is a really cool idea for a game night, I know my kids would love making m&m brownie dominoes, I should do this for the next sleepover.

  32. How brilliant! That is such a fun treat for game night! I am truly loving this. Too fun!

  33. This is what it is all about! This is what I miss! I am so happy to share this. Thank you for posting!

  34. Those are so cute! They really would e great for game night. Monopoly was a family favorite when I was growing up!

  35. This is really clever! I think I will run out of dominoes quite quickly during the game!

  36. Those are so cute! Perfect for family game night for sure.

  37. What a cute idea. We rarely do themed snacks for family game night, but this is such a tasty reason to start.

  38. Jessica A says

    I love game night! These look delicious!

  39. What a cute idea. My kids would gobble these up – yum!

  40. What a cute idea! We love to make brownies and always have these ingredients on hand.

  41. What a cute idea. Delicious too – my family loves brownies and M&Ms.

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